Global Towers: Starting With The SSS-Rank Talent, God-Tier Extraction

Chapter 1131 - Chapter 1131: The Weakest One Is Embarrassed

Chapter 1131: The Weakest One Is Embarrassed

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Liu Yan saw that the experts of Team Origin were filled with fighting spirit and couldn’t help but feel gratified.

In the previous battle with Lakon Territory, although Team Origin had gained a lot, it was mainly Liu Yan who had performed well.

As for the other experts of Team Origin, there was a huge gap between them and the experts of Lakon Territory.

Originally, Liu Yan thought that such a huge gap would be a blow to them.

But now, it seemed that not only did it not affect them, it even motivated them. This made the experts of Team Origin look forward to the territory battles even more, and they were even more eager to grow.

Wei Feng seemed to have seen through Liu Yan’s thoughts. He smiled faintly and said, “Captain, this bit of failure is not enough to strike us. Although there is a huge gap between us and the experts of Lakon Territory, to put it bluntly, isn’t it because they have been training on the sixth level of the tower for a few more years than us? Give us some time, and we can catch up to them!”

“That’s right!”

“Yes!” Lu Dajiang could not help but nod. “In terms of the starting point, our starting point is much higher than theirs! ”

Liu Qingrou smiled and said, “That’s true. Especially the captain and these rookies. Their potential is very high. Their future is limitless!”

“Hmph!” Ning Shanshan snorted. “I’ll beat Lei Tianming and the others to death sooner or later. Let them be arrogant!”

Murong Xue was also full of confidence. “Tsk, they’re just so-so. They’ve been training for a few more years than us, but they’re not improving. It won’t be long before we surpass them!”

“This day will come.”

“Give the order, Captain.” Huang Yuan smiled.

Liu Yan observed the experts and realized that he didn’t require much to boost their confidence. He nodded slightly. “Alright, since everyone is ready, let’s continue with the territory battle!”

When Huang Yuan heard this, he took out the Territory Battle Token that he had prepared.

The rest of Team Origin’s experts looked at each other and nodded to indicate that they were ready.

Seeing this, Liu Yan no longer hesitated. He picked up the battle token in

Huang Yuan’s hand and crushed it.

In the next moment, the Will of Tower’s announcement sounded in the ears of all the members of the Origin Territory.

“The Origin Territory has launched a random territory battle. The ten members have been confirmed. This territory battle has officially begun…”

A milky-white light enveloped Liu Yan’s group of ten. A teleportation array slowly appeared, directly teleporting Liu Yan’s group of ten away from the scene.

In an independent battle space, a teleportation array appeared, and Liu Yan and the others were teleported here.

In the distance across the barrier, the ten people who had been randomly selected from the opponent’s territory had also appeared.

With the barrier isolating them, Liu Yan and the others could not rely on their perception skills to sense the specific situation on the other side. They could only use their naked eyes to observe.

The ten beings that appeared in the distance couldn’t be said to be humans but ten lions.

In the previous battles in the Origin Territory, the opponents were half-beast people, elf clan, and Lakonians.

Although their races were different, they were all humanoid creatures and relatively similar to humans.

But this time, it was a completely different species, they were ten lions.

“Lion? There’s such a race.” Ye Yifan expressed his surprise.

Murong Xue pursed her lips, saying, “A lion can participate in a territory battle? Isn’t that a bit unexpected?”

Luo Wei and the others were also puzzled. Having advanced from the fifth floor or even lower with Liu Yan, they were all rookies and didn’t comprehend the diverse races on the sixth level of the tower.

On the other hand, Lu Dajiang and his group, who had been training in the Wind Barrier on the sixth level for two and a half years, had some understanding of the various races.

Lu Dajiang smiled and explained, “It’s the Lion Clan. Looks like we’ll have a good time fighting this time.”

“What do you mean?” Liu Yan was somewhat puzzled.

Wei Feng elaborated with a smile, “We don’t have any dealings with the Lion Clan. We’ve never seen them before, but we know a bit. The Lion Clan is generally good at close combat, not excelling in long-range attacks like archery and spells. In terms of strength, they’re not as formidable as the original Lighthouse Territory. Among the many territories in the Wind Barrier on the sixth level of the tower, the Lion Clan is only ranked around 6,000 to

7,000. Their strength is quite average.”

Upon hearing this, Liu Yan immediately grasped the situation.

The strength of the Lion Clan was relatively ordinary, surpassing only the newcomer’s territory. Among the many old territories, it was considered in the lower ranks, displaying a very average strength.

In terms of strength, the Lion Clan was naturally not a match for Liu Yan and the others.

After all, Liu Yan and his team had easily defeated the Elf Clan Territory, ranked around 3,000. They had even engaged in back-and-forths with the Lakon Territory, positioned around 1,000.

Now, facing the Lion Clan Territory, ranked around 6,000 to 7,000, victory for Liu Yan and his team was practically assured.

Moreover, the Lion Clan excelled only in close combat, having limited combat methods. This played to the advantage of the Origin Territory.

Liu Yan and his team would have an easier time dealing with the Lion Clan, presenting no significant challenge.

Because of this, Lu Dajiang commented that this battle would be very satisfying. They were certain of victory, fully aware of the opponent’s fighting style, and had complete initiative. How could it not be a relaxed and satisfying battle?

Liu Yan nodded slightly and remarked, “Although the strength may be average, the rewards after winning might be modest. However, it’s an excellent opportunity for training. Allen Smith, Ye Yifan, Murong Xue, and Luo Wei, you all can gain valuable battle experience.”

Alan Smith nodded without saying much, but the intense fighting spirit in his eyes was evident.

Murong Xue, rubbing her fists, declared, “The Lion Clan excels in close combat, right? Well, then I want to see just how strong their melee combat is!”

Ye Yifan and Luo Wei exchanged glances, both looking forward to the challenge.

Lu Dajiang nodded with a smile and suggested, “Let the rookies go first to gain more experience. If they can’t handle it, Lu Dajiang and Huang Yuan will step in. Captain, I don’t think you’ll get a chance to go on stage.”

Wei Feng nodded in agreement and added, “Be cautious, everyone. Even though it’s a relatively easy battle, and the Lion Clan isn’t overwhelmingly strong, they are not weak either. Treat it seriously.”

“Agreed,” Liu Qingrou chimed in.

Shortly after, Liu Yan and the others finalized the order of the fight.

Naturally, Luo Wei and the other rookies would be the first to go up. If they encountered difficulties, Lu Dajiang and Huang Yuan would take over. There wouldn’t be a chance for Liu Yan to participate. Ye Yifan couldn’t help but ask, “So, what’s the order for the four of us?”

“Of course, the weaker one goes first, ” Liu Yan replied.

The others nodded in agreement.

Unconsciously, everyone’s gaze turned to Ye Yifan.

Facing the collective gaze, Ye Yifan couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed.

“Am I the weakest?”

“Isn’t that obvious?” Ning Shanshan laughed disdainfully..

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