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Chapter 4042 - Chapter 4042: Everything Is Ready

Chapter 4042: Everything Is Ready

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Night Owl had tampered with the recording. It used to contain information about Night Owl’s father, but it had long been edited out.

“I can’t believe it. How could she…” The Dongsang King was genuinely angry.

He had thought that he had compromised enough with Princess Yan Ling, but she still wanted him dead!

Did she want to find a new king just because she had the power?

The Dongsang King stared at Night Owl.

Night Owl felt a chill run down his spine when he saw the look in Dongsang King’s eyes. Kneeling on the ground, he said, “Father, I’m loyal to you! Why would I come here to tell you all this if I’m not loyal? And why did I record the Spiritual Fossil Stone in advance? If that was the case, I would have gone to plan it with Princess Yan Ling. Why would I come here to tell you now?”

Dongsang King nodded inwardly. The crown prince had a point. He wasn’t plotting against his father.

If he really wanted to work with Princess Yan Ling, who had Lord Yan behind her, there was a high chance that he would become the new king.

Poor Dongsang King. He had no idea what the crown prince was up to. He was trying to make Dongsang King the scapegoat.

The Dongsang King was as experienced as he was said to be. He only took a few deep breaths before he calmed down.

“What do you think we should do?” Dongsang King asked Night Owl.

Night Owl and Lord Jing carefully considered the options in the secret room before they came up with the best one, and Night Owl brought it up now.

“Kill Princess Yan Ling?” The Dongsang King frowned.

“Yes!” Night Owl had a solemn look on his face. “Father, as long as Princess Yan Ling isn’t dead, we won’t be able to solve this problem. She’s so eager to make a new king that she can control that she’s on the verge of going berserk. No one can make her get rid of that idea.”

The Dongsang King was worried. “But she represents the Dayan Empire, and she’s also a member of Lord Yan’s residence.”

Night Owl said, “Father, I’ve noticed that it was Princess Yan Ling’s individual choice, and even Ma Quanquan doesn’t agree with her. As soon as the princess is dead, they’ll send someone else. It can’t be worse than Princess Yan Ling’s.” The Dongsang King shook his head after some thought.

Night Owl knew that the Dongsang King was intimidated by the Dayan Empire, which was behind Princess Yan Ling.

If the Dayan Empire learned about the assassination of Princess Yan Ling, they would be furious.

Night Owl whispered something in the Dongsang King’s ear.

Night Owl and Lord Jing had been thinking about this plan for a long time, and they had considered all the details. Based on their understanding of the Dongsang King, he would definitely be tempted.

As expected, the Dongsang King’s eyes lit up when Night Owl told him the plan, and he looked much better.

“If that’s the case… If that’s the case… I’ll have to invite Lord Jing here, and he’ll have to participate,” the Dongsang King said excitedly.

Night Owl feigned a frown. “Father, Uncle Jing is a nice man, but it’s too big a deal. If word gets out… It’s not that I don’t trust him, but we have to be careful.”

The more Night Owl said that he was estranged from Lord Jing, the happier Dongsang King was.

went to?”


The crown prince looked frightened. “Father, what’s that supposed to mean? Has she gone to see Uncle Jing?

The Dongsang King looked at the crown prince and nodded. “That’s right. Lord

Jing came to report to me just before you arrived.”

The Dongsang King saw the lingering fear in the crown prince’s eyes.

He thought, “The crown prince must think that if he hasn’t come here to report to me, or if he was too late… Heh, I should make him nervous from time to time.”

Lord Jing soon arrived at the imperial palace and was surprised to see the crown prince there.

Until the Dongsang King revealed the truth.

“Princess Yan Ling went to see you as well?” Lord Jing looked at Night Owl. “It seems that Princess Yan Ling is trying every possibility. If that’s the case, after we turn her down, she’ll find someone else. Now that Night Light is gone, will she go to the other princes…”

Realizing what he had said, Lord Jing immediately stopped talking.

The Dongsang King had a brooding look in his eyes.

His third, fourth, and fifth sons hadn’t come to report to their father yet!

One had to admit that Night Owl and Lord Jing were excellent actors. They had successfully fooled the Dongsang King.

In the end…

“Fine. The two of you, go back and come up with a plan. Show it to me as soon as possible! ” The Dongsang King gave the order.

After they left the imperial palace, Lord Jing and Night Owl exchanged looks, and both saw satisfaction in each other’s eyes.

The two of them arrived at the crown prince’s residence.

Since His Majesty had told them to come up with a plan, they naturally had to come up with a plan to deal with Princess Yan Ling. However, they had already come up with one.

“I didn’t expect the king to be so stupid. He actually believed me.” Night Owl looked at Lord Jing. “You’ve set him up.”

Lord Jing waved his hand in satisfaction. “The throne is his top priority, so as long as it’s built around this throne, he has no choice but to fall into it.”

Night Owl asked, “Is everything ready?”

Lord Jing smiled. “We’re only missing one thing.”

Night Owl frowned and said, “We have to kill her in one go. Princess Yan Ling must die.”

Lord Jing nodded. “Of course. Princess Yan Ling has to die, as do all the maids and servants in the residence. As for Yao Yuan, he’s in another kingdom. We’ll have finished the battle by the time he gets here.

“As for Ma Quanquan, we’ll let Master Min lead him away.”

Night Owl asked, “Are you sure that the person you hired can leave behind the scent of the Junwu Empire?”

That was right. That was why the Dongsang King was tempted.

Night Owl and Lord Jing had plotted to kill Princess Yan Ling and the others, leaving behind the scent of the most capable cultivators of the Junwu Empire.

Lord Jing smiled. “You’re right.”

Night Owl asked, “Whose scent do you want to leave?”

Lord Jing stared at Night Owl.

Night Owl’s pupils contracted. “Is it someone I know? Feng Wu?”

Lord Jing said, “Feng Wu alone isn’t enough. We’ll also leave Jun Linyuan’s scent. ”

Night Owl was confused. “How did you get their scent?”

Lord Jing said, “We only need to leave a few hairs behind. The Dayan Empire is

so advanced in technology that they can tell who that person is from a hair or a drop of blood. It’s amazing..”

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