Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 21 - Sticky Slime

Chapter 21: Sticky Slime

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20 small Slime instantaneously turned into a large white spider web encirclement.

All of a sudden, the whole Demonized Spider King was covered up.

For a time, countless poison was constantly eroding its body, and even the internal organs.

The Demonized Spider King was poisoned.

At this moment, it began to fear.

Its eight eyes suddenly shrank. Due to its severe paralysis, it could not move at this moment. It could not even use its spiritual power, not to mention struggle!

With the ability of the [Spider Web Binding], the Slime’s adhesion and tenacity allowed the Demonized Spider King to struggle more and more.

Moreover, the poisonous liquid also became deeper and deeper as it struggled.

It even went deep into all the nerves!


Ye Feng willed and an incomparably huge spider web force completely covered the Demonized Spider King’s body.

No matter how hard the outer shell of the Demonized Spider King’s body was, the moment the [Spider Web Binding] contracted, it shattered with a loud bang!

Under the terrified gaze of the Demonized Spider King,?Ye Feng released his spiritual power once again.

The strands of silk-like white spider silk smoothly passed through the Demonized Spider King’s body as if they were passing through cheese.

Then, a huge collapsing force was released.

All of it was released on the Demonized Spider King’s body.



A bloody mist suddenly spread out in the air.

An incomparably huge corpse fiercely smashed onto the ground and fell in front of the ground.

“We have a winner.”

Ye Feng said no more nonsense.

He released the Slimes directly and devoured it.

[Ding! You have killed the Demonized Spider King. [Mimicry] sequence gained experience!]

[Your ability [Spider Web Binding] evolved into [Web Transformation]!]

[Your subsidiary bodies gain characteristic [Sticky Slime]!]

When the system’s ascension sound, Ye Feng immediately received a new round of ascension.

And this upgrade made Ye Feng feel particularly novel.

“Is this sticky characteristic any different from before?” Ye Feng was somewhat puzzled. He released the little Slimes that had added a new characteristic and planned to take a closer look.

In the next moment, a jumping little Slime appeared in front of Ye Feng.

The difference was that after adding the sticky characteristic, the little Slime obviously had a lot more mucus.

In addition to relying on this property, Ye Feng even found that these small Slimes could now produce a lot more mucus.

[Ding, the host previously had a pure mucus spider web, and by upgrading, the web has become more versatile than just mucus.]

[It can also be released through filamentous and reticular forms.]

[By improving the [Mimicry] sequence ability, you can also obtain more morphing effects.]

At this moment, the system also came out to explain.

Ye Feng nodded. “So that’s how it is!”

Since he could actually change the form multiple times, he might as well give it a try!

With this thought, Ye Feng waved his right hand, and a thin thread shot out.


Right in front of him, an old tree with a crooked neck that was half a meter thick was actually directly penetrated!

“It actually has such explosive power?!”

Ye Feng was pleasantly surprised, but he also knew his terrifying explosive power.

In addition to this kind of spider web attack that was comparable to hidden weapons, it basically had a hit rate of 100%.

This time, Ye Feng had a new skill to deal with the enemy.

Putting away the silk-like spider silk, Ye Feng immediately released the web-like spider silk.

In the next moment, a large spider web appeared out of thin air, like a fishing net, and wrapped around one of the things.

It was extremely constrictive!

It could almost shrink instantaneously.

It could not give the other party a chance to react at all.

Then, it could greatly restrict the other party’s movements. The spider web also had the characteristics of poison, possessing multiple effects such as tenacity, retardation, poison, and so on.

And as Ye Feng improved, these abilities also increased.

“This is simply too good!”

“I can feel that the release of this web is much better than the one used to bind the Demonized Spider King.”

Seeing this, Ye Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.

If he were to compare the time when he laid the web to bind the Demonized Spider King to manual operation, he would construct the spider silk one by one and then form a web.

Now that he had the web-like skill, it was equivalent to automation.

Ye Feng only needed to activate his spirit energy and he could follow his senses to release a spider web.

This also greatly reduced the time needed to lay the web!

After the Slime subsidiary bodies increased the stickiness, Ye Feng became more familiar with the usage of the spider web.

What made Ye Feng even more surprised was that under the effect of the sticky attribute, he was actually able to materialize the mucus!

“I can even… make the mucus into a weapon…” As he spoke, a long javelin appeared in Ye Feng’s hand.

The structure of this javelin was also very simple. The long body of the javelin had a sharp spear on its head.

Because it was formed from mucus, it looked light blue in color.

Most importantly, even a javelin made from mucus was as hard as an iron product!

“If that’s the case, this ability is simply too awesome.”

“Under the condition that I have enough spirit energy, I can even mass-produce defensive equipment for the little Slimes to increase its defensive ability.”

“But it’s obviously impossible now.”

Ye Feng felt some spirit energy in his body. Just transforming into a weapon had already consumed a lot of spirit energy.

If it was a large-scale transformation, it was not impossible, but at least for now, it could not be achieved but it was enough to arm himself!

Putting down the javelin, Ye Feng circulated his spirit energy and transformed into a light blue shield.

Ye Feng was very satisfied.

This was a very good skill.

At least from now on, his Slime had changed from passive defense to active attack.

Then, Ye Feng released his perception and scanned the surroundings.

After finding no other threats, he kept the few spider legs that the Demonized Spider King dropped into his bag.

The Demonized Spider King’s spider legs were also good medicinal ingredients and could refine a good antidote.

At the end of the training competition, Ye Feng could refine the antidote and earn some money. He could even subsidize his household expenses.

After everything was settled, only then did Ye Feng leave this place with satisfaction and walk towards the distant tree.

Because there was a path through this tree, only then would Ye Feng be able to reach the top of the Demonized Spider King’s web.

Looking at the countless cicada chrysalis-like items that were falling down, Ye Feng could no longer contain the joy in his heart.

There was a large wave of victory fruits waiting for him to reap!

Without the spider’s obstruction, Ye Feng also smoothly entered the Demonized Spider King’s nest.

Looking at the dazzling array of cicada pupae, Ye Feng was once again shocked. “I didn’t expect there to be so many cicada pupae here!”

Due to the miasma’s confusion, Ye Feng looked up from below and could only see a small portion of the cicada pupae. Only when he walked up and looked closely did he realize that there were actually so many cicada pupae here!

“The Demonized Spider King probably wanted to use these cicada pupae as bait and hang them on the web to lure the enemy in deeper.”

“It’s also possible that this Demonized Spider King placed these cicada pupae here just to show off!”

“No matter what, in the end, it still benefited me!”

Thinking like this, Ye Feng did not stand on ceremony. He released his perception and the entire nest was quickly discovered by Ye Feng.

‘There are actually dozens of cicada pupae!’ Ye Feng thought to himself. He was secretly delighted. He had struck it rich this time!

The little Slimes were all released.

Another wave of crazy devouring started.

[Devouring… Strength +1!]

[Devouring… Spirit +1!]

[Devouring… Spirit +1!]

[Devouring… Spirit +1!]


“Not bad!” Ye Feng quickly devoured all the cicada pupae in the spider web.

He thought that after devouring everything, Ye Feng was about to leave, but his perception suddenly told him that there was another cicada pupae at the end of the spider web.

Moreover, this cicada pupae was very strange.

Ye Feng couldn’t tell exactly how strange it was, but he naturally wouldn’t let go of such food.

“It’s actually a corpse…” Ye Feng came in front of the human-shaped cicada pupa and squatted down to take a closer look.

“It’s also a symbiote.”

The extremely weak aura emitted by the cicada pupa told him that what was inside was the same as him, a symbiote.

However, the person inside had been dead for a long time.

When Ye Feng opened the cicada pupa, there was only a dried corpse inside.

It might not look like much on the outside, but Ye Feng could clearly feel that weak aura. This symbiote should also be a newcomer who had participated in the training competition earlier.

However, this powerful spiritual power made Ye Feng feel very puzzled.

According to the deduction, after dying for so long, he could still emit such spiritual power. When he was alive, he was at least an E grade existence.

He did not expect to die here.

While Ye Feng felt regretful, he also released his Slime and devoured it.

In the next second, Ye Feng immediately felt a different feeling.

The impact of the fusion of spiritual power made Ye Feng feel a little dispirited, but this feeling quickly disappeared.

Following that, an extremely overbearing aura enveloped Ye Feng.

[Ding! Congratulations, Host, you have obtained the [Leader’s Oppression] skill!]

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