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Farmer's Wife Has Magic Skills

Farmer's Wife Has Magic Skills





Farmer's Wife Has Magic Skills

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Chu Qingzhi, a modern cultivator, went down to earth to experience love. She was forced to transmigrate into the body of a peasant girl in the ancient past.

Her family had a total of nine children. She had no choice but to shoulder the burden of supporting the family.

She used spells to tame a tiger as her mount, a black bear as her guardian, a wolf as a helper, and a monkey as the pathfinder. They went hunting together.

She then sold ice cream, which she made using an ice spell, on the streets.

She planted herbs for medicine, offered clinical diagnosis and treatment to patients, and attracted princes and nobles who fought over her. Even the emperor addressed her with a respected title.

To become immortal, she supported her family while searching for a husband.
Ever since the poorest family in the village brought their daughter home, they thought their lives would only get tougher. To their surprise, they started building a house and buying land...

They didn't just bring their daughter home, but they brought the God of Fortune home!
A general, who even the princess refused to marry, returned to the country to rest for some time. Suddenly, he married a peasant girl.

Just as everyone waited for them to be ridiculed, dignitaries came to visit one after another.

The empress dowager held Chu Qingzhi's hand. "Qingzhi, will you be my younger sister?"

The emperor looked Chu Qingzhi up and down. "My lady, are you willing to join my harem?"

The crown prince grabbed Chu Qingzhi's sleeve. "Qingzhi, I want ice cream."