Hidden Marriage

Chapter 20: Her Exes Can Be Found Everywhere

Chapter 20: Her Exes Can Be Found Everywhere

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After dinner, when their parents had just left, Lu Jingli wagged his tail and asked for a reward from his brother.

“Did I do good just now bro?! Did I?!”

He had wagged his tail for just a moment. His brother threw something small at him with a swoosh.

Lu Jingli caught it with a raised hand, “What’s this?”

His eyes bulged out after looking closely at it.

It was a key.

A key to the 100th anniversary limited edition Bugatti sports car he had been eyeing for a long time! Only a single one had ever been made!

“OH! My beloved darling!” Lu Jingli hugged the car keys and kissed it crazily, “Bro I love you!”

His brother had never relented no matter how much he had begged previously. Who knew that his brother would throw it to him by just casually saying a few words in front of their parents.

This Ning Xi occupied a greater place in his brother’s heart than he had imagined!

Lu Jingli was even more worried as he thought, “About this, bro are you sure it’s Ning Xi? You’re not just playing around but you really intend to marry her?”

“Marry.” Lu Tingxiao’s tone left no space for misunderstanding.

Lu Jingli sucked in a breath upon hearing so. He spoke sincerely in a grave tone as someone who had been through many relationships:

“Then I have to tell you to prepare yourself. Chasing women is similar to playing games, and it can be categorised into different difficulty levels. Easy, normal, hard and hell mode. Chasing Ning Xi is definitely hell mode!”

“All women have weak points, but can you use money with Ning Xi? You can tell that she definitely won’t accept financial support or backdoor deals judging from how badly she’s doing in the entertainment circle despite her looks.”

“Using feelings? Look at how many boyfriends she had when she was overseas! Her exes can be found all over the entertainment circle. Their backgrounds are all exceptional. Even I wanted to bow down in admiration when I saw that list of names. I’ve never wanted to admit defeat to anyone before on this kind of matter!”

“As for using a baby? Don’t even think about using a baby to tie her down in a marriage. She’s wholly focused on her career and has no plans to have babies. Even if this master wooed her personally, I would have an 80% chance of a GAME OVER. A zero EQ relationship rookie like you is just going to turn into EXP for her!”

Lu Tingxiao glanced at him coldly, “100%.”

Lu Jingli’s mouth twitched, “Okay okay okay, I have a 100% chance of a GAME OVER. Don’t mind these small details, ok? Anyway I may have reached a conclusion. I dare to bet that Ning Xi is just like me, someone who has decided to never get married or have kids. This kind of person is really cynical towards relationships and feelings. Their freedom is akin to their life! It’s easy if you just want to play around. It’s going to be hellishly difficult if you want to marry her!”

“That’s because you’ve never met someone who makes you want to get married and have kids willingly.” Lu Tingxiao’s usually cold expression actually looked a little gentle under the moonlight shining through the windows.

Lu Jingli was counting the number of words his brother had said with disbelief written all over his face, “Arere? Those in love are indeed different, even a relationship noob is giving me lessons! Mah~ Though what you said does make some sense! So how about it? Do you want your dear brother’s help?”

Lu Tingxiao gave him two words, “No need.”

Lu Jingli got anxious, “How can that be! Chasing women is different from business. Think carefully, are you really sure you don’t need a smart, wise and handsome godly level woman chasing coach?”

Lu Jingli was trying his best to promote his services.

Then the study door was pushed open by someone with a creak.

The two of them turned their heads simultaneously to look.

They saw Little Treasure standing at the doorway in pajamas.

A trace of surprise flitted across Lu Tingxiao’s eyes.

“Eh, Little Treasure…” Lu Jingli’s face was also full of surprise.

Little Treasure would actually move out of his bedroom at this hour?

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