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Chapter 2084 - Chapter 2084 The Touch

Chapter 2084 The Touch

No wonder the strength fluctuations he felt was a little strange.

So Jealousy had taken over the altar that originally belonged to Gluttony? Absorbing the strength that originally belonged to Gluttony?

“Now! Do it!”

Suddenly, a loud shout came from the corner of the cave.

Fang Heng raised his head and looked up at the cave.

Meng Si stood on a platform in the upper right corner of the cave. He formed a rune mark with both hands in front of him, and the strength of the demonic seed’s aura suddenly erupted from his body.


At the same time, the other four players who were standing at the corners of the cave formed a mark in front of them.

Energy fluctuations quickly seeped out from the five corners at the same time and spread out rapidly!

In the blink of an eye, a large red seal condensed, completely sealing Fang Heng and the stone altar in the center of the cave.


Fang Heng raised his head and looked at the dark red seal barrier that enveloped the outside, frowning slightly.

It seemed to be a seal that did not have any offensive ability.

Their goal was to trap him.

So what was next? How would they deal with him?

“Chi! Chi chi chi!”

Fang Heng raised his head.

Three red chains shot out from the palm imprints of several people, swiftly piercing through the seal from different directions, and flying towards him.

Fang Heng immediately dodged to the side.

Did they want to restrict him with such attacks?

Crack, crack…

The next moment, Fang Heng heard a strange cracking sound coming from the stone altar.

What was it?

Fang Heng turned to look.

A dark red worm crawled out from the cracks of the altar’s stone platform.

It was about the size of a finger.



That was…

But before Fang Heng could investigate further…

“Chi! Chi chi chi!!!”

In the next moment, a sizzling sound suddenly erupted from the stone altar, and at the same time, a layer of extremely dense gas sprayed out!

Fang Heng realized that something was wrong and immediately held his breath.

However, the aura only needed to come into contact with the skin to take effect.

Fang Heng suddenly felt a sense of weakness.

[Hint: The player is affected by an unknown strength.]

[Hint: The player’s current attributes have been partially weakened. The player has entered a state of imprisonment: Duration: 240-210.72 (reduced by player’s basic attributes, reduced by unknown effects)=29.28 seconds.]

The binding effect was extremely strong!

Fang Heng was affected by the aura and could not move for a moment.

Even the undying body was unable to completely nullify the effects of magic.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

Worm-like creatures with strong bouncing abilities wriggled out from the cracks of the altar, landing on the ground and hopping toward Fang Heng!


After the worm landed on its body, it immediately revealed its sharp mouthpart!

The mouthpart pierced through Fang Heng’s skin, and the entire worm’s body hung on Fang Heng’s body!

Fang Heng was shocked.

What the hell is this?!

The next moment, a game notification appeared on his retina.

[Hint: The player has been affected by a special strength-Touch of Gluttony. During the duration of the effect, the player’s attributes will be continuously extracted by the Touch of Gluttony (The extracted attributes will slowly recover within 24 hours after the death of the Touch of Gluttony).]

Fang Heng frowned.

Could it continuously extract strength from the body from a distance?

It seemed that it had inherited the special strength of Gluttony.

Fang Heng could feel his strength slowly draining away. It was being sucked away by the worm!

“Hahaha! He fell for it!”

Seeing the Touch of Gluttony on Fang Heng, the players maintaining the seal became excited.


“Suck him dry!!”

Meng Si saw that Fang Heng was clearly affected by the Touch of Gluttony, yet he seemed to be about to retaliate. His heart skipped a beat, and he did not dare to be careless. He shouted, “Don’t let your guard down! Hurry up! Entangle him!”

Whoosh! Whoosh, whoosh!!!

Three red chains immediately wrapped around Fang Heng, binding his hands and feet tightly!

The trapped Fang Heng slowly closed his eyes.

More and more worms pounced on Fang Heng and hung on his body!

Meng Si and the others stared at Fang Heng, their eyes flashing with surprise.

What was going on?

The Touch of Gluttony was used for sacrifices and to protect the altar.

If a normal hell creature was infected by a worm, even if it was just one, it would be sucked dry in less than ten seconds and die. Why was this person in front of them not sucked dry after being stuck by so many worms?


The next moment, the 30-minute imprisonment was up. Fang Heng immediately recovered and opened his eyes.

“Bang! Bang Bang!!!”

The red chains around Fang Heng broke!

The players controlling the chains paled when they received the backlash. They abandoned the chains and forcibly controlled the seal.

Fang Heng glanced at Meng Si and the others outside the seal, then slowly raised his hand and tore off the worms that were attached to his body!


The worm’s sharp mouthpart bit down on the skin and penetrated deep into the muscles and tore apart a large piece of bloody skin!

Such a bloody scene made Meng Si and the others frown.


Fang Heng tore off the Touch of Gluttony that was stuck to his body one by one and threw it on the ground.


Suddenly, Fang Heng let out a soft gasp.

He looked down.

After being thrown to the ground by him, the worm body which was still stained with a large piece of flesh immediately twitched violently on the spot after leaving its body. Its body instantly expanded several times!

In the blink of an eye, it formed a giant worm creature that was more than two meters long!

The worm opened its huge mouth, revealing rings of sharp fangs in its mouth, and quickly pounced toward Fang Heng!

Meng Si shouted when he saw this, “Maintain the seal! Hold on tight! Control it!”

The special ability of the Touch of Gluttony!

The first stage was to attach itself to the enemy’s body and crazily absorb the enemy’s strength. Usually, this stage would be able to whip the enemy to death!

Of course, if they were lucky enough to survive the first stage, they would enter the second stage.

After the enemy got rid of the Touch of Gluttony, the Touch of Gluttony would devour the strength it had just absorbed to strengthen itself by a hundred times!

A Tier 2 giant monster!


The worm let out a roar and charged at Fang Heng.

Seeing this, Fang Heng turned his head and coldly glanced at the few players who were maintaining the seal on the protruding platform around the cave.

The moment they met Fang Heng’s gaze, Meng Si and the other players’ hearts skipped a beat.

What was he trying to do?!


Fang Heng did not even turn his head. He raised his hand at the giant worm that was charging at him.


Suddenly, the Tier 2 Touch of Gluttony that was charging at him exploded in midair!


It was a bloody mess!

“Bang Bang!! Bang Bang!!!”

Subsequently, the other mutated Touch of Gluttony also burst one after another in a few seconds!

All that was left was a pile of flesh and blood.

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