Hidden Marriage

Chapter 28: Domineering CEO

Chapter 28: Domineering CEO

“It’s the first time Little Treasure has drawn a human portrait.” Lu Tingxiao commented after glimpsing the portrait in Ning Xi’s hands.

“Really? Then it’s quite the honour!” Ning Xi was very happy.

“What do you want to eat in the afternoon?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

He was seemingly prepared to feed her in addition to staying here…

Ning Xi was about to speak up when her phone suddenly rang.

It was from Chang Li.

Did she arrange another bit role for her?

“Hello, Chang-jie.”

“Ning Xi,?Land Under Heaven?is holding an opening ceremony at the Grand Pearl Hotel at 12pm, don’t be late.”

“What? 12pm? 12pm today?”

“Yes, today.”

“Chang-jie, why didn’t you inform me earlier? It’s already almost 11am!”

“What do you mean I didn’t inform you earlier, aren’t I telling you an hour in advance?”

“An hour, that isn’t even enough for me to travel there, furthermore I have to dress and do my makeup…”

“Those are your problems, don’t annoy me, I’m very busy now, I’m hanging up.”

Having finished her words, she hung up immediately.

“Chang! **** you!” Ning Xi threw her phone.

After saying so, Ning Xi froze.

Little Treasure was stunned.

Lu Tingxiao was also stunned.

Ning Xi wiped her face, hating that she couldn’t dig a hole to bury herself in.

She had gotten too agitated and had forgotten that she was still in the Lu residence, and that she even had a little kid next to her…

She had not intended to act like a demure lady in front of Lu Tingxiao anyway, but it would be bad if she was a bad influence on Little Treasure.

She coughed twice, “Er, Little Treasure, just take it that you never heard that just now! You absolutely cannot learn from auntie’s example and scold people, because what auntie was scolding just now was not a person!” Ning Xi explained solemnly.

Little Treasure blinked and nodded like he did not fully understand.

A trace of humour flashed across Lu Tingxiao’s eyes as he asked, “What happened?”

Ning Xi gritted her teeth, “The opening ceremony for?Land Under Heaven?starts today at 12pm. It’s almost 11am but my manager only called to inform me just now. It takes at least 50 minutes to reach Grand Pearl Hotel from here, don’t tell me I need to appear on camera bare-faced?”

“Why not? Your bare face is enough.”

Ning Xi was stunned for a moment, she had not expected that Lu Tingxiao would actually be this smooth. She scratched her head, coughing once in embarrassment, “Thanks for the compliment, Mr Lu… but it’s considered rude if I don’t put on basic makeup at the very least at these kinds of events. Most importantly, I don’t have any appropriate clothes at the moment and there’ll be so many media outlets there. Ahhhhh! This is so frustrating…”

“Wait for a moment.” Lu Tingxiao raised his hand and indicated for her to stay calm, then took his phone to the courtyard to make a call.

Ten minutes later, someone arrived, panting out of breath.

“CEO Lu, I’ve brought all the stuff you wanted, are we starting right now?” The newcomer was wearing jeans with holes and a grey cotton jacket, and had a striking dark blue earring on his left ear.

Ning Xi was surprised to find that he was actually a familiar face.

Of course, familiar face meaning that Ning Xi recognised him, but he did not recognise Ning Xi at all.

He was a makeup artist known as The Godly Hand under Golden Age Entertainment and the personal makeup artist of the famous actress, Su Yimo, Arthur.

He was someone famous that a small fry like her could only gaze at from afar!

“This is?” Ning Xi’s face was full of suspicion.

“You don’t recognise him?” Lu Tingxiao asked.

“Of course I recognise the famous Arthur! But what did you call him over for…”

“To style you, naturally.” Lu Tingxiao said as if it was a matter of course.

Ning Xi’s head was full of black lines momentarily, she moved closer to Lu Tingxiao’s ear and said softly, “You… you’re actually making someone from Golden Age Entertainment style me? Are you sure?! Don’t you know that I’m under Starlight Entertainment? Golden Age and Starlight are dead rivals, okay!”

“So what?” Lu Tingxiao replied like the domineering CEO he was.

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