Hidden Marriage

Chapter 15: You Want to Sleep with Me and Shirk the Responsibility?

Chapter 15: You Want to Sleep with Me and Shirk the Responsibility?

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Ning Xi sat down obediently like an elementary school student. Her face looking like she wanted to cry.

Lu Tingxiao held his head in one hand, “You’re scared of me?”

In the dark of the night, Lu Tingxiao seemed even more devilishly dangerous compared to his cold self in the day.

Ning Xi shook her head vigorously, then nodded carefully, “There’s probably not a single person who isn’t scared of you in the capital, right?”

Lu Tingxiao’s slender fingers played with the cup in his hands as he slowly said, “So you’re scared of me because others are afraid of me? Then why don’t you marry me since other women want to as well?”

This question frightened Ning Xi to the point that she almost slid off her chair.

She had just thought that she had escaped this trial in the day. Clearly she had really been too naive.

How was she supposed to answer such a loaded question?

Ning Xi trembled as she raised her hand, “Before answering this question, can I ask another one?”

Lu Tingxiao nodded, “You may.”

“Why me? Is it because Little Treasure is reliant on me? I think that it’s only temporary. He’ll be fine once his emotions have stabilised. Even if he is always like that, you don’t have to…… you don’t have to inconvenience yourself in this manner……” Ning Xi painstakingly persuaded him as if advising a young girl that had strayed off the right path.

Lu Tingxiao put down the cup and raised his eyes to look at her, “I thought I made it clear the first time Ms Ning. I don’t mind saying it again if you still don’t understand. I am going to repay you with my body because you saved Little Treasure.”

It’s exactly because of this reason that I can’t accept this okay!? Ning Xi roared in her heart.

Ning Xi felt that she wasn’t able to communicate any further with him on this point. She could only make an apologetic expression, “Mr Lu, I’m extremely grateful for your good intentions. I’m absolutely against marriage though, so……”

Lu Tingxiao raised a brow, “So, you only want to sleep with me? Yet you don’t want to take responsibility by marrying me?”

“Yes, that’s exactly righ-wait! No no no no…… that wasn’t what I meant!” Ning Xi was about to kneel for him. Could he be any more terrifying with his words?

“Unfortunately, I can’t accept premarital sex.”

“Who would believe that…….” Ning Xi could not help mumbling under her breath after hearing that.

You’ve already gotten someone pregnant before marriage, okay?

Lu Tingxiao’s expression was a little unfocused as looked out the window, “Little Treasure was an accident, I don’t know who his mother is.”

“……” Why did this sound so terrible?

“Then you’re minding that I have a son?” Lu Tingxiao suddenly asked.

“That’s impossible!” It’s as Lu Tingxiao said, all the women in the capital were wracking their minds to be Little Treasure’s stepmother. How could she mind that he had a son!

“Then why?”

Judging by the way things were going, Lu Tingxiao would not be letting her off unless she provided a satisfactory answer.

Ning Xi held her forehead helplessly. She said after taking a deep breath, “Mr Lu, marriage is not a game. Regardless of whether it’s for the sake of repaying a debt or other reasons, we just met. Do you understand my personality? Do you know my past?”

“The one I want to marry is the present you. Your past has nothing to do with me.” Lu Tingxiao’s answer was overbearing as expected.

Ning Xi’s expression cooled down, “However, to me, my past is also a part of me. I have no way of cutting off my past to marry you. Mr Lu, we are travelling on different paths. I sincerely suggest that you take back your absurd idea.”

Following that was a thick silence.

Ning Xi thought that the other would start throwing a huge temper due to the humiliation of being rejected again.

Lu Tingxiao spoke up with an even tone, “Understood.”

Ning Xi’s tightly wound nerves finally relaxed, “Then I’m going to sleep, good night.”

“Good night.”

The man looked at that frail back, his gaze was as unfathomable as the ocean depths. The only thing that didn’t change was the heat that came from the seabed.

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