Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1464

Chapter 1464 A Small Matter

Everyone enjoyed looking at good-looking people.

The beautiful juniors would always attract more glances.

A slightly chubby sophomore came over and asked, “Which department are you guys in?”

Mengmeng said, “I’m in Class 431 the Department of Finance.”

Yue Xiaonao said, “I’m the same.”

Li Muen replied, “I’m in Class 430.”

As a matter of fact, she had a little complaint about why Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were assigned to the same class and she was assigned to another.

“What a coincidence. I’m also from the Department of Finance, but I’m a sophomore now,” the chubby boy said with a smile, “and this is our department’s reception area.”

After saying that, he turned around and looked at the people behind him. He waved to a tall man with long hair and said, “Little Six, let’s go together and take them to the teaching building.”

“Uh, okay.” The man called Little Six seemed to be a little listless. After hearing the words, he got up and walked over. He was just absent-minded when he saw Mengmeng and the others, so he couldn’t help but be stunned.

“What a beautiful junior!”

On the way to the teaching building.

“Are they your siblings?” The chubby man looked at Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

Although Zi Yan was wearing sunglasses, her gorgeous appearance could not be hidden.

In particular, the faint aura she emitted made him a little bit nervous.

“Well, they are my elder brother and elder sister.” Mengmeng joked.

“Hahaha.” Zhang Han laughed.

Zi Yan couldn’t help but laugh as well.

They were just so young.

“I’m just kidding,” Mengmeng added, “they are my parents.”


The chubby sophomore opened his eyes wide and choked on his saliva.

The handsome young man beside him was also stunned.

“Well, Sir and Madam, you are really young.”

The chubby sophomore looked a little embarrassed. He smiled and said, “Well, my name is Ding Bing, and I’m the representative of Class 399, Grade Two. I’m also the deputy director of the Student Union’s Art Department. You can come to me if you need anything in the future. I wonder if you have any special skills, such as singing and dancing.”

“Boss, you’re doing this again. Your question is too abrupt.” The boy called Little Six said, “I’m sorry. He has been in the Art Department for a long time. You guys look pretty. When he saw you, he couldn’t help but ask that.”

“Ahem, ahem.” Ding Bing scratched his head.

“Mengmeng is an all-rounder. She sings very well and her dance is no weaker than that of professional dancers,” Li Muen snorted and said.

“That’s so awesome.” Ding Binf looked at them and said, “Well… which one of you is Mengmeng?”

“This is Zhang Yumeng. She’s amazing. This is Yue Xiaonao. I’m Li Muen.” Li Muen introduced them.

“Are you guys from the same place?” Ding Bing asked.

“Yes, we’re all from Xiangjiang,” Li Muen replied.

“Is this your first time coming to West Capital, Sir and Madam?” Ding Bing asked a few questions and began to chat with the parents.

He had just received a few people. Usually, it was the parents who took the initiative to tell him about their situation, but things seemed to be different when it came to Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

“Sort of.” Zhang Han nodded.

“There are also many fun places in the West Capital.” Ding Bing said, “While visiting some tourist attractions, you should be careful. It’s easy to be tricked, such as that…”

Ding Bing began to chat with Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

He told them about some fun places and nice restaurants. Zi Yan also communicated with him and silently remembered several recommended specialty restaurants.

Ding Bing was a sophomore and the deputy director of the Art Department. He was also skilled at communicating and was eloquent.

On the other hand, Little Six was a little dull and only occasionally said a few words.

When the girls walked into the university, the atmosphere of the campus came to them.

There were also a lot of foreign students here. During the enrollment season of the freshmen, the senior students had already returned to school early to enjoy leisure in the last few days of the holiday.

When the group was about to reach the teaching building, three girls came out of it.

The leading one was about 1.65 meters tall. She had a well-proportioned figure and looked a little cute.

After seeing the people in front of her, she looked Mengmeng and the others up and down carefully and said with a faint smile, “Vice Director Ding? You’re receiving junior girls again. You’re really dutiful.”


Ding Bing coughed and said, “Well, Little Six, take the guys upstairs to go through the admission procedures first. I have something to do here, and I’ll be with you soon.”

After saying goodbye, he quickly chased after the girls.

In addition to Li Muen, Zhang Han, Mengmeng, Zi Yan, and the others could all hear Ding Bing whispering.

“Sweetie, don’t be angry. I’m doing this for Little Six’s sake. He has just broken up, and you know what kind of person his girlfriend is. My roommates and I all receiving new students. If we see a suitable one, we’ll introduce her to Little Six right away. We can’t let him get back together with his girlfriend…”

It turned out that the girl was Ding Bing’s girlfriend. Although he was a little fat and was not very good-looking, he was good at talking and got a pretty girlfriend.

Many girls didn’t care about their boyfriends’ looks.

But it was now unknown why that pretty girl got together with Ding Bing.

Mengmeng cast a glance at Little Six.

The man was rather dull. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say, so he silently led the way.

“I can tell your fortune. Did you break up with someone?”

Mengmeng pretended to be a fortune teller and made a gesture.


Little Six was startled and a little embarrassed. “No, I don’t think so.”

He didn’t even believe that.

“How did you know?” Little Six asked curiously.

“It’s all written on your face,” Mengmeng said casually.

Zhang Han coughed softly and said, “In fact, the university is not a good place for relationships…”

During their walk from the first floor to the third floor, Zhang Han said six reasons and hadn’t finished. But when they arrived at the place, he no longer mentioned it.

Li Muen was a little confused.

What Zhang Han said made her feel that dating in college seemed to be a crime.

Little Six also had a feeling that he was wrong.

After the girls paid their tuition fees, they bought bedding and other daily necessities.

Originally, Zi Yan wanted to take Mengmeng to buy some high-quality bedding and other things.

Mengmeng said that she would not attract attention by being eccentric and she should behave like everyone else in school.

Zhang Han agreed with her decision.

Now, they could occasionally experience an ordinary life.

Little Six said, “I’ll take you to your dormitory.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Zi Yan thanked him. When they went downstairs, they saw Ding Bing smoking next to the trash can not far from the door.

At this time, he was with the cute girl. They were chatting.

“You’ve already collected your things?”

Looking at Mengmeng and the other two, who were all holding bags of various sizes, he said, “Hey, Little Six, why aren’t you helping them with their stuff?”

“They don’t need it,” Little Six said.

Ding Bing glared at him, indicating that he should know things better even if the girls told him they didn’t need his help.

“Come on, I’ll help you carry some. It’s not close to the girls’ dormitory.”

Ding Bing took the initiative to help.

“Thank you so much.”

Yue Xiaonao and Mengmeng exchanged a look.

Both of them handed their bags to Ding Bing.

Seeing this, Li Muen also handed her stuff to him.

The girls were on the same team.

Ding Bing’s girlfriend was a little unhappy when she saw this.

But thinking about it, for Little Six’s sake, she decided to take it down.

In the end, Ding Bing and Little Six took the girls’ luggage and walked to the dormitory.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Zhou Huihui. I’m a sophomore majoring in finance.”

On the way to the dormitory, Ding Bing was in charge of striking up conversations.

Zhou Huihui looked at the girls from the side.

She also secretly praised the beauty of these junior girls.

Mengmeng made her a little jealous. She felt that Li Muen and Yue Xiaonao were about the same as her, which made her glad.

“The two people at the back are her parents? They’re handsome and beautiful. I can tell at a glance that this girl is not ordinary. People like Little Six are way out of her league.”

She directly voted down Little Six’s chances to be with Mengmeng.

She thought Yue Xiaonao was nice, and so was Li Muen.

It was just that these girls might already be seeing someone.

As Zhou Huihui thought about it, she couldn’t help but scold herself. “I should mind my own business.”

“We are all in the sixth building of the girls’ dormitory. Your rooms are on the third floor, and my Room 503 is on the fifth floor. If you need anything in the future, you can go up and come to me,” Zhou Huihui said very enthusiastically.

The dormitory building looked neat and tidy, and the rooms were not big.

In the four-person rooms, there were desks below the beds above.

Mengmeng and Yue Xiaonao were the first ones to come to their room.

“Shall we take the beds by the window?”

Yue Xiaonao took her luggage from Ding Bing and threw it on the bed on the right side of the window. “We’ll clean up the place after we take a tour.”

“All right. We’ll keep the luggage here first.” Zhang Han put her luggage on the above.

“You’re going to have military training in a few days. It’s very hot in West Capital, so you need to buy sunscreen,” said Zhou Huihui. “The sun will be scorching during the military training every year.”

“Okay. Thank you for your help,” Zi Yan said to the guys.

Soon, Li Muen and Little Six also came over. They put down the luggage on a bed.

“Why don’t we exchange contact numbers?” Ding Bing said. He glanced at Zhou Huihui and didn’t dare to add the girls on his own. Otherwise, she would be jealous. He said righteously, “Little Six, hurry up and add our juniors on WhatsApp. If they need any help in the future, you can help out.”

Zhou Huihui then smiled slightly.

“Hmph, that’s a suitable move.”

“Uh, okay.”

Little Six took his mobile phone and went over.

He successfully added the three pretty girls on WhatsApp.

“My name is Wu Xiao’an.”

After that, the sophomores said goodbye and left.

On the way out.

“Little Six, do you take a fancy to any one of them?” Zhou Huihui asked with a gossipy face.

“Yeah. Do you like any one of them? These juniors are…”

Ding Bing almost blurted out, “-so beautiful, especially Zhang Yumeng.”

But he quickly changed his mind and said, “-quite suitable for you. The key is which one you have a good impression of, and then you can get to know each other first and start with being friends.”

“I… I haven’t broken up yet,” said Wu Xiao’an helplessly.

“You haven’t?” Zhou Huihui was unhappy. “Your girlfriend kissed a handsome guy from the University of Science and Technology on the street. They must have slept with each other. Will you only break up after you have more proof that she’s been cheating on you?”

“Huihui, you don’t have to say that,” said Ding Bing.

“I’m just telling the truth.” Zhou Huihui made a face.

“What if you’re mistaken?” Wu Xiao’an defended his girlfriend.

“Do you think that’s possible?” Ding Bing frowned. “Or do you think we would lie to you?”

“That’s not what I meant,” said Wu Xiao’an annoyedly. “Forget it, let’s not talk about this. I’ve asked her out today anyway and we’re going to talk about it later.”

“I’ll go with you,” said Ding Bing. “You’ll be bullied if you go alone.”

“Okay, Boss. Lend me some money first. I’ll pay you back next week.” Wu Xiao’an was a little embarrassed to say it but Zhou Huihui was present so he did.

“Hey, it’s just the beginning of school, bro.” Ding Bing was stunned, and his eyes widened.

“I didn’t bring enough money. We’ll meet at the Ancient Island Restaurant tonight. She just got back today,” said Wu Xiao’an.

“How much did you spend? You…” Ding Bing was a little angry but Zhou Huihui was next to him and he did not continue.

“How much do you need?”


Zhang Han and the others sat in the dormitory for a while.

The group of people went out. Walking on the campus, they could feel the youthfulness.

“I wonder if I can move into your dormitory,” Li Muen said.

“We’re not in the same class,” Yue Xiaonao said. “You can ask about that when the semester starts.”

“Okay. I’ll ask the relevant personnel when the time comes.” Li Muen nodded.

“Uncle Zhang, where are we going? It’s already in the afternoon,” Yue Xiaonao said.

“Let’s go shopping first and buy some daily necessities. Then, we’ll find a hotel to stay in. We’ll tour around tomorrow and the day after tomorrow,” Zi Yan said.

They did those things in the following days.

In the afternoon, they went shopping in the bustling area not far from the school and bought some clothes, toiletries, and so on.

“Where are we going to have dinner?”

Zi Yan said, “Ding Bing mentioned a restaurant called Ancient Island Restaurant. It’s said that its food tastes good. Shall we have a try? It’s near the hotel.”


Zhang Han had booked two presidential suites in the hotel.

The family of three shared a suit, and Yue Xiaonao and Li Muen shared another suit.

After a short rest, they went out and walked to the Ancient Island Hotel in 20 minutes.

The restaurant had a good environment and a relatively elegant style. All kinds of thoughtful service and high-quality meals were one of the reasons why the price was relatively high.

According to Ding Bing’s recommendation, they had a meal together. Unexpectedly, not only did they have a meal, but they also got to watch a show.

“Aren’t those guys Ding Bing and Wu Xiao’an?”

Yue Xiaonao suddenly looked at the entrance and saw that the two of them were walking to a table not far from the side.

A man and a woman were sitting there waiting, and the man was greeting them politely.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Xiaoyin’s cousin,” the man said.

“Huh?” Wu Xiao’an was stunned.

“What are you waiting for? Why don’t you say hello?” Xiaoyin urged. Her makeup was heavy.

“Nice to meet you.” Wu Xiao’an greeted him immediately and glanced at Ding Bing.

Without saying a word, Ding Bing nodded and sat down.

After ordering and drinking two glasses of wine, Ding Bing asked, “Are you studying at the University of Science and Technology opposite Westpam University?”

“Yes, I’m a senior now.”

“May I know how you’re related to Xiaoyin?”

“He’s my aunt’s son,” Xiaoyin took the initiative to answer.

Seeing that the two of them were sitting together, Ding Bing had a weird feeling.

“Could it be that we were really mistaken?

“But she did kiss him.”

Wu Xiao’an’s face lit up and he relaxed completely.

They finished the meal.

On the way back to school, Wu Xiao’an wanted to send Xiaoyin back to her dormitory, but Xiaoyin wanted to send her cousin back and had something to discuss with him.

“Let’s go together,” said Ding Min. “I happen to want to pay a visit to that university.”

The two of them followed Xiaoyin and the man from a distance. When they reached the dormitory area, they could not find them.

More than ten minutes later, Wu Xiao’an received a message, “I don’t want to see Ding Bing. I’ll go back.”

“What did she say?” Ding Bing asked.

“Nothing much.” Wu Xiao’an was too embarrassed to say it.

It was Xiaoyin’s cousin who paid for the meal.

“Let’s go back first. She’ll be back in the dorm in a bit. Don’t worry about her.” Wu Xiao’an pulled Ding Bing back to their dorm.

“It’s a little strange.” Ding Bing didn’t understand what Xiaoyin meant.


At about eight o’clock in the evening, Mengmeng and the others returned to the hotel.

“Hey? Those two people…”

Yue Xiaonao pointed at the reception desk.

Xiaoyin was holding onto that man’s arm.

“This cousin of hers is so unique.”

With a smirk on her face, Yue Xiaonao took out her phone.


She took a picture, found Wu Xiao’an’s number, and sent it.

“Damn it!”


The sound of Wu Xiao’an smashing his phone rang out from the dormitory.

The next day, Zhang Han and the others enjoyed the scenery of the West Capital and had fun at two tourist attractions.

During the beginning-of-Term season, there were a lot of families touring around, and everywhere was crowded with people.

On August 31st, the third day since their arrival.

At 3 p.m. at the entrance of the university.

“Daddy, Mummy, we’ll go back and clean up the dormitory.”

Mengmeng stood at the gate of the university without moving.

Zhang Han and Zi Yan stood together and looked at Mengmeng.

They were about to part.

Zi Yan’s eyes behind her sunglasses were a little red.

“Go now.”

Zhang Han’s smile seemed to be mixed with a trace of bitterness.

Zhang Han touched Mengmeng’s head and said, “We’ll go back in the evening. Take care of yourself in college. If you miss home, you can go back. It’s not far anyway.”

“Got it.”

Mengmeng slowly moved her feet and looked back after taking a few steps.

“Be careful when you go back.”

She knew that there would be no danger, but she still couldn’t help but say that.


Zhang Han waved his hand.

Mengmeng did not go any further. Instead, she ran back and hugged Zhang Han and Zi Yan.

“I’ll be back in two days.” Mengmeng was a little sad.

“Alright. Hurry up and go.”

Zi Yan wiped the corners of her eyes and said with a smile, “I’m very happy that you’ve grown up. Wherever you want to go from here, you’ll arrive in a minute. Enjoy your college life and don’t bully your classmates.”

“I won’t bully others.” Mengmeng pouted.

Mengmeng had the Space Portal, so she could go wherever she wanted.

Zi Yan’s sadness and Zhang Han’s bitterness were somehow related to the separation. This was a process of Mengmeng’s growth.

Ordinary people would probably feel worse with parting.

“Then, I’m really going.”

Mengmeng was reluctant to part with her parents.

“Alas, let’s go. I’m speechless.” Yue Xiaonao covered her forehead with her hand.

She complained inwardly. “This family is too clingy. It’s really awkward.”

However, when she turned her head, she saw that many parents were in an even more intense mood.

“I’ll go to the dormitory.”

Mengmeng looked back repeatedly with every step she took until she could not see her parents’ figures.

Zhang Han held Zi Yan’s hand and said, “Let’s go and stroll around.”

“I don’t feel like it,” Zi Yan said, “and we don’t need to buy anything. I’m not in the mood for shopping.”

“There is a community not far away. Its villa area is quite close to the university. Let’s go and have a look. We can buy a villa and a few cars. The girls can use it if they get bored at school or want to party,” Zhang Han said.

“All right. Let’s go then.”

They walked to the sales office.

“Welcome. Our Academy Garden is a high-end residential area… These are the residential buildings on sale.”

“We’ll take this one.” Zhang Han took a glance at the buildings and one with a nice location.

“This villa can be regarded as the best one among the rest. It’s a sample house.”

“This one it is.”

Zhang Han decided quickly. “Call your manager here.”

When the manager arrived, they went to the villa and took a tour.

Zi Yan said, “It is nice. It’s just that we need to replace the furniture. Shall we leave tomorrow? Shall we get this place done first?”

“Well, okay.”

In the afternoon of the next day, the staff of the Academy Garden gave Zhang Han the key.

After Mengmeng learned about this, she immediately called Zhang Han.

“Father, you’re so thoughtful!”


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