Hidden Marriage

Chapter 2161 - Wedding Night 5

Chapter 2161: Wedding Night 5

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Lu Jingli gulped, “Bro, don’t tell me that the person you looked for help from is Little Treasure?”

Tang Lang sympathized with his disciple. “He’s your real father indeed…”

Little Treasure ignored his uncle and master. He went up to Annie and looked at her in the eye. “Sis Annie!”

Annie’s expression softened when she saw it was Little Treasure. “Little Treasure!”

She had always had complicated feelings towards Little Treasure.

She had hidden herself around Lu Tingxiao for so many years and did not find any chance to penetrate his defenses, but just as she was about to give up, she found out about the existence of this child. She then planned a seven-year-long revenge.

She had saved this child who was just a cold, near-death baby so many years ago. Now, he was beside Ning Xi and his pure, bright eyes almost blinded her.

Even now, she did not understand why had she given him the medical pouch back then to delay the poison. She was not sure if the time was not right or if she was just unable to do it…

This child did not know anything and he still looked up to her as a respectable sister.

Little Treasure stood before Annie and clenched his fists. “Sis Annie, I’ll be fighting you. Thank you in advance for the match!”

Annie squatted down before the little guy. She looked at him so lovingly and then said, “I concede defeat.”

Without Little Treasure, there would be no future for her. She would not have met Han Xiao or recovered her memories. Neither would she have found herself and she would forever live in a life of lies.

She was willing to do anything to make it up to this child.

Little Treasure looked troubled. “Then, it’s unfair.”

Annie laughed. “Not at all! You beat me with your charm! I admit defeat on my own!”

Cold rays shot out of Han Xiao’s eyes when he heard Annie. He stared at Little Treasure. “Little guy, we’ll fight.”

Annie glared at a certain childish person behind her.

Little Treasure pursed her lips. “Thank you, Sis Annie!”

Feng Xiaoxiao’s jaw dropped as she thought there was no way they would have passed level three. “What the heck?! How can this happen?! Lu Tingxiao, you’re cheating! This is cheating!”

Lu Jingli laughed. “Hahaha! As long as it works! Little Treasure is the real deal! We won it fair and square!”

Tang Lang went along. “We should be the one saying that. We’ve passed all levels now. Don’t go back on your promise!”

Feng Xiaoxiao leaned against the door frame. “No way! I want my Little Junior Sister! What happened to our promise of being together forever?”

Tang Lang dragged Feng Xiaoxiao over. “That’s enough now. Be careful. Little Junior Sister will kill you if you spoil her fun tonight! I, Second Senior Brother, will buy you some drinks!”

“Get lost! Who’d want to drink with an old man?! No!”

Tang Lang touched his handsome face and felt hurt. “I’ll find you a piece of young, fresh meat alright?”


“Two of them!”


After Feng Xiaoxiao was taken away, everyone else left too.

If they continued on with the mess, the devil would get mad no matter how happy and patient he was today.

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