Global Symbiotes: My Symbiote Is A Slime

Chapter 50 - The Academy’s Trading Hall. Ye Feng Was Sweeping the Goods

Chapter 50: The Academy’s Trading Hall. Ye Feng Was Sweeping the Goods

Ye Feng naturally did not turn his head and directly left this place.

To him, this place was just a piece of cake. Moreover, there were too many ears and eyes obstructing him here, so it was not very suitable for him to concentrate on cultivating.

In addition, he had just finished cultivating a little more, so he had a further understanding of his own strength.

He had walked the path of a Magister.

This was the core power of his origin symbiote. Although he had previously exposed his symbiotic body’s power, that was only in the early stages. Now, he had evolved into a deeper power system.

In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, his strength naturally could not be exposed too quickly.

If his strength was known by others, then it would be even more disadvantageous to him.

Most importantly, such a stunning almighty had appeared a hundred years ago.

Whether it was cultivation time, all kinds of good fortune, or all kinds of advancement, they were all very smooth, and the speed was a lot faster than the same realm.

It was this kind of genius almighty that when everyone thought that he could smoothly advance to the A grade realm and become the world’s attention-grabbing almighty Transcendent.

A disaster happened.

That B+ grade genius actually died mysteriously in his own home!

One had to know that he was a B+ grade expert!

He actually died so easily!

Needless to say, Ye Feng naturally knew that this was caused by the envy of the forces in the dark, causing him to directly die!

This accident had already happened a hundred years ago, but all the way to the world that Ye Feng was currently in, all sorts of versions were still being spread everywhere.

No matter how ridiculous the situation was, this incident had truly happened!

This was also the most terrifying thing.

Ye Feng shook his head. “After this, no matter what, I have to try my best to hide my strength.”

“Of course, it’s only to hide the true strength of the symbiotic body. As for what is exposed to the outside world, that can only be the strength of the physical body.”

Ye Feng walked out and obtained 200,000 yuan. This sum was already quite a lot.

Holding the money in his hands naturally had no value.

Ye Feng planned to spend it.

“I heard that other than Cloud Mist Academy’s online shopping mall, there is also a particularly famous flea market.”

Ye Feng took out his phone, searched the map, and walked in a certain direction.

This school was really too big.

Moreover, his perception coverage was also limited. In this school full of experts, Ye Feng did not dare to release his perception so brazenly.

After all, his perception ability was not so strong that no one could sense it.

If he was discovered and mistakenly thought that an external force was spying on them with ill intentions, then he would not be able to explain himself.

Thinking up to this point, Ye Feng still obediently took out his phone and looked at the map.

After entering Cloud Mist Academy, it was naturally linked to the signal here and was also connected to all the networks here. Everything related to the Academy’s infrastructure, as well as the routes, all sorts of cloud platforms, and the integration of big data… were all loaded into his phone in an instant.

Therefore, Ye Feng was also able to quickly find a certain building or a certain facility within the school. This greatly benefited the students who lived in such a vast school.

After walking for an unknown amount of time, Ye Feng finally arrived at a relatively dark place.

This was a relatively retro building.

The entire building was decorated in ancient China style. There were stone lions on each side of the entrance.

“This is the academy’s Trading Hall, right?”

Ye Feng looked at his phone and confirmed the entire place.

Inside the huge entrance, he saw all kinds of shops and most of the roadside stalls.

This place was separated from the teaching area and the cultivation area, forming a rare and beautiful scenery.

However, there were quite a few people here.

Ye Feng glanced at the things inside. There was almost everything.

However, there was almost nothing particularly good here.

It was more like some relatively rare cultivation pills or medicines that could stabilize one’s origin.

Of course, there were also things like Spirit Energy Fruits. However, the price was high, and not many people could afford them.

There were obviously more supplementary ones.

But there was no harm. After all, the current Ye Feng could only purchase goods here.

As for the Academy’s points store…

That was not something that Ye Feng could trade.

After all, he was still not considered a new student. At the very most, he could only be considered a quasi-new student.

A quasi-new student did not have any points, so all quasi-new students had given up on the idea of purchasing items in the points store.

Moreover, even the students of Cloud Mist Academy did not have the qualifications to purchase items from the points store.

After all, points were not something that could be found on the streets. Every point was obtained with great difficulty and was extremely challenging.

Hence, the Trading Hall of the Academy took on more of the trading platforms of Cloud Mist Academy offline.

Moreover, the Trading Hall of the Academy…

Was also the only place where one could use money to trade.

It could also be understood in this way. The entire Trading Hall was actually more prepared for prospective freshmen like Ye Feng.

This was because after the start of the semester, every student would receive credits, which were also known as points.

Cloud Mist Academy was more of a points shopping system.

This was because the things inside the points mall were simply thousands of times better than here!

Ye Feng walked in and strolled around.

When he arrived at a place, Ye Feng was attracted by the items on it.

“There’s actually a Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture here?”

“And the price is only 20,000?”

Ye Feng was shocked. One had to know that this Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture cost his family almost 200,000. They had to use all sorts of connections to buy it.

But here, it was only 20,000?

Thinking of this, Ye Feng had a myriad of thoughts.

“As expected, the school background is big. Even this elementary Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture is so cheap.”

“Although this agent is only suitable for people who have just fused with the symbiotic body, it is also a very good sedative.”

“Since it is so cheap, I might as well buy them using all of this 200,000 yuan.”

The reason why Ye Feng said this was because he realized that every time he evolved, there would be a small surge in the symbiote.

In fact, Ye Feng could completely ignore this surge, but the higher the level, the more obvious this surge would become.

According to Ye Feng’s judgment, this was an opportunity for him to advance greatly.

Every time the symbiote resonated, it seemed as if it was about to break through something. This could also indicate that there seemed to be a force in Ye Feng’s body that was about to break through the limit.

Ye Feng’s current level had reached D+. He was just short of finding an opportunity to enter C grade.

Moreover, this Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture could bring more stabilizing effects when he cultivated.

Thinking of this, Ye Feng directly bought a total of 10 bottles of the Strengthening and Stabilizing Mixture.

A box full of medicine.

If it was before, Ye Feng wouldn’t even dare to think about it.

But now, it was different.

This money of his was given away for free, so he wouldn’t feel bad even if he spent it.

“I’m done buying things. I’ll go back and cultivate. I’ll see if I can break through again before the test.”

Ye Feng thought, opened the phone to look at the navigation.

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