Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2565 - Chapter 2565: Twins

Chapter 2565: Twins

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“What’s this?” Lu Ke took it in confusion.

“This is the medicine Weiyang gave you. She saw the medical records of your fingers and concocted this Chinese medicine for you. She also wrote down the dosage. Do you want to give it a try?”

Lu Ke looked at it carefully. There was indeed a piece of paper attached to the medicine. On it was written the usage. The handwriting was elegant and outstanding, pleasing to the eye.

He immediately put it away. “I’ll take it when I get back. Thank her for me.”

“She said that she wanted to thank you too. The piano you gave her previously is a rare treasure. You gave it to her directly, making her hesitate if she should accept it. That gift of yours is really expensive.”

“That’s my duty. All these years, I’ve been wanting to give you and Lil Yang

Yang something. But you don’t accept gifts, so I didn’t dare to act rashly. Since

Lil Yang Yang likes this gift, I made the right choice.”

Ordinary people would not know that the piano he gave them was so precious.

Even many people who played the piano might not know this piano.

Since Lil Yang Yang had recognized it at a glance, he guessed that Lin Shulin might have been the one to recognize it.

After practicing the piano, Lu Ke went back. He placed the medicine and bag at the door and went to take a shower.

When the nanny was tidying things up, she accidentally knocked the medicine to the ground and hurriedly lowered her head to pick it up.

Mrs. Lu said, “I’ll clean this place up. You go clean the other places.”

After the nanny left, Mrs. Lu took the medicine and looked at it. She realized that there was no logo on the medicine’s packaging. Even the usage was handwritten.

After opening it, the smell was fragrant and pleasant. There was a strong smell of fresh Chinese herbs.

She was a little worried. Coincidentally, Lu Ke had just taken a shower and came over to get his bag and the medicine in his lounge wear.

Seeing his mother sniffing the medicine, he picked up his bag and said, “Mom, give me the ointment.”

“Where did this medicine come from? Did you go to see some unreliable traditional doctor again?” Mrs. Lu asked worriedly.

She knew that when her son’s fingers hurt, he couldn’t even pick up his chopsticks. That was why he often took desperate measures in the past.

Her heart ached for her son. She had found many famous doctors, but his fingers were sometimes alright and sometimes bad.

Recently, she had seen some news about scammers. She was worried that her son would be hurt.

“No, Mom. Don’t worry, this is the medicine given to me by a reliable person.”

“Why don’t I get a professional masseuse to give you a massage for your fingers?” Mrs. Lu asked.

Lu Ke was already walking quickly to his room with his things. “No need,


He returned to his room and closed the door. Mrs. Lu was helpless.

Lu Ke didn’t intend to use the medicine Lin Shuhui gave him, but his mother had already opened it just now, so he couldn’t help but open it and smell it.

The smell of fresh grass filled the tip of his nose. There was no additive or industrial fragrance, making him feel comfortable and relaxed.

He squeezed out some of it onto his fingers. He thought that since it was not oral medicine, even if it did not have much effect, it would not bring about negative effects.

A cool feeling spread across his skin, and his anxious mood was soothed by the medicine.

He squeezed out a little more and applied it evenly on all his fingers. The ointment looked green, but when he applied it on his fingers, it became colorless and transparent. His skin quickly absorbed it.

Usually, after practicing the piano, he would not use his fingers anymore in order to protect his already injured fingers.

After listening to the news for a while, it was time for dinner. He walked out of the room.

Mrs. Lu and the nanny were serving dinner. When they saw him, Mrs. Lu called out, “Son, come and eat.”

She placed the bowl and spoon in front of him.

When Lu Ke’s fingers hurt so much, he could not pick up his chopsticks at all. He usually ate with a spoon, which had become a habit at home.

He was already used to it.

As soon as he sat down, Mrs. Lu smelled the medicinal fragrance just now and knew that he had used the medicine from the unmarked medicine box.

She wanted to say a few more words, but she was afraid that her son would be annoyed, so Mrs. Lu kept quiet.

“I’ll call your father for dinner. Have some soup first.” After Mrs. Lu scooped a bowl of soup for her son and placed it in front of him, she stood up to call Mr. Lu.

Lu Ke picked up the spoon and suddenly felt that his hand was much lighter than usual.

His fingers no longer felt particularly stiff, and the pain was no longer obvious.

He wanted to test it out, so he picked up his chopsticks and picked up a few green beans. They were very difficult to pick up with chopsticks, and it was usually impossible for him to do it.

At this moment, he picked the green beans up naturally.

He felt as if he had taken off a heavy burden. It was as if he had never been injured before.

Mrs. Lu and Mr. Lu came over and saw him picking up food with chopsticks. Mrs. Lu complained, “I told you to come out quickly. Look at how hungry our son is.”

“If you’re hungry, you can eat first. I still have a document to deal with,” Mr. Lu said amiably.

Then, the two of them looked at Lu Ke’s chopsticks.

Lu Ke suppressed his excitement. After two days, he told Lin Shuhui about the recovery of his fingers.

Lin Shuhui smiled and said, “Tell me about the symptoms. I’ll be sure to note them down. When I see Weiyang, I’ll talk to her about it. Her medicine has always been very effective.”

“Is Lil Yang Yang a doctor now?” Lu Ke asked.

“Sort of,” Lin Shuhui said. “But that’s not important. What’s important is that her medicine will indeed be very effective on your fingers.”

“The ointment she gave is indeed very effective. In the past, I didn’t dare to practice the piano too much. Usually, I would rest after a while and not dare to exert too much strength. If I can really treat it this time—no, not to mention the treatment, as long as I can recover half of my previous strength, it’ll be enough.”

“It’s fine if you don’t have confidence in yourself, but you have to have confidence in Weiyang.”

Lu Ke couldn’t help but laugh. “Okay, I have to have confidence in her.”

In the music academy, there were many people who went to Lu Ke’s class to freeload.

Recently, when they heard that he had begun to show off a lot in class, the students started flocking to him.

Many people did not go to listen to the lecture. Most of them just stared at his face and quietly listened to him play a short piece.

Fan Dinghao was also a teaching assistant of the music academy, but his classes were not as popular as Lu Ke’s.

As a Ph.D. student and a teaching assistant, this more or less made him a little depressed.

Ling Rong came to look for him and asked with a smile, “Senior, why are you still in the office? Haven’t you finished your classes today?”

“I’m done. Let’s go,” Fan Dinghao said.

When they passed by Lu Ke’s classroom, the two of them heard him play a long tune..

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