Dragon Ball God Mu

chapter 8

The “Martial Arts Training Ground at The Great Azure Mountain” that Isaac talked about was located in a deep valley behind the Great Azure Mountain. In his memory, Muyang had been there a few times when he was a little kid. And he knew that it was originally a fault zone formed by the fracture of the mountain rocks. After a few artificial modifications, a huge piece of flat land was brought out as a place to practice.

It had always been a place for the school elder to practice.

Following Isaac’s lead, the three of them gradually walked to the back of the Great Azure Mountain. They arrived at this quiet and secluded training place.

As the vision became clearer, a strangely shaped mountain came into view. It was a tall, but narrow, dark green at the top, with light and dark green all over the middle. It looked like an upside-down parabola, rising upward from the ground. The peaks looked like stalagmites, with a very sharp vertical drop.

According to the common sense of his previous life, Muyang couldn’t understand how these peaks were formed under natural conditions, but in the Dragon Ball World, strange peaks like this were everywhere.

“Here we are.” Isaac stopped, his deep voice rang in their ears.

“Is this the place?” Muyang settled down and looked around. They had arrived at their destination. In front of them was an open, flat piece of land. The edge of the place was made up of all kinds of strange rocks, and when they looked down, they could only saw an abyss. If they weren’t careful and ended up fell, they would be crushed to pieces.

“Muyang you’re here, oh even Mexia is here, please come and have a look.”

Isaac, Yula, Sith, Karl, Clarissa, and Beyaros. These six are the elders of the Heavenly Sky School, and they’re all here now.

“How are you, uncles and aunts… “Muyang hurriedly stepped forward to pay his respects.

“Haha, you don’t have to be polite.” Karl and the other elders laughed loudly. There was no sign of pretension.

Muyang smiled; after paying his respect, he stepped aside. Seeing all the elders were here, he felt that something was unusual today, so he stood quietly at the side, waiting for the teachers to tell him the news.

“Aunt Yula, what is it?”

On the other hand, Mexia wasn’t as polite as Muyang; she stepped forward and hugged Yula’s arm. Her body was hanging, and she constantly put her face close, she was acting like a kitten.

Yula caressed Mexia’s soft hair and stared, “Stop it, the star of the show today is Muyang, you’re here just to watch.”

Mexia only answered, “Oh.”

Then she stopped making a fuss and stepped aside nicely.


Isaac looked at his daughter, who seemed to not have grown up and secretly shook his head. Then he turned to the side and saw the imposing Muyang, and the smile appeared in his face. A little comparison wouldn’t hurt. His daughter seemed to be cripple in the martial arts path, luckily Muyang was quite good, and teaching Muyang would always bring him satisfaction.

‘In the future, the burden of the Heavenly Sky School might fall on his shoulders. At the age of three, he was already looking like seven. With his current performance, I believed Muyang wouldn’t disappoint anyone.’

Thinking of today’s agenda, Isaac coughed and waved at Muyang. then said, “Muyang, I asked you to come here today because I have something important to tell you.”

“Teacher, please continue.”

“Yeah.” What Isaac admired the most from Muyang was his humble attitude. He then smiled and said, “This matter… is very important to you. After my discussions with your uncles and aunts, I have decided to officially teach you the ultimate secret of our Heavenly Sky School, the Qi Based Technique, starting today.”

Qi Based Technique?!

As soon as Muyang heard Isaac’s words, he was stunned for a while but then reacted.


The name seemed familiar. Wasn’t this the most famous and iconic power in the Dragon Ball World?

On Earth, there are not many martial arts schools that inherit Qi Based Technique. The most famous were Kamehameha and Dodon Ray. The earliest origins of Qi Based Technique of both techniques came from a martial arts master, Mutaito.

It can be said that only the best schools hold the secret of Qi Based Technique.

Muyang had never thought that the Heavenly Sky School, a middle-grade martial arts school would actually inherit the Qi Based Technique.

It must be known that when Muyang first discovered the world that he was living in was the Dragon Ball World. He had already decided, if he had the chance to go out in the future, he would definitely learn the Qi Based Technique. He didn’t expect Isaac and the other elders to surprise him with this big news before he could go out.

It was great that your school actually taught Qi Based Technique.

“Father, what is Qi Based Technique? Is it different from the technique we usually practice?” Mexia’s eyes lit up as soon as she heard that it was the ultimate secret of this martial arts school.

Isaac looked at his daughter with a serious expression and said, “Of course it’s different. Whether it’s punching or kicking, the previous training is all about laying the foundation, at best, its relatively clever fighting technique. In fact, it’s actually the preparation for the rest of the training.”

“But Qi Based Technique is different; this is the sublimation of the martial arts, the true path to the martial arts.” The corner of Isaac’s mouth turned up in amusement as he spoke about this. He then continued, “Let me tell you, in the entire world of martial arts, there are only a few schools that inherit the Qi Based Technique, and our Heavenly Sky School is one of them.”

Although Heavenly Sky School was only a middle-grade martial arts school with a small number of disciples, it actually held a technique that many schools envied.

Actually, at his age, Muyang shouldn’t have learned the Qi Based Technique. But seeing that Muyang’s body was already perfectly refined and he was very persistent in his training, Isaac, and the other elders decided to make an exception for him.

“That’s awesome!” Mexia was gawked, then puffed out her chest proudly.

She wasn’t sure what Qi Based Technique really meant, but that didn’t stop her from raising her little tail.

Let’s just say that this school was amazing, and look; there was no other school like this!

She had made up her mind. Later, when her father taught her brother the Qi Based Technique, she would have to learn the secrets of the school as well!

When Yula and the other elders saw her reaction, they shook their heads and laughed secretly. They didn’t know what was in her mind.

It would be impossible to figure out the path of Qi Based Technique just by simply watch it and without a special training technique. If Qi Based Technique was that easy to learn, it wouldn’t have become a legendary technique with such a high reputation in the martial arts world.

So when they brought Muyang over, Isaac and the other elders didn’t mind if Mexia came to watch. Whether she could understand or not, it was a different story, besides Mexia was still far from being able to condense qi.

Isaac and the other elders didn’t know that pure energy attacks such as qi waves were actually the most dominant technique of attack in the universe outside the Earth. It could even be said that these qi attacks were readily available to every powerful creature.

It’s just that the rich see the quantity, and the poor see the quality. This technique of attack’s application was very rough.

One land raised another, even earthlings martial arts practitioners like Master Roshi needed to go through decades of unremitting training to be able to practice a little bit of Qi Based Technique. Because of that situation, the limited qi waves were studied thoroughly. But now, Muyang couldn’t wait to be able to pull off a trick with every piece of it.

Unlike the other planets in the universe, Earth’s rank was still so low, and the people of Earth weren’t exactly well qualified.

This was the reason why you couldn’t raise Shenron, but you could raise an efficient loach in the shallow water.


“As the ultimate secret of the Heavenly Sky School, the Qi Based Technique had always been the highest secret of our school, so remember not to leak it out. Your junior brothers and sisters haven’t yet reached the requirements to learn this technique. If you rashly teach them, it will only harm them. So, always keep this in mind.”

Isaac told Muyang with a serious expression. Qi Based Technique was visible yet unseen, the most taboo of all was to practice it recklessly. Even Isaac wouldn’t dare to say that he had mastered the Qi Based Technique.

“I understood!” Muyang responded loudly, his two eyes flashing with light.

Isaac watched Muyang’s reaction with great satisfaction; he then turned and nodded to the other elders.

“It’s better to say more than to see. So, it’s better for you to really feel the power of

Qi Based Technique and deepen your impression. The name of our Heavenly Sky School Qi Based Technique is Heavenly Sky Beam. Watch this carefully.”

Isaac took a few steps backward after he spoke. He took a distance of more than ten meters from Muyang, then closed his eyes and adjusted his qi.

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