Demon’s Diary

Chapter 1532: Trust

Chapter 1532: Trust

The Nine Moon Mother Son Sword in Ye Tianmei’s hands was constantly splitting and merging, blocking all the incoming attacks.

Sometimes she fused with the sword and swept past like a silver dragon, creating a bloody path in the low-level Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao.

Ye Tianmei was only at the Celestial State early stage, but her sword controlling technique was formidable, which attracted the attention of the people around her.

However, repeated use of sword techniques consumed a lot of spiritual power. Her face was a little pale.

The people around Ye Tianmei were all young Celestial State cultivators from various sects. They had high cultivation and decent magic weapons.

Without the Cloud Warships to clear the way, the human alliance could only place their most elite Celestial State cultivators at the front to stop the tidal attack while clearing the path for the army behind.

However, no matter how many they killed, endless Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao immediately filled the gap, making the advancement of the alliance army slow.

Above the battlefield, dozens of lights collided, emitting bursts of earth shattering sounds.

The Mystic Comprehending State of both sides were in a stalemate.

In terms of the number of people, the Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao were much more than the human cultivators, but the Mystic Comprehending State human cultivators had powerful weapons. Moreover, they were capable of joining forces, so they didn’t fall into a disadvantage when facing numerous enemies.

In particular, Madam Zhen, Grand Elder Xuan Yu, Elder Hao Shou, and the thin old man of the Demon Mystic Sect, with their sect treasures, could even take on 3 enemies alone.

Grand Elder Xuan Yu was channeling a dragon head green staff, casting a 300 meters long azure dragon to fight with 3 Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects.

This staff was the treasure of the Taiqing Sect, the Three Pure Mystic Dragon Staff!

The giant azure dragon looked spiritual. It launched green claw shadows and green thunderballs huge Azure Dragon shook its head and tail, surrounded by white clouds, and its spirit was threatening. It launched large green claw shadows and the green thunderballs toward the 3 Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insect.

Although it was unable to severely injure the enemies, it still forced them back gradually.

He made gestures orderly, but he was anxious in his mind.

This place was not far from the Gufeng Mountain Range space fissures. Those shocking space fissures on the distant horizon were already vaguely visible.

With his Mystic Comprehending State’s Divine Thought, he had already noticed the situation was bad.

“Everyone, things don’t seem good.” Grand Elder Xuan Yu communicated with the other Mystic Comprehending State elders around him with voice transmissions.

Madam Zhen was channeling the Nature Work Sect’s treasure, an octagonal yellow disc, easily blocking 2 Comprehending State Hellish-Insects and a Mystic Comprehending State Qu Yao.

Hearing Grand Elder Xuan Yu’s words, Madam Zhen frowned and said,

“The aura from the space fissures is getting more and more vast. Now that the battle is at a stalemate, we can’t continue like this.”

“Now I’m still more than 500 miles away from the space fissures, and there should be backup forces near the space fissures. Are we too hasty to implement the plan now?” The old man with the golden tome blocked 2 Mystic Comprehending State Qu Yao as he sent the sound transmission.

“It’s too late. We can’t delay it any longer!” Madam Zhen’s voice sounded in the ears of several other people.

“If we advance at the current speed, we won’t be able to reach our destination in less than half a day. It’s hard to say what the situation will be like by then.” Demon Mystic Sect’s thin old man was controlling a white bone demonic flag to block 2 Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects. He also agreed with Madam Zhen’s suggestion.

Elder Hao Shou stopped insisting since the other 3 agreed.

The 4 of them looked at each other, then Grand Elder Xuan Yu, Elder Hao Shou, and the black-robed old man shouted at the same time. Their bodies shone brightly.

But Madam Zhen recalled the yellow octagonal disk and retreated backward.

Those Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao were shocked by the move of the human cultivators.

Qu Yao and Hellish-Insects, who were fighting Madam Zhen, seemed to discover something as they saw Madam Zhen suddenly retreat. They roared and tried to chase her.

But at this moment, Grand Elder Xuan Yu burst into green light. He opened his 5 fingers and chanted. A green rune like a swimming fish appeared in his palm.

The green light all over his body poured into the green rune, making the rune dazzling.

He waved and shot the green rune into the huge azure dragon in front of him.

The series of actions happened in just a blink of an eye.

The huge azure dragon seemed to become several times stronger. Its green light was several times brighter, and its size was also enlarged. It was nearly 3000 meters long now.

The azure dragon roared and plunged toward the 3 Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects in front.

Not only that, the huge dragon tail also whipped toward the 3 enemies trying to chase Madam Zhen.

At the same time, the golden tome of Elder Hao Shou also shone and released many golden runes, which mostly shot toward the 2 Qu Yao in front. The momentum seemed gentle, but it stirred the natural aura of dozens of miles around.

Mystic Comprehending State Qu Yao hurriedly spewed white filaments to defend themselves.

As a result, the remaining golden runes shot toward Madam Zhen’s 3 enemies.

At the same time, the Demon Mystic Sect’s thin old man spurted blood into the white bone demonic flag.

At the same time, he gestured with both hands and launched several black lights into the flag. The white bone demonic flag shone with bursts of ghost howls.

The white bone demon head on the flag emerged and grew to the size of 1800 meters.

The giant white bone demon head let out a roar that was a hundred times more horrifying than the ghost howl.

Circles of black soundwaves emitted from the mouth of the white bone demon head. Not only did it cover the 2 wo Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insect in front of the black-robed old man, but it also spread to the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao in a radius of hundreds of meters.

Those Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao looked agonized in the range of the soundwaves, and their attacks became extremely slow.

Especially Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects, their bodies twisted crazily as if they were under huge pain. Even their protective black light dimmed a bit.

The 3 of them joined forces to suppress most of the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao in the field, freeing up the 5 Mystic Comprehending State elders. Several battle groups further away were out of the control range.

However, although the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators over there couldn’t kill the enemies immediately, they could at least maintain a stalemate.

“We can hold for about 10 minutes. Other elders must block the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao for Madam Zhen along the way to ensure that her mission is completed!” Grand Elder Xuan Yu said to all the Mystic Comprehending State elders present.

Madam Zhen had already retreated more than 300 meters. She nodded to the 3 elders, then she left the battlefield with 5 Mystic Comprehending State elders and charged straight toward the space fissures deep in the Gufeng Mountain Range.

Seeing this, Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao roared crazily and tried to stop her, but they were blocked by Grand Elder Xuan Yu and the other 2.

Facing the frantic attacks, none of the 3 flinched. They maximized the power of their magic weapon to block those Mystic Comprehending State Hellish-Insect and Qu Yao.

Just as the alliance army and Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao were fighting to the death.

Outside the Gufeng Mountain Range, a black light came from a distance very quickly, landing on a cliff outside the Gufeng Mountain Range.

The black light dissipated, revealing Liu Ming’s figure. Next to him stood a stunningly beautiful girl, Jia Lan.

They left Taiqing Sect and rushed toward the Gufeng Mountain Range without stopping. It took them nearly 2 days to get here.

Deep in the Gufeng Mountain Range, they could faintly see the flickering lights and faint fighting sounds.

With purple shining eyes, Liu Ming could clearly see the battlefield situation thousands of miles away. Even the situation of space fissures deeper could also be seen.

“We made it in time fortunately.” He took a breath and murmured.

Jia Lan also looked deep into the mountains. Although she did not have Liu Ming’s eyesight, such a violent fluctuation of spiritual power could shock her heart from so far.

“Jia Lan, there are dangers everywhere. You should take shelter in my magic weapon space for the time being.” Liu Ming retracted his gaze, spoke to Jia Lan, and took out a Mountain River Pearl.

“Then… be careful.”

Although Jia Lan was a little hesitant, she knew that if she directly participated in the battle, she might drag down Liu Ming. So, she nodded and whispered with concern.

Along the way, Liu Ming’s astonishing full speed caught her attention.

How could an ordinary Celestial State cultivator travel from Thousands Spirit Mountain Range to Gufeng Mountain Range, which was hundreds of thousands of miles away, in just 2 days?

But Liu Ming didn’t say anything, so she didn’t ask.

Because she knew that Liu Ming would tell her when the time was right. It wasn’t her concern right now.

More importantly, she knew Liu Ming.

Although the danger ahead would be far higher than any previous secret realm, even joining the forces of the Mystic Comprehending State in the entire continent couldn’t seal the victory.

But now that Liu Ming was here, he would definitely create miracles.

Although Jia Lan only said a short sentence, it contained concern and more of trust.

This made Liu Ming feel a little warm in his heart. He nodded and made a gesture.

The Mountain River Pearl released a yellow light, rolling past Jia Lan.

When the yellow light was retrieved back into the Mountain River Pearl, Jia Lan had disappeared, leaving only a faint lingering fragrance.

TL: How would Liu Ming affect the outcome of this war? Couldn’t he charge into the deepest camp and end the war before the Eternal State enemies descend?

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