Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 3368 - Chapter 3368: In front of him (1)

Chapter 3368: In front of him (1)

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In the next few days.

Han qiqing had been waiting for Qiran to come back, hoping to see her before she went to Istan.

However, when she called Qi ran, Qi ran said that she would not be back for the time being. She would be back for at least half a month.

Han qiqing was very disappointed, but at the thought of meeting Xiaoxiao and the others, she was very happy.

When Qi ran heard that she was going to Istan, she also smiled and told her to have fun.

Han qiqing actually really hoped that she could come along. She wanted to introduce her good friend to her and let her join in their happiness.

However, there was no hurry. He could take it slowly.

She believed that Xiaoxiao and the others would like Qi ran.

The day he was looking forward to always came very quickly. In the blink of an eye, it was the day he would go to Istan.

The Han family had reminded her repeatedly, and her mother had even packed her luggage for her.

Unexpectedly, han qiqing smiled and said,” there’s no need to bring so many clothes. Xiaoxiao will give me a beautiful dress to wear. It’s a dress that only the princess of Istan’s royal family can wear, so I don’t have to bring too many clothes. A small suitcase is enough. &Quot;

After they agreed to go to Istan, she chatted with Xiaoxiao every day and couldn’t wait to see her.

Compared to her full of anticipation, a certain someone was a little unhappy.

On the day that han qiqing was about to set off, han Yuexu hugged her. He didn’t show any emotion on his face, but his body strongly expressed his displeasure.

He looked at her and asked,” You Don’t Seem to Miss Me at all?”

Han qiqing grinned and hugged him. &Quot; yes, I’m very reluctant to go, but you have to work and don’t have time to go. I can’t help it. &Quot;

Han Yuexu looked at her bright smile and reached out to touch her nose.

&Quot; I’ve arranged bodyguards for you. You have to be careful over there. &Quot;

Han qiqing quickly shook her head. &Quot; no, Xiaoxiao, we’re staying in the palace. It’s very safe. Also, I’m going to be a guest. How can I bring a bodyguard?”

More importantly, she was only invited because of Xiaoxiao. If she brought a bodyguard with her, it would probably make the host unhappy.

&Quot; don’t worry,” han Yuexiu said. &Quot; you’ll stay in the palace. They’ll protect you from the outside. &Quot;

Han qiqing still felt that it was not good. &Quot; it’s okay. Xiaoxiao is here. Xiaoxiao will protect me. Don’t worry. &Quot;

It was impossible for han Yuexu not to be worried.

However, she insisted on not doing so, and he did not force her. He ordered the bodyguards to protect her in the dark. Anyway, it was fine as long as she did not see them.

It was time to catch the plane.

Han qiqing didn’t want him to send her to the airport, so she could go with song Shijun.

Han Yuexu pressed her down and kissed her for a while before finally letting her go.

Han qiqing got into the car, and her heart was filled with reluctance.

But the car had already left the house.

At this moment, his phone rang with a message notification.

She did not expect it to be from han Yuexu.

Yingluo, remember to miss me every day.

Han qiqing smiled, feeling sweet inside. She replied,” I’m already thinking about it. You have to think about me too. Think about me once an hour. You don’t have to think about it during the meeting.

Han Yuexu replied quickly,’okay.’

Han qiqing’s smile suddenly became exceptionally bright.

On the other side.

United States.

Mu Xiaoxiao and the others took the private jet that William had arranged for them.

On the plane, they played video games, watched movies, ate, and so on…

With the company of friends, more than ten hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Because they had calculated the time, they met up with han qiqing at the airport when they arrived in Istan.

The three girls hugged each other happily..

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