Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 596 - Chapter 596: Chapter 596. Rejected

Chapter 596: Chapter 596. Rejected

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When Song Shi explained this, his eyes were frank. Like Murakami, he had put much effort and energy into this advertisement.

Previously, when they couldn’t find a suitable candidate for this advertisement, he and Murakami resisted the pressure from the headquarters and insisted they would find the most qualified candidate. However, after more than half a month, the progress of their project was still complicated.

That was why their headquarters, the Doug consortium, had directly issued an order to interfere with their project progress today. However, it just happened that Zhuang Xian, the dark horse, had appeared today!

Zhuang Xian’s appearance gave Song Shi and Murakami the best choice. They were delighted with Zhuang Xian’s conditions. They did not want this project they had put so much effort into interfered with by others.

Therefore, Zhuang Xian’s passing at todays audition was excellent news for them. How could this not make them excited and happy?

In fact, after seeing Zhuang Xian’s Go skills, Song Shi made up his mind. He thought that even if he told the truth today, he might offend the Zhuang family or Mr. MO Qian, but he would not hesitate!

He knew that it was impossible to hide this matter. MO Qian and Zhuang Ming were not simple people. They could find out with a flick of their fingers. Doug Headquarters decided on the appointment. Song Shi Company had ignored Zhuang Xian for over an hour, igniting their anger.

Song Shi wasn’t an idiot. He took the initiative to explain sincerely and wanted to use the opportunity to confirm Zhuang Xian’s role in the commercial shoot with the Zhuang family! He knew precisely what Lin En wanted to ask, so he chose to do this.

Song Shi was very clear about the details of these things. He didn’t try to hide it from the Zhuang family and MO Qian, who was obviously on the same side as Zhuang Ming. This was already great wisdom.

MO Qian’s current status was not what it used to be. He was not someone he could provoke. Moreover, they were unkind even if he took ten thousand steps back. They were in the wrong but also wanted to continue working with

Zhuang Xian. Therefore, this concession and honesty had to be done well!

After Song Shi explained the situation, the room’s atmosphere became quieter. He looked at Lin En and Zhuang Ming with a pounding heart. After observing them for a long time, Song Shi realized he couldn’t see through their thoughts.

He thought about it and wanted to say something, but Murakami, beside him, beat him to it.

“Looking at this matter now, it’s indeed a little troublesome! But Song Shi and I share the same thoughts. We both hope to work with Miss Zhuang Xian.”

Murakami slowly ran out of words but still looked at Zhuang Xian sincerely. After thinking momentarily, he said excitedly, “But Zhuang Xian, you can trust me completely. I don’t think anyone is more suitable for this role than you! And I strongly feel that our cooperation this time will be a win-win situation for both sides!”

Zhuang Bai stood behind the crowd and listened to their conversation silently. When Murakami finished speaking, he frowned slightly and asked in a deep voice, “Actually, it’s useless for you to make up your mind and express your attitude to us now! When you can take the decision on this matter, come and talk to us!”

He glanced at Zhuang Hang on the far right of MO Qian and Zhuang Xian as he spoke.

How could Zhuang Hang not understand what his big brother meant? He smiled lightly and echoed Zhuang Bai, “Although our Zhuang Xian is not a big star yet, we don’t have to shoot an advertisement with many unspoken rules!”

“Don’t blame me for being rude. I don’t want Zhuang Xian to suffer. You still have to ask the headquarters for advice on everything..”

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