Genius Summoner

Chapter 1780 - Chapter 1780: Immortality (2)

Chapter 1780 - Chapter 1780: Immortality (2)

Chapter 1780: Immortality (2)

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Yun Feng said, “Your wife was seriously ill, but she miraculously recovered in the end. This can’t be fake. I don’t believe in immortality, but I believe that you did find something that made her recover quickly.”

Old Wang was stunned. “Indeed, but I only found one. I gave it to my woman. I don’t have it here!”

Yun Feng chuckled. “We’re not here to ask you for that thing. We don’t need that thing. We’re asking where you found that thing. Can you tell us in detail?”

Old Wang was stunned again and looked at Yun Feng suspiciously. “Why are you asking this? Do you want to dig it too?”

Yun Feng was helpless. Qu Lanyi said, “Don’t worry. We won’t steal your business. If you want, we’re willing to pay you.”

A hint of mockery flashed through Old Wang’s face. “Payment? Do you want to give me something to make me talk? You two aren’t simple people, are you? Why? Do powerhouses have the right to look down on others? You look so superior that I’m annoyed just looking at you. Leave my house. I won’t tell you anything. Let’s go!”

The sudden anger caught Yun Feng and the old man off guard. Seeing the indignant look on the old man’s face, Yun Feng guessed. “Old man, did a so-called powerhouse look for you too?”

“Of course! He was acting like he’s a god and he’s even threatening me. If I didn’t tell him, he’d teach me a lesson. Bah! What a shameless thing.”

“It seems that someone has already beaten us to it,” whispered Qu Lanyi. Yun Feng frowned. It depended on what their purpose was. Was it simply immortality or the Element Seed?

With Yun Feng’s strength, it was certainly very easy for her to make an ordinary person spit out what she wanted. However, Yun Feng didn’t want to force him with strength. The power in her hand wasn’t for bullying and humiliating the weak. She held power in her hand to protect herself and her companions, not to hurt them.

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi looked at each other. They would come again tomorrow. Even if someone got the news first, it wouldn’t be overnight to find the thing. Besides, even if their real purpose was the Element Seed, how would it be so easy to find it? Even if they found it, it wouldn’t be easy to subdue it.

They still had time. They weren’t in a hurry.

“Old man, we’ll come again tomorrow.” Yun Feng smiled lightly. Old Wang was slightly stunned. Then, he said, “Again? What are you doing? Are you done?”

Yun Feng pretended that she didn’t hear anything. The two of them turned around and were about to leave. There were obviously a few more auras in the air. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi raised their brows slightly. The so-called immortality attracted murderers after all. Should they help or not? Yun Feng chuckled and paused. At this moment, a few shadows jumped out from the side and a cold saber was pressed against Yun Feng’s neck. Qu Lanyi was the same.

“Don’t move, or we’ll take your lives,” said the few ferocious people in a low voice. The cold blade was stuck to their warm skin. It could be embedded in their skin with a little force. Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi raised their brows and stood there quietly.

“You two are quite obedient. That’s right!” Two people stared at Yun Feng and

Qu Lanyi with their knives, while the other three approached Old Wang. Old Wang immediately became anxious and stepped back, hitting the door. He pressed his entire body against the door and didn’t intend to open it. Perhaps he knew that he wouldn’t be able to escape even if he opened the door. Old

Wang looked at Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi and the person burst into laughter.

“What are you looking at? Those two can’t even protect themselves. They can’t save you at all! Old thing, take that thing out obediently and I can spare your life!”

Old Wang glanced at Yun Feng and the others. If they weren’t weak, how would they look like they were at the mercy of others? Besides, he was too embarrassed to ask for help with his attitude towards those two people just then. Would he really be unable to escape tonight?

“That thing has already been used. There’s nothing left.” Old Wang said with a trembling voice.

“Old fart! Didn’t you hear what I said just then? Do you want to die?”

Old Wang shivered. “There’s really nothing else. I just found a piece. It’s already used!”

“Used it? That’s easy. I’ll certainly find it after killing your woman and breaking her body. Hahaha!”

“What?” Old Wang was immediately so frightened that his face turned pale. His lips were trembling and his body was stuck to the door tightly. Yun Feng couldn’t help but frown after hearing that. In order to pursue the so-called immortality, they thought of such a bloody way. They were to break her body and took the thing. Since the thing had already entered her body, how could it still be intact? These people were indeed desperadoes!

“Old fart, get out of my way!”

Old Wang grabbed the door tightly. He didn’t leave no matter what! A huge hand came from the sky and was about to send his body flying and forcefully enter. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from the hand. This person shouted and looked around vigilantly. “Who is it?”

“Brother, what’s wrong? There’s no one here!” The four lackeys around were all a bit confused. The leader frowned fiercely and looked around firmly. Someone was indeed attacking him in the dark just then! He was still scared and didn’t dare to attack easily.

“That old man has already said that there’s nothing left. Even if you break her body, there won’t be any.” A clear voice sounded as Yun Feng spoke. The leader suddenly turned around with unusually fierce eyes. He exerted strength with the knife on Yun Feng’s neck. “Shut up!”

Yun Feng raised her brows. “You’re an outlaw. Do you still want to pursue immortality? Even if you do, you’ll be a scourge of the world and everyone will kill you.”

“What did you say?” The leader was enraged! He strode over. “Did you attack me secretly just then? Kid, you’re quite bold. Do you think you’re capable? It’s easy for me to take your life!”

Yun Feng chuckled and raised the corners of her mouth indifferently. “Really? Then try taking my life.”

The leader’s eyes immediately bulged. He waved his hand and immediately grabbed the broadsword under his hand, slashing at Yun Feng’s neck! “You ignorant girl! You’re courting death!”

“Swish!” The big knife flashed in the air, creating a gust of dark wind. The cold blade slashed towards Yun Feng’s slender neck. Yun Feng stood there and her black eyes glittered. With a crisp sound, the big knife was suddenly cut into two!

The leader widened his eyes. Yun Feng curled her lips and looked straight into his eyes with her clear black eyes.. “How about I break open your body and take a look?”

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