Godly Empress Doctor

Chapter 4140 - Chapter 4140: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (39)

Chapter 4140: Clouds Follow Dragons and Wind Follow Tigers (39)

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He glared at Feng Wu. “I can let your family go with you.”

Everyone in the Junwu Empire stared at Feng Wu nervously.

Especially the empress dowager, who was looking at Feng Wu in a way that even she herself couldn’t see.

Feng Wu smiled. “I told you already. The Junwu Empire is here, and I’m here! If the Junwu Empire falls, I’ll die with it!”

This was a kingdom that Jun Linyuan wanted to protect, and she had to protect it for him no matter what.

Emperor Wu was touched.

Everyone of the Junwu Empire was touched.

Even the empress dowager looked at Feng Wu with tears in her eyes. She looked at Feng Wu as if she was looking at a fairy. Why was this girl so


However, Yan Yu was obviously infuriated. He glared at Feng Wu and said, “So, you’re going to learn it the hard way!”

Feng Wu smirked. “How are you going to punish us, then?”

He ignored Feng Wu and turned to Patriarch Huyan. “Senior Huyan, did you hear that? I gave her a chance and even let her leave with her family, but she turned me down. I’m not to be blamed.”

Patriarch Huyan glanced at him and smirked.

Yan Yu wasn’t intimidated. Even though he knew that Patriarch Huyan was from the Sacred Mu Cliff, he only bowed a little. However, he remained where he was, for he knew that if he couldn’t do it today, he would never be able to do it again.

Why weren’t Uncle Yan and Uncle Wang here yet?

At that critical moment, Uncle Yan and Uncle Wang arrived.


Two streaks of light flashed across the sky in the distance and landed on the ground.

“My lord?” Uncle Yan was surprised to see this. Wasn’t the battle supposed to be one-sided? Why was there a confrontation?

It meant that they were evenly matched.

Yan Yu glanced at Uncle Yan and Uncle Wang. The next second, he jumped up and pounced at Feng Wu.

To defeat the enemy, one had to catch the leader first. Feng Wu was the leader here. Everything would be fine as long as she was caught!

To Yan Yu’s surprise, Feng Wu was already prepared for battle and had even made a secret plan with Little Phoenix. Therefore, when Yan Yu pounced at

Feng Wu, Feng Wu crouched down and slid past him.

Little Phoenix spat out a mouthful of poisonous gas.

Because Little Phoenix could turn invisible, and it hadn’t shown up yet, Prince Yan Yu had no idea of its existence. Hence, he was caught off guard.

“What’s that?!” Yan Yu tried to wipe his face, for he felt itchy all over, especially his eyes. Tears rolled down his cheeks.

However, before he could do anything, Patriarch Huyan flared up.

“How dare you sneak up on Xiao WII?!” Infuriated, Patriarch Huyan picked up

Yan Yu.

Uncle Yan and Uncle Wang weren’t to be trifled with. They charged at Patriarch Huyan as soon as the crown prince made his move!

Just then, Patriarch Huyan grabbed Yan Yu with one hand, lifted him up, and stared at the two men. “Do you still want your prince alive? Or do you want to collect his body?”

It was a blatant threat…

Uncle Yan and Uncle Wang exchanged looks and both saw frustration in each other’s eyes..

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