Genius Summoner

Chapter 1671 - 1671 Fantastical Beast, Ah Jin (3)

Chapter 1671 - 1671 Fantastical Beast, Ah Jin (3)

1671 Fantastical Beast, Ah Jin (3)

The old man looked at Yun Feng. “We can’t attack directly, but we’ll help you when you need it.”

The Blood Souls had Fantastical Beasts in their hands. Yun Feng might not be able to deal with Fantastical Beasts with human strength. Fantastical Beasts had a slight chance of winning against Fantastical Beasts! Besides, the Blood Souls must have other powerhouses other than the Fantastical Beasts. By then, if the Fantastical Beasts could be restrained, it would be a huge loss for the Blood Souls!

It was truly a pleasant surprise to be able to get the help of Fantastical Beasts!

“I can help. After all, this concerns our own people! However, it’s not so easy to let that human go!” Ah Jin said coldly. “Old man, you have your own thoughts, and I have mine! If you want to take that human away, you have to get through me first!”

The old man was helpless. Yun Feng was speechless. Qu Lanyi gritted his teeth and said, “You’re the wind-element Fantastical Beast!”

The old man smiled. “Ah Jin, why do you have to make things difficult for a little girl…”

“It’s not difficult! Old man, you said just then that she’s someone Na Xie has set his mind on! Since Na Xie thinks highly of her, she should be quite capable!” Ah Jin turned to Yun Feng. “I’ve already said that you’re special. I’d like to see how special you are!”

“Ah Jin is right. What exactly is special about her?” Ah Luo said as he looked at Yun Feng with a probing gaze. The old man shook his head helplessly and wanted to say something, but Yun Feng stepped forward. “Sure.”

After hearing this, everyone was stunned!

“Hahaha! She agreed herself!” A fierce light flashed through Ah Jin’s eyes and he was extremely excited!


Yun Feng turned around and looked at Qu Lanyi deeply. This wasn’t just to save her master, but also to defend her dignity as a summoner! Humans weren’t as lowly and weak as they said! She had to prove that different species had their own advantages. None of them was absolutely powerful!

In an instant, Qu Lanyi understood what Yun Feng meant in her eyes. Her determined gaze glittered with a kind of charming brilliance. This was Yun Feng’s own persistence!

“Got it.” Qu Lanyi chuckled. Yun Feng curled her lips. The old man pondered and then said, “Ah Jin, you can fight, but it must be fair.”

“Humph! Of course. I won’t take advantage of her at all! You’re in the God King Realm, right? I’ll suppress my strength to the same level as yours!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “That’s for the best.”

The old man sighed helplessly and waved his hand! A large number of huge tree vines instantly rose from the ground, forming a huge enclosed space! “This is your battlefield. Don’t overdo it.” The old man glanced at Ah Jin. Ah Jin grunted coldly and jumped in. Ah Luo stood next to the old man in silence.

Yun Feng chuckled and jumped too! Qu Lanyi stood outside. This was a battle that belonged to her, a battle of dignity!

After the two of them entered, the old man waved his hand again and the tree vines were all sealed! Ah Luo looked inside quietly and whispered slowly, “Sir, do you think Ah Jin will win?”

The old man smiled and didn’t say anything. Qu Lanyi, on the other hand, clenched his fists secretly. Even though the wind-element Fantastical Beast suppressed his strength, it was a Fantastical Beast after all! It was certainly different from other Magic Beasts! Fengfeng didn’t have a high chance of winning this time!

On the battlefield, tree vines were everywhere. The flat ground just then was covered by the dense vines. Ah Jin and Yun Feng stood on two tree vines respectively. Ah Jin looked at Yun Feng coldly. “The first time, you couldn’t even resist my aura.”

Yun Feng chuckled and twisted her wrist gently. “It’s certainly different this time.”

“The God King Level… No matter how far you’ve cultivated, humans are still humans after all!”

The five Rings of Contract appeared and she opened her hand! Five beams of light appeared at the same time!

“This is… a Fantastical Beast!” The five contracted Magic Beasts were all surprised! Ah Jin sneered as a pair of huge wings suddenly grew out of his back, emitting dazzling golden light!

“Little Yun Feng, you even dare to provoke a Fantastical Beast?” Sister Hua chuckled. The other four Magic Beasts all had the same thought. She was too powerful! Master really dared to provoke any Magic Beast, including a Fantastical Beast!

“Even though my opponent is a Fantastical Beast, I don’t want to be looked down on!” Er Lei roared furiously. The expressions of the other few contracted Magic Beasts changed! Indeed, as Master’s contracted Magic Beast, even if his opponent was a Fantastical Beast, he couldn’t be looked down on!

“How ridiculous!” The giant wings on Ah Jin’s back flapped and his body suddenly rose into the sky! “I’ll finish you off with one attack!”

The five contracted Magic Beasts let out a furious roar at the same time! Five beams of light jumped out at the same time and greeted them!

Yun Feng twisted her wrist and the wand her master gave her appeared in her hand! She spun it gently and clasped her fingers! Yun Feng slowly closed her black eyes. When she opened them again, five-color light flashed through her eyes! Mental strength surged out of her body and gathered the power of elements in the space!

She waved her wand gently and shouted loudly in the sky! “Earth Barrier!”

A hint of admiration flashed through the old man’s eyes. After Yun Feng shouted, all the earth elements on the battlefield were mobilized by Yun Feng. They would absolutely obey her!


All the earth elements in the Earth Field instantly absorbed the invisible gravity, increasing the gravity in the entire Earth Field! The direct consequence of the increase in gravity was to limit all speed in the Earth Field!

The giant wings on his back flapped. As a Fantastical Beast, Ah Jin’s speed obviously decreased. He sneered. “Even if such a trick works, my speed is still too fast for you!” A glint of coldness flashed through his eyes. Ah Jin suddenly attacked with his palm and instantly transformed! His sharp claws, which were similar to those of a giant owl, appeared and grabbed the air fiercely!

“Hm!” Little Fire’s body was completely sent flying to the side! Countless wounds immediately appeared on its body!

“Brother Fire!” Two wings appeared on Lan Yi’s back again. A four-winged Griffin! Ah Jin burst into laughter when he saw this. The huge wings on his back flapped and his body instantly disappeared from the spot. When he appeared again, he had already arrived next to Lan Yi!

So fast! Lan Yi was shocked! The four wings on his back flapped abruptly, but Ah Jin’s giant claws were even faster! “Bang!” The giant claws grabbed Lan Yi’s throat firmly and pressed him to the ground!

“The best way to deal with summoners is to put out the fire of the contracted Magic Beasts.” Killing intent flashed through Ah Jin’s eyes. He clenched his sharp claws, as if he wanted to take Lan Yi’s life!

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