From Thug to Idol: Transmigrating to a Survival Show

Chapter 628 Time to Shine

June sighed as he was handed his script. He read it a couple of times before giving it back to the young intern, who blushed as she brushed her fingers with June.

“Have you memorized it already?” she asked with wide and bright eyes.

June nodded. “Yeah, it’s all good. I just have to say this in a grandiose way?”

She nodded excitedly. “Yeah, don’t worry about anything else.”

“Thanks,” June said, turning around to practice his lines once. Read Web Novels Online Free – NovelFire Novel Fire –

After memorizing longer scripts, he found this task particularly easy.

However, he still felt that it was a shame to be in a studio when it was supposed to be his day off.

He didn’t even get a lot of sleep because he kept thinking if he already deserved to be the new host of Rising Stars.

“It’s too soon,” he muttered.

But then again, he couldn’t really deny the role since Azure had already made up their mind. Being under Azure, he didn’t have a choice but to comply.

Just then, a piano sound resonated in the entire studio, making him feel a bit nostalgic.

It wasn’t the same as their theme song, but it still sounded hopeful and dreamy—a signature sound created by Azure to move the audience.

June shook his head. They were a damn awful company, but they still knew how to make great hits, especially in survival shows.

Then, he turned around once more, stopping when he saw that the intern was still looking at him with bright eyes.

“Wait a second,” he said, looking into her eyes.

She stopped for a moment, feeling like her world had just stopped.

June, THE JUNE, was actually staring into her eyes?

Did he find her pretty or something like that?

Goodness! She knew she was attractive, but she didn’t think that June would be captivated by her looks, too.

In reality, June was just using her pupils as a mirror. She had very black eyes, almost like a bug, so it was very useful.

He smiled to himself when he saw that he didn’t look too bad. In fact, he still looked handsome despite his dizzy spells throughout the day. Tʜe source of this ᴄontent ɪs N(o)vᴇl(F)ire.nᴇt

June finally stopped staring into her eyes.

“What’s your name?” he asked, wanting to get close to her like how he got close to Ann back then.

The past intern has become a great confidant even until now, so he felt compelled to get to know this girl, too.

“Sheila,” the girl answered.

“Sheila,” June hummed. “Thanks for orienting me.”

Sheila shook her with bright red cheeks. “I’m just doing my job,” she muttered.

Just then, the producers—the ones who also lead Rising Stars in its fourth season, gasped in surprise as soon as they saw June.

“Oh my goodness!” Yena exclaimed. “It’s really you. I feel like it’s been too long.”

“You’re so handsome now,” Yejin continued, wiping the tears from her eyes in an exaggerated manner. “I still remember when you wore that cat mask of yours.”

“We can say this now since you managed to debut, but we were really hesitant about accepting you into the show. However, I thank the universe every day that we decided to accept you in the end,” Yejin said.

Yena nodded in agreement. “We’ve spearheaded three seasons already, and your season was one with the highest viewership. It had the greatest amount of support, too.”

“I doubt that other seasons in the future would be able to surpass that,” she said.

“Honestly, it still feels a bit surreal,” June said. “Last year, I was the one watching Min-ho through a small screen in my beat-up apartment. I can’t believe I’m now the one who’s going to be watched on the screen.”

Yejin pushed his shoulder lightly.

“You act as if you aren’t on the big screens just yet. You’re a star now, June. That’s why we didn’t hesitate to suggest your presence on the show.”

June scratched the back of his head.

Well, aside from the increased schedules and inability to walk around without getting mobbed, he still felt the same—a guy who just wanted to show off his talents.

“Well, we won’t take much of your time. I know that you’re busy with EVE and Untouched Souls. Why don’t we start the commercial filming?”

June nodded. “When will this commercial air, by the way?”

“Probably tomorrow or the day after that,” Yejin answered. “It’s just a short video, so expect it on the big screens right away.”

June nodded and walked to the very center of the studio, where the camera was already focused on him.

“Let’s try to do this in one take,” Yena said, signaling the crew to go to their designated places.

“In 5…4…3…2…1…Action!”

The camera flickered to life, and a white light brightly cast on June as he stood at the center of the set.

His features were chiseled and handsome, the light accentuating his perfect face.

Yena sighed dreamily as she continued to stare at him.

“He’s so handsome. It looks like he was made out of love and not just from a quick nut.”

As the intense, dramatic music was heard through his in-ears, June looked directly into the camera with a confident smirk.

“Talents, laughter, and competition,” June began, his voice smooth and captivating. “You will find it all here.”

The camera panned out to reveal the seats behind June, each with a number from 1-100. The writing was glittery pink instead of the blue they had before. However, they still held the same grandiosity as the past season.

“We’re bringing you the hottest new talents from across the world…” June continued, his voice carrying the excitement of the moment. “…as they compete for the chance to debut in the next big K-pop group.”

At this point, Yejin planned to insert some of the clips of the contestants showcasing their skills in their audition tapes.

“This is no ordinary competition,” June declared, his eyes sparkling with anticipation. “This is Rising Stars Season Five.”

The camera zoomed in on June’s face, capturing his confident smile as he delivered the final line.

“Where dreams are made, and stars are born,” he says, his voice filled with promise and excitement.

“It’s time to shine.”

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