Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1798 - 1798 The Taste Of Conspiracy

1798 The Taste Of Conspiracy

All these years, Tong Yan had been an idol. He also filmed romance dramas. He often had the title of ‘Autumn Boyfriend’, ‘Limited Boyfriend’, and so on. Every interview he did also promoted his single persona. The backlash this time was naturally very serious.

[Boohoo, I’m crying. I didn’t expect Tong Yan to be married!]

[This is fake news, right? How is that possible?]

[Why not? Didn’t you see? There are so many photos of the two of them together! There are even such intimate kissing photos!]

[That’s right. Such photos can’t be photoshopped. If you want to be his fans, continue to be his fans. Anyway, I’m not a fan anymore!]

[I really want to cry. It would be fine if he had found someone better, but it just has to be a D-list celebrity with no pursuits at all. How can we accept this?]

[Anyway, my dream is shattered and I’m awake now. Goodbye, fan club.]

These were not the effects Su Bei wanted.

The effect she wanted was something else.

Sure enough, compared to the emotional fans, the netizens were much more rational.

[Yu Lan is Tong Yan’s wife, and they’re secretly married. She accused Ji Rufeng of harming her, and the biggest beneficiary is Tong Yan. Why do I feel like she’s plotting something?]

[Ji Rufeng is really pitiful! He was tricked by this secret couple! Isn’t it because no one knew about their relationship that Yu Lan dared to trick Ji Rufeng like this?]

[She said that Ji Rufeng sexually assaulted her, but the fact that he was recently circumcised was announced by the police. Could it be that Ji Rufeng didn’t care about his body and insisted on harming her?]

[So Tong Yan was behind all of this! No wonder after Ji Rufeng’s accident, Tong Yan’s workload increased greatly. His fans even came out to cause trouble!]

[That’s right. Ji Rufeng’s biggest competitor is Tong Yan. If Ji Rufeng falls, Tong Yan will be the biggest winner this year!]

[I’ve already said that the police have already cleared Ji Rufeng’s name, but everyone was still conspiring against him and refused to believe it. Now, we know who the real conspirator is!]

[Poor Ji Rufeng! He’s been set up!]

Because of this wave of evidence, Ji Rufeng’s reputation finally changed. The eyes of netizens were especially clear, unlike fans who had their own filters.

With this news, everyone quickly analyzed the truth.

Only then did Su Bei use Su Lu’s account to post a clarification. [As everyone knows, the police have already clarified Ji Rufeng’s matter some time ago. The allegations against him were false. Now, we have more evidence to prove that he was framed. I’ve said it before. If he really did such a thing, I won’t cover it up. But if he was framed, I won’t tolerate the actions of the perpetrator either.

[Next, we’ll sue some of the parties involved. We’ll also sue the fans who went to the set to watch and disturb the filming. The law can never be broken. The hammer of justice will eventually fall!]

Ji Rufeng’s fans were elated and commented: [Good job, President Su! This is the right attitude Nirvana Entertainment should have!]

[I support you!]

[President Su, you’re the best. I was really afraid that Rufeng wouldn’t be able to recover from this setback!]

[Fly like the wind, and the kite will always be with you!]

Su Bei typed another message: [I’ve always been dedicated to protecting women’s rights because women are our mothers, friends, sisters, and future daughters. I’ve always known that their living environment, even in this already fair society, is not completely safe and fair.

[However, I’m especially against and disgusted with some people who abuse such rights for their own benefit. Such actions not only hurt the person involved but also hurt countless people who speak up for women’s rights. It’s a waste of their painstaking efforts. When they speak up again, they won’t be understood by others. Instead, they’ll be doubted by the public, making their path even more difficult. Such actions undoubtedly put women’s rights in a gray area, causing everyone to have biased opinions and feel that women are just dispensable existences.

[Therefore, we won’t tolerate this matter.

[I also hope that women’s rights would not be abused in the future.

[However, even in such a situation, I’ll still continue to protect women’s rights. This is not only to protect our sisters, relatives, and friends but also to protect our fair and just legal rights to make the world a better place.]

As soon as she posted her statement, many fans reposted it.

Nirvana Entertainment’s official Weibo also reposted it and said that they would definitely pursue this matter to the end.

Ji Rufeng’s matter finally had a fair ending.

At this point, everyone believed that he was innocent.

When Ji Rufeng received the news on set, he finally smiled. He knew that President Su would definitely give him an explanation!

He quickly received a call from Yue Ze. “Things have already been settled with your previous TV show, so you can film this movie in peace. The variety shows and advertisements that you’re scheduled to appear on won’t be affected either.”

“Thank you, Brother Yue Ze. Thank you, President Su.”

Lu Yaolan did not expect Su Bei to find out about such a secret.

Seeing that Ji Rufeng was fine and his work had returned to normal, Su Lu’s reputation in the company was restored.

Even the people Lu Yaolan poached sighed in private. In the past, they had only heard that President Su was especially good at handling things. Now that they saw it with their own eyes, they knew how shocking it was.

They more or less admired her.

Yu Lan never expected that the matter that she and Tong Yan had been hiding for so long would be exposed.

It didn’t affect her at all, but it affected Tong Yan too much.

After all, not only was Tong Yan starring in a new movie, but he also had a fixed ship in the entertainment industry.

Dream Entertainment quickly started public relations and asked her to get a divorce to protect Tong Yan.

Yu Lan had no choice but to post a clarification on Weibo. [My actions have nothing to do with Tong Yan. If you want to scold someone, scold me alone.]

Her actions made Tong Yan suffer even more.

[Do you dare say that Tong Yan didn’t know anything at all? The matter had blown up so much and for so long, but Tong Yan never stepped forward to respond. Instead, he indulged his fans to scold Ji Rufeng. Now, you’re saying that it has nothing to do with him?]

[He’s not a man at all! He let his wife spread rumors about others, and now he’s hiding behind her. Tsk tsk tsk, he’s really a model for men who rely on women to make a living!]

[Just how stubborn can he be?]

Of course, when Tong Yan was scolded by netizens, Yu Lan was scolded by Tong Yan’s fans. Neither of them could escape.

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