Eternal Reverence

Chapter 1016

ER – Chapter 1016: Opening of the Land of Inception

If a value had to be placed on such a massive amount of Divine Leaf Sap, it would be at least 10 trillion peak-grade spirit stones. No wonder they said that the Divine Leaf City Lord’s wealth was much more than the Crosswise River Primogenitor. With an entire piece of World Tree leaf, the DIvine Leaf City Lord’s wealth was constantly growing until the World Tree source dried up.

However, this was also normal. A low-grade universe treasure’s value was at least a few hundred trillion peak-grade spirit stones. It was perfectly normal for the value to be beyond a quadrillion.

There were only a few of the inferior low-grade universe treasures that had much lower value.

A good example would be the arris light motherstone.

Of course, if an arris light motherstone was large enough, it would also have a stunning value.

Li Fuchen didn’t wish to take advantage of the Blood Ax Lord, therefore, he paid 10 trillion peak-grade spirit stones.

In any case, he had too many peak-grade spirit stones. Back at the Water God Tomb, he had obtained a few hundred trillion peak-grade spirit stones and 10 trillion was considered nothing to him.

Deep Blue Plane…

As the Divine Leaf Sap was poured down, the sapling was rapidly growing at a visible speed.

1 meter, 10 meters, 100 meters…

In the past, Li Fuchen had also used the Divine Leaf Sap to irrigate the sapling, but it was never as luxurious as today. After all, Li Fuchen’s wealth back then was far inferior to his current wealth. Furthermore, he didn’t put in any thoughts on the sapling. The sapling was still at the initial stage and was unable to grow. It was after using all sorts of vitality treasures, it then slowly started to grow. It was probable that there must be enough nutrition before it could activate the growth in vitality.

As the sapling grew to over 1000 meters in height, its brimming vitality power was thick like a fluid and had even permeated into the depths of space-time.

After taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen felt as though his mental state had some slight changes.

“If an ordinary person takes a breath, it will extend the lifespan by at least 100 years.”

Li Fuchen was nearly certain that this sapling was the Tree of Life.

Apart from the Tree of Life, what other tree could contain such terrifying vitality.

“Who would have expected the East Unicorn Continent’s great desolate world to contain a high-grade universe treasure?” Li Fuchen was amazed by fate. There were things that couldn’t be sought out for and could only rely on fate.

After using up 10 trillion peak-grade spirit stones worth of Divine Leaf Sap, the Tree of Life grew to 11,000 meters.

It might seem tall, but it was still actually in the sapling state.

The World Tree leaf was even bigger than a universe city. A mature Tree of Life might not be comparable to the World Tree, but it should still be bigger than the World Tree leaf.

“Minimize.” With a wave of the hand, the Tree of Life started to shrink and fuse into Li Fuchen’s body.

“I wonder what is the healing effect of the Tree of Life?”

After deactivating the calamity power, Li Fuchen used all his power to create a wound.

In just a blink of the eye, the wound mended.

“It didn’t even consume a trace of energy?” Li Fuchen let out a pleased expression.

With the Tree of Life, if Li Fuchen got injured, he wouldn’t need to exhaust any energy to heal his injuries. The Tree of Life was entirely capable of healing him.

It also meant that if the Tree of Life contained enough vitality, the energy required for combat didn’t need to be reserved for other things.

During battles, most of the energy was actually used to heal injuries. After all, if the injury wasn’t healed, it would definitely affect the strength.

“If the entire World Fruit is tributed, the Tree of Life should be able to grow to the height of at least 100 billion meters!”

In terms of value, the World Fruit was superior to the World Tree leaf. 100 billion meters was actually just 200 million miles and it was still smaller than a universe city.

“Mm, he obtained the approval of the World Fruit.”

On this day, Li Fuchen witnessed his werewolf incarnation gradually sinking into the World Fruit.

This meant that the werewolf incarnation obtained the approval of the World Fruit too.

“He merely possesses a small portion of my spirit soul power.” Li Fuchen was amazed.

The werewolf incarnation’s core was just a small speck of Li Fuchen’s spirit soul power. This speck of spirit soul power then produced a spirit soul cloth which then produced the saint spirit. In essence, the werewolf incarnation was just a small portion of Li Fuchen. Be it innate talent or perception, the werewolf incarnation was leaps and bounds inferior to Li Fuchen.

“The arris light motherstone’s 10,000 times time-acceleration is too fast for anyone. I shall use it on the werewolf incarnation.”

In the past, before Li Fuchen possessed the space-time dao, he planned to reserve the arris light motherstone for his family and friends.

But even if it was Yan Qingwu, she only had a lifespan of 100 million years. Even if she had 1 billion years of lifespan, 10,000 times time-acceleration would mean just 100,000 years. 100,000 years might seem long, but Li Fuchen might be trapped in a ruin or hazard land someday. 100,000 years would pass by very quickly by then.

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, 3000 times space-time acceleration was already enough as Yan Qingwu was not a lordess yet.

Of course, Li Fuchen’s space-time dao had a difference with the arris light motherstone. When Li Fuchen applied space-time acceleration for others, it would require space-time energy, otherwise, the acceleration would stop. As for the arris light motherstone, it could form a time spatial zone and unless the time essence within the arris light motherstone was exhausted, the time-acceleration wouldn’t stop.

As such, Li Fuchen used the space-time energy to produce a virtualized space-time source inside the Sword Lock Universe. The virtualized space-time source would be connected with space-time that contained Yan Qingwu and the others, it would be providing a constant supply of energy.

The virtualized space-time source was equivalent to a simplified and weakened version of the universe’s space-time source. As time elapsed, it would gradually crumble and wouldn’t exist for eternity.

However, it would still be able to persist for a period of time.


With 10,000 times time-acceleration, the arris light motherstone’s time source essence would quickly deplete.

Li Fuchen estimated that in at most 1000 years, this piece of arris light motherstone would be exhausted.

“It is still too small.” Li Fuchen shook his head and didn’t bother about the werewolf incarnation and the arris light motherstone.

“Haha! It is the inception copper key, I, the Copper Green Progenitor is finally in luck!”

At a stream that stretched for thousands of light years, a copper green metallic giant was yelling towards the sky


Inception Star Domain, Land of Inception…

An ancient stone gate suddenly opened. Unending inception qi presence spread throughout the entire universe.

“The Land of Inception has opened. Have 9 inception keys been discovered?”

“Certainly, otherwise, there should still be over 2 million years before the next opening.”

“The Land of Inception has opened. Another storm of blood shall brew. Should we go or not?”

“Why not? The Land of Inception is filled with peak-grade treasures. If we are lucky, we might be able to obtain an inception key.”

“That’s right, it is worth taking the risk. At most, it is death. I have already lived for hundreds of millions of years, I have nothing to lose.”

The Land of Inception’s opening caused many lords to have their hearts racing. Especially pinnacle lords and unparalleled lords.

Generally speaking, only pinnacle lords and unparalleled lords had survival chances in the Land of Inception. Those below pinnacle lords weren’t competent enough.

Of course, there would also be fearless superior lords that could enter the Land of Inception.

As the saying stated, “Man would die for wealth, just like how birds would die for food.” It was the logic of the universe.

“The Land of Inception opened?”

In the God Hall, the Ice Fire God Lord and Dusk God Lord were frowning. They were just discussing how to deal with Li Fuchen.

With bright patterns on the skin, the Bright God Lord said, “The Land of Inception’s opening is advantageous to us. Firstly, the Primary Extreme Lord is highly likely to enter the Land of Inception. Secondly, the Land of Inception has concentrated and firm universe law, making it very difficult to extract universe source energy for replenishment. Therefore, the chances of death are extremely high.”

“That’s right, if it is inside the Land of Inception, I am confident I can eliminate the Primary Extreme Lord alone.” The speaker was a terrifying god lord with fire patterns on the skin and two fire star-like eyes.

He was none other than the Fire Virtue God Lord who returned from the Half-God Domain.

Due to the scarce half-god energy contained in the body, the Fire Virtue God Lord’s qi presence didn’t get captured by the Lord Rankings. Therefore, his name didn’t appear on the Lord Rankings.

“Since that is the case, let’s move out now!” The Dusk God Lord was very expectant towards the Land of Inception. During the previous opening, he had obtained plenty of peak-grade treasures. He was just a little unlucky to not obtain any universe treasures.

“The Land of Inception has opened?” The Crosswise River Primogenitor let out a sigh and decided to give up on this trip.

Of course, he rarely visited the Land of Inception in the past too. He wasn’t a person that was very adventurous.

Most importantly, in a few thousand years, he would be able to study the World Fruit, why would he take the risk in the Land of Inception?

With his current strength, it was also hard to obtain a universe treasure too.

“Primary Extreme Lord, you are here!”

In the Sword Radiance City, the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor and the other unparalleled lords were here.

“Let’s depart!”

The Sword Radiance City was a class 1 branch of the Swordsmen Guild, therefore, they could directly teleport to the Swordsmen Guild headquarters.

The headquarters of the Swordsmen Guild was located at the Inception Star Domain.

“Alright.” With the wave of the Cardinal Bright Sword Progenitor’s hand, the teleportation array was activated and the group vanished.

In the headquarters, it was where most of the unparalleled lords were gathered and the Taichi Sword Progenitor was there too.

“It has been a long time, Primary Extreme Lord.” The Taichi Sword Progenitor let out a smile as he saw Li Fuchen.

When Li Fuchen broke through from 12th rank to 7th rank of the Lord Rankings, he was already comparable with the Taichi Sword Progenitor.

In the entire Swordsmen Guild, only the Taichi Sword Progenitor and Li Fuchen possessed the sword dao universe.

“Greetings to the Taichi Sword Progenitor.”

Li Fuchen was very respectful towards the Taichi Sword Progenitor. Had it not been for the Taichi Sword Progenitor, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have comprehended the sword dao universe so quickly.

Subsequently, everyone started to discuss the strategy when entering the Land of Inception.

“Our Swordsmen Guild has a total of 42 unparalleled lords and 98 pinnacle lords that are entering the Land of Inception. I suggest that we split into 14 groups with 10 members in each group. It is the safest and also the greatest efficiency.”

“I agree.”

“I agree too.”

As a lord of a power faction, things should be done in a regulated and orderly method. It wasn’t advisable to do things individually.

After all, the other power factions would definitely enter with huge groups too. If they had malicious intent and targeted the Swordsmen Guild, the Swordsmen Guild would suffer great casualties. But it was different to enter the Land of Inception in small groups. Even if they were targeted, they would also have the strength to resist and stall for time until other groups arrive to provide reinforcements.

Of course, it was different for other weaker factions. They only had those few unparalleled lords and pinnacle lords, there wasn’t much of a difference if they formed groups or not.

As for lone rangers, they could only charge alone. But they were also the quickest to fall in the Land of Inception.

“I wish to explore alone.”

Just as everyone was agreeing, Li Fuchen shook his head.

He didn’t like to move in groups.

After all, the gains would have to be divided and some of his hidden trumps couldn’t be revealed.

Most importantly, moving in groups wasn’t really beneficial to him.

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