Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2185 - 2185 Twins

2185 Twins

Qiao Weiyang had already received the news.

Lu Mingjue called her. “Something is really wrong with GK’s lipsticks. Sister-in-law, it’s the heavy metals.”

“Really? Didn’t they investigate it after they were informed and withdraw the stocks out on the market?”

“I just asked around. At that time, Jiang Mingfan accepted our suggestion and applied to investigate, but the higher-ups didn’t agree. They even promoted Qian Jiayi. Jiang Mingfan resigned in a fit of anger, so this matter was put on hold. Later on, consumers started reporting that they were allergic to GK’s lipsticks. GK’s public relations has always spent money to settle things peacefully.”

Qiao Weiyang did not expect a big brand like GK to do such a stupid thing.

However, sometimes, when the company was big, such problems would indeed appear. Some people would deceive the higher-ups and lower-ranking employees, causing the problem not to be resolved.

“So what happened after that?” Qiao Weiyang asked.

“A very popular influencer was testing out new lipsticks. She used GK’s lipsticks, and she’s now suffering from an allergic reaction. The state of her lips is very severe. GK intends to handle it privately, but this influencer doesn’t want money at all. She wants to solve the problem. Not only did she report it to the relevant departments under her real name, but she also submitted a lawyer’s letter asking GK to compensate her for her loss. Originally, GK’s legal department could have resolved such a small matter, but this influencer’s family is powerful and insists on giving their daughter an explanation. The matter blew up. Then, the previous incidents of other consumers getting an allergic reaction were also exposed. Now, the relevant departments have already gone straight to GK’s shops to confiscate the lipsticks. They want to conduct a professional appraisal.” Lu Mingjue had been filled with anger recently because of Tian Jingyao trampling all over Qiao Weiyang.

GK’s retribution finally vented his anger and made him talk non-stop.

“What’s going on now?” Qiao Weiyang asked.

“It’s estimated that GK won’t be able to suppress things anymore. I’ll report to you if there’s any follow-up.”


After Qiao Weiyang hung up, she opened Weibo and took a look.

In GK’s comment section, there were many people who wanted to show off their allergies.

Previously, GK had been suppressing the news, so this matter did not surface.

Now that they couldn’t suppress it anymore, more and more people joined in.

[My allergic reaction isn’t serious. I’ll be fine after a few days. But my best friend’s allergic reaction is serious. It caused the corners of her lips to swell! GK is really immoral]

[Me too. I thought it was a problem with the change in seasons. It wasn’t until I swiped the lipstick on my hand that day and noticed that there was also something wrong with the skin on my hand that I realized it might be an allergic reaction.]

[Now that I think about it, Qiao Weiyang said on Weibo that we had to pay attention to the ingredients when choosing lipsticks. I think she might have reminded us out of kindness!]

[That’s right. In the past, I thought it was Qiao Weiyang who was rejected by GK. Now that I think about it, maybe Qiao Weiyang knew about GK’s problem and she was the one who rejected GK.]

[That’s right. If there really was a problem with GK from the beginning, then Qiao Weiyang is really too pitiful. She was criticized by the brand and even stepped on by Tian Jingyao!]

For a moment, everyone remembered what had happened. Only then did they realize that certain things seemed to have been destined.

After GK’s lipsticks were investigated, the relevant departments quickly released a report. [The products in batch 2019787262626 of GK’s lipstick production have been tested. It’s found that the amount of heavy metals has seriously exceeded the standard. Not only will the products cause allergies, redness, and itchiness, but they can even cause problems with internal organs. The problem was discovered through the test. GK has been ordered to retrieve this batch of products. All unsold products will be taken off the shelves and destroyed. For the losses caused to consumers who have already bought the lipsticks, GK will provide compensation accordingly. GK will bear all the losses and treatment fees.]

The official announcement came quickly and seriously.

GK’s lipsticks were taken off the shelves, and consumers also began to return them.

Initially, it was just a matter of GK’s lipsticks, but GK’s other makeup and skincare products were also experiencing slow sales.

When many people saw the name ‘GK,’ they could not help but feel the fear of getting an allergic reaction.

“Forget it, forget it. I’ll buy something else just to be safe.”

Qian Jiayi knew that there was a problem with the products, but he did not report it to the headquarters in time, causing such a serious problem. He was quickly suspended.

As for Jiang Mingfan, he had already done everything he needed to do. It was just that his boss didn’t listen at all.

The French headquarters wanted to reward him and let him deal with the follow-up problems of this matter. However, they realized that he had already resigned, so they could only forget about it.

GK’s lipsticks suffered a setback.

The nature behind Tian Jingyao’s endorsement deal was also discovered by the headquarters. She sure had many tricks up her sleeve. Her secret relationship with Qian Jiayi was exposed by her other colleagues.

It was obvious that Tian Jingyao could no longer be GK’s spokesperson.

Even if they did not fire her, her reputation would fall with GK’s failure this time.

[Previously, her fans said that Qiao Weiyang and Hua Yang were peas of the same pod. But I think Tian Jingyao and GK are the nasty ones!]

[Now when I think of Tian Jingyao, I think of allergies. I’m about to have a phobia of Tian Jingyao.]

[Me too. When I think of Tian Jingyao, I feel terrified.]

[My skin isn’t good to begin with. Please don’t say Tian Jingyao’s name anymore. I’m afraid I’ll have an allergic reaction after hearing it.]

[Everyone says that Hua Yang’s lipsticks are really good. My mother said that she has been using Hua Yang’s products since she was young. Nowadays, domestic products are really conscientious.]

[That’s right. If you spend so much money on something, don’t you want to feel at ease? We’ll always support conscientious products!]

Just like how Qiao Weiyang won Tian Jingyao, Hua Yang also won GK.

The cooperation between the two parties resulted in a win-win strategy.

Because of this, Jiang Mingfan asked Qiao Weiyang and Lu Mingjue out for a meal.

Lu Mingjue joked over the phone, “Director Jiang, if we’re very close in private, will it affect your reputation in the company?”

“Mr. Lu, you’re really good at joking. Who in the company doesn’t know that I have a discerning eye and chose to sign Miss Qiao? I’m treating you to a meal at the public’s request. The company is even afraid that I won’t be able to treat you to a meal!” Jiang Mingfan’s voice was very hearty.

All the anger and frustrations he had experienced in GK were forgotten now. H was greatly valued by Hua Yang. Those outside discussions could not affect him at all.

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