Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2187 - 2187 Twins

2187 Twins

Although Li Liangting was also very worried about Qiao Weiyang, Qiao Weiyang had a knack for making people feel at ease.

She nodded. “Remember to protect yourself too.”

“I’ll get my assistant to come over and accompany you home.” Qiao Weiyang called Tao Huan, who came over quickly.

She accompanied Li Liangting and sent her back.

Qiao Weiyang returned to the private room where she had just been.

Jiang Mingfan and Lu Mingjue were almost done chatting.

“Why were you gone for so long? Did something happen?” Lu Mingjue asked.

“I encountered a small matter, but it’s already been resolved.”

“From Tao Huan’s tone, it didn’t sound like a small matter. Did you really resolve it? Sister-in-law, you have to tell me when you encounter something. Otherwise, I won’t be able to answer to Boss.” When Lu Mingjue called her ‘Sister-in-law,’ he used the softest tone.

“I’ve really resolved it. I’ll explain it to Zhuoqian.”

“Okay.” Lu Mingjue didn’t ask further.

A smile appeared on Qiao Weiyang’s lips. She had already secretly drugged Xu Changfeng just now.

This drug could unknowingly cut off his manhood. Didn’t he like to use such methods to hurt women? Since he used such low-level methods to deal with women, he would have to suffer the backlash of such methods!

They were done chatting, so she and Lu Mingjue left after saying goodbye to Jiang Mingfan.

As for Xu Changfeng, he was afraid and did not dare to act rashly.

He returned home drunk and slept soundly all night.

The next morning, he woke early. He remembered that he was actually intimidated by Qiao Weiyang last night and was unhappy. Just as he was thinking of a way to turn the tables, he made a shocking discovery.

He realized that the phenomenon that usually happened every morning did not happen today!

How could it be possible?

He immediately touched it, but there was still no reaction.

He fantasized about the beautiful women he usually fantasized about, but there was still no reaction!

Xu Changfeng immediately felt terrible. He went straight to the hospital and made an appointment with a male health specialist.

After the doctor’s results were out, he said to Xu Changfeng sympathetically, “Your situation is indeed rare. We don’t have any treatment methods to propose. You can only try to relax and aim for a slow recovery.”

Xu Changfeng felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He went to two other hospitals, but the doctors there also came to the same conclusion.

Last night, he was clearly not hit in his vital parts by Qiao Weiyang, and Li Liangting’s resistance was completely ineffective. Qiao Weiyang had threatened to call the police, but in the end, the police did not come. But this morning when he woke up, he already lost his manhood?

Little did he know that Qiao Weiyang had drugged him when she approached him last night.

This drug was indeed very insidious, so it was Qiao Weiyang’s first time using it.

If Xu Changfeng hadn’t done such despicable things again and again, how could he have forced Qiao Weiyang’s hand?

On Qiao Jierou’s side, she had been busy selling the batch of clothes she had previously produced and was a little overwrought.

As Ocean had been returned to Qiao Weiyang, forcing her to swap to another brand at the last minute, the subsequent sales momentum collapsed.

Now, she could only rely on Xu Changfeng and the marketing staff to turn the situation around.

Qiao Jierou also kept coming to check on the situation.

She had come for two days in a row and found that Xu Changfeng was not at the scene.

“Where’s Director Xu? What’s going on?” Qiao Jierou was a little angry.

At this critical moment, Xu Changfeng was not around. There were so many things waiting for him to do!

“Director Xu seems to be sick recently, so…”

“Forget it. I’ll call him myself.”

Qiao Jierou called Xu Changfeng. “Changfeng, why aren’t you around? The company needs you.”

“I’m quitting!” Xu Changfeng was currently troubled by his health.

Clothes that could not be sold were not as important as his current matters.

“You… What happened? Can I help?”

“You can’t help. I can’t do anything now. I’m sick. Jierou, you have to give me time to recuperate.”

Qiao Jierou had no choice but to agree.

She got someone to ask around and heard that Xu Changfeng was dispirited because of a male problem, so she couldn’t ask too much.

Old Madam Qiao was anxious. She looked at the warehouse that was filled to the brim and sighed.

“If this batch of goods can’t be sold, it’ll be even harder to sell them when the season changes!” Old Madam Qiao said. “I can only risk my reputation and look for my old friends from back then.”

Qiao Jierou was overjoyed. As long as Grandma was willing to help, things would be fine.

However, she didn’t forget that Qiao Weiyang had succeeded yet again. It was very displeasing!

“Grandma, I’ll be more careful in the future. I didn’t expect Sister to pick on me.”

“Forget it. It’s not your fault. She’s been like that since she was young, hasn’t she? She also exposed Meimei this time. That’s good. Huang Meimei would’ve brought upon us a disaster sooner or later. Even if she comes back out into society in the future, you have to stay away from her.”

“Got it, Grandma.”

Qiao Weiyang got someone to inquire about Xu Changfeng’s situation and found out that he was in a miserable state. Not to mention harassing Li Liangting, he was even skipping work. She was finally relieved.

This time bomb had finally been removed, so she did not have to worry about Li Liangting anymore.

Today was the day Lin Shu would be discharged from the hospital. Qiao Weiyang was going to pick her up.

Su Zhuoqian had already said that he would accompany Qiao Weiyang today.

He had never seen Lin Shuhui before, and this was an excellent opportunity.

In the hospital, Lin Shuhui was packing up while Song Hanzhi was helping.

“Aunt Lin, will you stay at Weiyang’s place after you’re discharged this time, or will you go back directly?”

“Of course, I’ll go straight back. I’m used to living in the countryside. I’m not used to staying in this big city.”

“Then when you get back, you can call me if you need anything. You don’t have to be polite with me.”

“Thank you, Dr. Song.”

Song Hanzhi helped her pack up for a little bit, but he still had something to do and returned to his department.

Su Zhuoqian and Qiao Weiyang appeared in the hospital.

Hearing the knock on the door, Lin Shuhui walked over to open it. When she saw Qiao Weiyang, she smiled. “Weiyang!”

“Aunt Lin!” Qiao Weiyang walked in with Su Zhuoqian beside her.

Lin Shuhui saw the man in front of her at a glance. He was too dazzling. Even when he stood beside Qiao Weiyang, who was dazzling enough, it was difficult to ignore him.

It was obvious that this man’s status was extraordinary. She wondered how a person like him would treat Qiao Weiyang.

Lin Shuhui hid her worry.

Qiao Weiyang then introduced them to each other. “Aunt Lin, this is Su Zhuoqian. Zhuoqian, this is Aunt Lin.”

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