Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 3750 - Chapter 3750: Adventure (1)

Chapter 3750: Adventure (1)

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The two junior Spiritual Overlords on either side of the checkpoint turned to look at the girl in the red cape.

“Miss Caixia.” The Spiritual Overlord on the left nodded at her.

Although he didn’t get up, it was enough to show his respect.

Caixia had no intention of dismounting. She glanced at the Spiritual Overlord and asked casually, “You still haven’t found her?”

“Not yet.” The junior Spiritual Overlord shook his head.

“Useless!” Holding her whip, Caixia glared at the junior Spiritual Overlord. “Keep your eyes open. If you let that person go to the Northern Yan Kingdom, you’ll know what the princess will do to you!”

After that, she rode off without looking at the others.

She was here to warn these people.

It was indeed very effective. Everyone held their breaths when she arrived, but after she left, they didn’t even dare to breathe loudly either.

Feng Wu thought to herself,

“It seems that Princess Rao wants to stop me from entering the Northern Yan

Kingdom and going to the capital. But why? What’s her purpose?”

Would her appearance affect the princess’s interests in some way?

Or had Master Linghu known all along and sent her to the Northern Yan Palace on purpose?

Feng Wu was a little confused.

However, she knew the time and place, so she decided to go. She wanted to see what was going on.

“Go! Now!”

Seeing the look on the Spiritual Overlord’s face, the soldiers knew that he had been humiliated by the princess’s senior maid and was in a foul mood.

He reminded Gao Mingjiang in a low voice, “Just go!”

Gao Mingjiang took the hint right away. He cupped his hands at the soldier and said, “Thank you.”

He left with his wife and children after that, and Feng Wu followed him. Gao Mingkun was quick-witted as well and jumped out like a fish.

They didn’t dare to take a carriage and all walked as fast as they could.

At that moment, they heard a loud noise behind them.

They wanted to look over their shoulders, but Feng Wu whispered, “Run! It’s dangerous!”

Hearing that, the others didn’t dare to look back. They only had time to look over their shoulders when they reached the corner of the plankway.

One look and their hearts raced.

The Spiritual Overlord was furious after being humiliated by Miss Caixia, and everyone behind them was in trouble.

The Spiritual Overlord was attacking the ordinary people like a madman.

Thump, thump, thump!

Hearing the three loud sounds, Feng Wu deduced that the Spiritual Overlord had made three strikes.

He was a Spiritual Overlord!

The people queuing up in front of him were defenseless commoners. How could they withstand three strikes from him?

Hence, a large group of people fell to the ground. Many of them were beaten to a pulp. “Oh god!”

They couldn’t believe their eyes.

Were they really all ants?

Would they become cannon fodder as soon as a big shot lost his temper?

Feng Wu sensed a cold gaze looking in her direction. It was obviously the furious junior Spiritual Overlord.

She whispered, “Stop shouting. Let’s go. Otherwise, that Spiritual… the powerful man is going to kill us!”

The others were amazed at first, but they shuddered when their own lives were in danger..

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