Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 23 - Expedition, Crusade!

Chapter 23: Expedition, Crusade!

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The Ant Queen then acquiesced to the leader’s request.

The Ant Queen trusted the leader very much. As an elder of the founding dynasty, the leader had done no less than Ye Feng.

Seeing that the leader wanted to help Ye Feng, the Ant Queen naturally allowed it.

Everything was done.

Then, Ye Feng left the Ant Queen’s nest.

He began to gather the army.

“Is that our newly promoted general up there?!”

“Yeah, haven’t you heard? He can destroy the Demonized Spider King alone. He’s too powerful!”

“He’s definitely the strongest existence in the new generation of our ant tribe!”

“He’s more than powerful?! This guy is simply a god. I even suspect that he’s not from the ant tribe at all!”


Ye Feng stood on the mound and looked at the thousands of Soldier Ants below. As he listened to all kinds of discussions, he felt a sense of pride.

For the crusade against the Giant Saber Mantis, the Ant Queen made Ye Feng the highest-level commander of this operation.

The thousands of Soldier Ants below were the most elite existences in the entire tribe.

This was enough to see that the Ant Queen valued Ye Feng very much. She even gave all her elites to this hero who had risen overnight.

Soon, Ye Feng controlled the army and set off in one direction.

With Ye Feng’s perception and the 10 small Slimes that were spread out to explore, Ye Feng quickly located the location of the Giant Saber Mantis.

Because it was at a disadvantage in a battle, one of the mantis’ blades broke. At this time, the Giant Saber Mantis hid its aura completely and hid on a tree.

Due to the camouflage color on its body, it was almost impossible for an ordinary person to notice it.

However, Ye Feng was different.

In his eyes, the aura emitted by the Giant Saber Mantis was very obvious.

After confirming that there were no humans around, only then did Ye Feng move with ease.

‘You want to hide? Unfortunately, you don’t have the chance,’ Ye Feng thought to himself. The mighty army had already arrived under the tree where the Giant Saber Mantis was hiding.

“Formation! The target is on the tree! Prepare to attack!”

Ye Feng did not need to issue specific orders one by one.

Soldier Ants were the fighting machines of ant colonies. There was already a very strict system of division.

As the commander-in-chief, Ye Feng only needed to issue a general battle order. The specific orders were detailed, and there were countless leaders of different sizes to carry out the division of orders.

Finally, it was detailed to every Soldier Ant.

Seeing such a tight-fitting battle machine, Ye Feng was also stunned.

One-third of the Soldier Ants took the lead. Under the tree, they were already waiting for Ye Feng’s order. They would charge forward.

The remaining group of Soldier Ants was the second vanguard. After the first vanguard charged forward, the second vanguard would carry out battle support and rescue.

And a portion of them began to probe the surrounding situation to ensure a flawless battle environment.

Not long after, thousands of Army Ants surrounded this tree. Even the area that stretched out for several kilometers was within the battle range of Ye Feng’s army.

Around Ye Feng were more than a dozen ant tribe experts.

They were all sent by the leader to monitor Ye Feng.

Ye Feng was very calm. His current target was the Giant Saber Mantis, not these small fries.

Before Ye Feng could take action, the Giant Saber Mantis seemed to have also noticed Ye Feng and the others.

It directly took the initiative to strike first, and its huge body responded with a sound.


Its speed was also extremely fast, and it directly shot down.

The moment the huge spirit energy landed on the ground, it was like a huge bomb, and with a boom, it instantly exploded.

Such a huge commotion stirred up layers of thick smoke.

The huge impact force even directly killed the ten Soldier Ants closest to it.

Although the Giant Saber Mantis had already lost one of its mantis blades, it was still very powerful.

Amidst the smoke and dust, an incomparably sharp mantis blade began to swing.

Its speed was extremely fast. Even the scene Ye Feng saw was only an afterimage, not to mention the ants.

They couldn’t react at all!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the Soldier Ants realized that something was wrong, they quickly returned to defend.

Thousands of Soldier Ants quickly gathered and surrounded the Giant Saber Mantis.

But the Giant Saber Mantis was even faster.

The dust settled.

There were already dozens of ant corpses lying on the ground.

Facing such a powerful opponent, the ants were helpless.

From the beginning of the active battle, it became a passive defense.

Moreover, the defense was far less powerful than the Giant Saber Mantis’ attack.

Just by raising the mantis blade, a few ants were cut in half.

As the mantis blade fell, the heads of more than ten ants disappeared.

This speed made Ye Feng secretly surprised.

“So powerful!”

As expected of the Giant Saber Mantis, its level was F+. It was a powerful creature that deserved to be in this area.

“Should we retreat a little?”

Ye Feng looked at the army that suffered heavy losses and said to his subordinate beside him.

Although the death and injury of the ants didn’t affect him much, he had been mimicking ants for a while now. They were like his family and friends.

He could not bear to die in vain.


When the leader’s trusted aide heard Ye Feng’s thoughts, he immediately rejected.

“Our great general has instructed me to ensure that you complete this battle. No matter the cost, we must take down this Giant Saber Mantis.”

“Because the flesh of the Giant Saber Mantis is a rare delicacy for the Queen!”

Ye Feng sneered, “Since that’s the case, why don’t you go?”

This sentence made his trusted aides speechless.

In terms of cultivation level, not to mention how strong these trusted aides were, Ye Feng could easily kill them.

These trusted aides naturally knew, so they did not dare to say anything.

They just quietly followed behind Ye Feng.

Ye Feng saw that he could not ask anything, so he urged his spiritual energy and directly released [Ultimate Possession].

He controlled the closest trusted aide of the leader.

The ant rolled its eyes and began to tremble.

In the next moment, all the memory information was obtained by Ye Feng.

The reason why the leader asked Ye Feng to attack at all costs was to create an opportunity for him.

While Ye Feng was fighting with the Giant Saber Mantis in front of him, the leader’s army was gathering in the ant nest!

He joined forces with the other great generals and mobilized all the Soldier Ants to surround the ant nest.

His goal was to kill the Ant Queen.

Then he would be crowned King!

Ye Feng sent out nearly five thousand Soldier Ants, and the remaining ten thousand soldier ants were all under the leader’s control.

In the entire ant colony, the number of Soldier Ants was only fifteen thousand.

Even if the Ant Queen wanted to resist, she would be powerless.

As long as he occupied the nest, killed the Ant Queen, and completed the coup, even if Ye Feng won or lost on the battlefield, as long as he returned, he would definitely die!

If he lost, he would die on the battlefield.

If he won, he would return and die in the leader’s trap.

“Good fellow! So that’s how it is!!” When Ye Feng learned of the leader’s plan, he immediately frowned.

He did not expect that even within the ants, there would be such scheming and plotting.

This was also good.

Ye Feng planned to play along so he had a reason to destroy them all.

At that time, all the resources in the ant nest would be enough to directly raise his cultivation level again!

Thinking of this, Ye Feng also laid his cards on the table.

The pressure on his body was suddenly released, and the surrounding trusted aides of the leader were suddenly frightened by this incomparably powerful spiritual power pressure.

Ye Feng looked at the Giant Saber Mantis and said softly, “Since the ending is like this, then let’s not act anymore. Bring it on!”

The Giant Saber Mantis seemed to have also felt that Ye Feng’s strength seemed to be much stronger than these ants!

Thus, the Giant Saber Mantis no longer paid attention to the surrounding ants.

It faced Ye Feng and made a battle stance.

Although one of the mantis blades was gone, Ye Feng still felt that the sharp killing intent of the Giant Saber Mantis seemed to be about to land on his neck at any moment.

Suddenly, the Giant Saber Mantis flapped its wings and brought along its incomparably huge mantis blade as it charged over swiftly.

“I was waiting for you!”

Seeing that the Giant Saber Mantis had taken the initiative to strike, Ye Feng’s figure moved and the spiritual energy in his body was instantly released.

The sharp mantis blade sliced through the air. Ye Feng was also fast, or else his head would have been removed!

Suddenly, more than ten little Slimes appeared beside the Giant Saber Mantis.

‘Spider Web Binding!’

When Ye Feng landed, with a thought, the little Slime instantly turned into a web-like spider web.

Due to the impact force being too strong, even if the Giant Saber Mantis saw that the front was a spider web waiting to be released, it was unable to change the landing point.

It just happened to rush into Ye Feng’s spider web.


Ye Feng’s thoughts moved slightly, and the spider web instantly closed up.


The Giant Saber Mantis’ huge body was instantly crushed by the overbearing pressure.

It instantly exploded and died!

After swallowing it, a system notification appeared.

[Ding, you have killed the Giant Saber Mantis and obtained the [Sharp Blade] skill.]

[Ding! Congratulations, Host! Your subsidiary bodies have gained the [Sharp Slimes] special attribute.]

[Ding! Evolution progress bar increased by 4.9%!]


The [Sharp Blade] skill could greatly increase one’s attack power!

‘At least I have my own combat ability now. I’ve gained quite a lot this time.’ Ye Feng felt that he had not lost anything in this expedition!

However, when Ye Feng saw the evolution progress bar, his head was full of black lines. “I’m actually still a little short…”

However, when he returned to the nest and dealt with the leader’s wave of rebels, it would be enough!

Only 0.1% of his evolution points were missing.

He could reach it with just a random wave of plunder.

After successfully killing the Giant Saber Mantis, Ye Feng returned to the army and looked at the few trembling trusted aides of the leader.

Ye Feng directly released the Slimes and devoured them.

He then gathered the army.

The [Leader’s Oppression] skill was instantly released by Ye Feng.

An invisible pressure enveloped the army, and a sense of subservience rose from the hearts of these thousands of Soldier Ants.

“I just received a message that there is already a rebel army within our tribe that is staging a coup!”

“And the people I just killed are the trusted aides of the rebel army!”

“Everyone, follow me and protect?our homeland for the final attack!”

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