Global Survival: 100 Times Cultivation Speed From The Start

Chapter 1155 - 1155 Unexpected Harvest! Level 1 Elder Token!

1155 Unexpected Harvest! Level 1 Elder Token!

Demon Son Er Qi looked at Chu Feng with a gloomy expression.

Why did it feel like nothing could be hidden from this guy?!

What a difficult opponent…

Demon Son Er Qi could not help but sigh again.

On the other hand, Chu Feng was also shocked by the Demon Emperor’s heaven-defying methods.

How long had it been?

In just a short moment, Demon Son Er Qi had soared from the threshold of the Divine Lord realm to a mid-stage Divine Lord?

Moreover, it was an improvement without any side effects!

This was too terrifying.

Of course, Chu Feng believed that the Demon Emperor must have paid a considerable price. He might even have directly exhausted the wisp of his true spirit that had descended.

Otherwise, Demon Son Er Qi would not have the true spirit aura of the Demon Emperor.

Perhaps this was the importance of a good father?

Chu Feng pursed his lips.

There was really nothing he could do about such a second-generation heir!

You’re talented, have good opportunities, and have good strategies… but you can’t stop his father from being strong!

With a good father alone, he could overcome all difficulties.

Chu Feng spread his hands.

Chu Feng suddenly muttered fiercely.

“Just you wait!”

“When we return to Earth, I’ll kill you two together!”

At this moment, Demon Son Er Qi’s voice sounded majestically.

“However, the competition between us has just begun. I’ll wait for you in the Imperial Court Divine Continent…”

Then, Demon Son Er Qi left without any reluctance.

At that moment, he no longer cared what Chu Feng would say.

The changes today had impacted him too much.

After this disaster, Demon Son Er Qi seemed to have changed a lot. He was more stable, reserved, and low-profile.

It could be seen from silently hiding and assassinating Elder Kong of the Demon Spirit Race.

In order to not let these Demon Spirit Race elders ruin his plans after returning, Demon Son Er Qi killed them without mercy even if they were his former comrades!

After achieving his goal, he would definitely not pester Chu Feng and instantly escape without a trace. He would not give Chu Feng any chance to chase after him!

Beside Chu Feng, Yu pursed his lips and looked at him.

“Hey, did your plan fail?”

“He was already killed. Now that he’s dead, there’s no evidence. Wouldn’t the Demon Spirit Race be fooled by Demon Son Er Qi again?”

“What are you going to do?”

Chu Feng shrugged.

“What else can I do? I can’t revive the dead. However, I recorded the scene just now.”

Yu rolled his eyes.

“What’s the use of that? At our level, is it very difficult to fake the video? Then Demon Son Er Qi can completely retreat and deny it. What can you do?”

Chu Feng said casually.

“It doesn’t matter. I just need to plant a seed of suspicion. Do you think the Demon Spirit Race will, or dare to, help Demon Son Er Qi wholeheartedly?”

At this point, Chu Feng suddenly paused. He raised his eyebrows and stood rooted to the ground in surprise.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Were you ambushed by Demon Son Er Qi?”

Yu looked at Chu Feng, who had suddenly stopped moving, in confusion.

Chu Feng could not be bothered with Yu. However, a hint of joy suddenly appeared in his eyes and he said something inexplicable.

“It seems like you really hate him deeply. Even in death, you don’t want him to have an easy time…”

“What’s that?”

Yu could not help but push Chu Feng.

“Damn? Don’t tell me you were possessed by Demon Son Er Qi? Do you need me to put righteousness before family and give you a quick death?!”

Before Yu could finish speaking, Chu Feng kicked him out.

“Get lost. I’m fine.”

“Then what did you just do?”

Yu didn’t mind and flew back to ask curiously.

“Look at your happy face. What’s the good news?”

Chu Feng did not say much. He only waved his hand.

On his palm, an ancient dark golden token appeared out of thin air. There was a huge word “Demon” on it.

At this moment, Xun Feng said in surprise.

“This is… the Demon Spirit Clan’s Level 1 Elder Token?! Only a few top-notch elders with high prestige in the clan are qualified to hold it!”

“This token has been passed down for countless years in the Demon Spirit Clan. It has even evolved into the supreme token of the Demon Spirit Clan! It has great authority in the Demon Spirit Clan!”

“No one dares to disobey the order of whoever holds this token!”

“However, it’s said that this token is connected to the elder. If the elder dies, the token will automatically be damaged. Our Human Spirit Race and the Demon Spirit Race have fought for so many years, but we have never obtained a single one!”

“Chu Feng… where did you get it?”

Looking at the puzzled gazes of the surrounding crowd, Chu Feng did not hide anything and said directly, “Elder Kong gave it to me just now.”


“How is that possible?!”

“Stop talking nonsense!”

Everyone exclaimed.

Yu mocked.

“He’s dead. Did he offer it to you in his dreams?”

Chu Feng glanced at Yu with a faint smile, scaring him so much that he shivered and hurriedly fell silent.

At that moment, Chu Feng continued.

“It’s really a gift from Elder Kong.”

“Although he was killed by Demon Son Er Qi just now, this token seems to be a divine item. A trace of Elder Kong’s true spirit was hidden inside and he dodged Demon Son Er Qi’s detection, allowing him to survive.”

“However, his true spirit was imprisoned in the token and he can’t absorb energy. Not to mention escaping from the Starting Ground by himself, I’m afraid it will completely dissipate before long.”

“Elder Kong was unwilling to accept this!”

“He still wanted to take revenge on Demon Son Er Qi and return to his race to warn his clansmen. He can’t die now! Therefore, he thought of a way to come to me and ask me to help him…”

As Chu Feng spoke, he felt that it was a little magical.

His enemy had cried and shouted for him to save his life.

The world has changed!

Xun Feng was puzzled.

“That shouldn’t be the case… Why does Elder Kong have such a supreme token?”

“With his strength, he can’t even be ranked in the top five of the Demon Spirit Race. He shouldn’t be able to have it, right?”

Chu Feng shrugged his shoulders.

“Then who knows?”

“Maybe he has a good father too?”

“Why do you care?”

Hearing this, Yu could not help but be interested and hurriedly asked.


“Then why didn’t I hear Elder Kong’s voice?”

At that moment, Chu Feng smiled awkwardly.

“I crushed him to death.”

Everyone was speechless.


Chu Feng corrected himself.

“Oh… To be precise, the consciousness in the True Spirit was killed by me. The True Spirit’s shell is still there. This is a delicate job. I almost messed it up.”

Yu asked in confusion, “You… Didn’t you want this guy to go back and split the Demon Spirit Race? Now that this guy has taken the initiative to come knocking on your door, why did you kill him again?”

If his consciousness dissipated, what was the difference between that and death?

Then how could he go back and accuse Demon Son Er Qi?

No one could understand Chu Feng’s train of thought.

Chu Feng said very naturally.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“I didn’t know that this guy had this token previously. I had no choice but to put him back.”

“But now that the token is in our hands… What use does he have?”

“Why should we release a great enemy?”

“With this token that symbolizes the supreme power of the Demon Spirit Race and the projection just now, doesn’t that mean that the Demon Spirit Race has to believe whatever we say?”

After a pause, Chu Feng continued, “And these are actually secondary!”

“If there’s a need, I can disguise myself and go to the Demon Spirit Race to cause trouble!”

“If Demon Son Er Qi can swindle others, why can’t we do the same?”

“Looks like these Demon Spirit Race people are quite easy to fool.”

“In any case, we have Elder Kong’s True Spirit aura…”

Currently, Chu Feng was like a sinister and cunning hunter secretly plotting against his prey.

The experts of the Human Spirit Race could not help but shiver.

Fortunately, this guy was a human and one of them!!

Otherwise, the Human Spirit Race would not be able to withstand such sinister thoughts…

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