Hidden Marriage

Chapter 38: You’re the Evil Demon King

Chapter 38: You’re the Evil Demon King

Fortunately, CEO Lu was in luck. Since it was late, there was no one else in the female restroom. He could see Ning Xi sitting on the ground and leaning against a door, completely drunk.

She had kicked her heels off to different places, and the things in her bag had been tossed all over the floor. Her hair covered her face in a messy manner. She looked like a completely different person from the radiant woman he had parted with earlier.

A trace of sympathetic affection flashed across Lu Tingxiao’s eyes. He walked over and picked up her bag. After retrieving all the items that had been scattered about, he then picked up her shoes and reached out towards her waist and knees.

As he was about to carry her, Ning Xi suddenly grabbed onto the door with a death grip. Her drunken gaze swung towards him, and she stared at him with extreme caution, “Who are you…”

“Lu Tingxiao.”

“Lu Tingxiao…” Ning Xi turned dazed before she suddenly exploded in rage, “You liar! Do you think I’m an idiot!? This is the female restroom!”

Was this girl really drunk? She seemed to still have her wits about her?

“I’m not lying.”

“Liar… I’m not going… I don’t want to go with you…” Drunk Ning Xi was like a little porcupine that had suffered a scare, she was completely guarded.

Ning Xi completely refused to leave, so Lu Tingxiao could only put down the things in his hands for the moment to coax her, “What do I have to do to make you believe me?”

“Show me your ID!” Ning Xi looked like a traffic cop investigating a drunk driver.

The corner of Lu Tingxiao’s mouth twitched, then he obediently pulled out his wallet and passed his ID over to her like a good citizen.

Ning Xi held onto the thin card shakily, her eyes almost pressed up against the card as she read word by word, “Lu… Ting… Xiao… You’re Lu Tingxiao…”

Lu Tingxiao nodded in satisfaction, “Can we go now?”

“Not going! I don’t want to go with you! You’re the evil demon king… I’m not going. Not going, not going…” Ning Xi became even more agitated.

“Evil demon king…” Lu Tingxiao’s face turned black. So that was the image she had of him in her heart? He thought that he had treated her quite warmly.

The two were in a stalemate, when the sound of footsteps came from beyond the door.

“Ning Xi… Ning Xi, are you inside?”

Lu Tingxiao’s back stiffened in an instant. If someone saw him in the female restroom right now, he would never live it down.

The sounds of footsteps drew closer and closer, to the point where they could already see the person’s clothes. Lu Tingxiao cursed quietly and quickly grabbed all of Ning Xi’s belongings and stuffed her into the cubicle.

It was the screenwriter, Ye Linglong, who had come to look for Ning Xi.

Ning Xi was a rookie and was not acquainted with anyone in the crew. Only Ye Linglong had noticed that she hadn’t returned from the restroom for a long time, so she had gone to look for her.

Within the cubicle, Ning Xi was frightened from suddenly being dragged inside and was struggling in the man’s embrace. The noise caught the attention of Ye Linglong outside.

“Ning Xi, is that you?”

Hearing the voice closing in on them, Lu Tingxiao’s expression turned even darker. It was right at this moment that the girl actually bit the hand he was covering her mouth with- it hurt so much that he furrowed his brows.

Lu Tingxiao’s expression was slowly showing signs of collapse, when had he ever been in such a sorry situation?

After taking a deep breath, Lu Tingxiao spoke up, his voice turned husky from trying to suppress his emotions, “Calm down… I’ll give it to you now…”

Ye Linglong had been about to knock on the door when a man’s voice had come from inside. She froze for a moment before realising what was going on. Her cheeks reddened, and she quickly ran out.

She hadn’t thought that she would actually come across some people doing ‘that’ here.

This was a hotel, why couldn’t they just get a room? She really couldn’t understand the hobbies of some people!

Since she wasn’t in the female restroom, where had Ning Xi run off to…

There was one thought that had never crossed Ye Linglong’s mind: The one doing ‘that’ in the restroom was the one she had been looking for, Ning Xi!

Upon hearing the sound of footsteps receding from outside the door, Lu Tingxiao sighed in relief.

He sat on the toilet bowl cover, loosened his tie, and placed the struggling woman on his lap. He then snapped coldly, “Stop causing trouble!”

Otherwise, he wouldn’t mind doing ‘that’ for real.

The man’s tone was too fearsome, Ning Xi was so shocked that she started hiccupping. She looked at him as if she had been bullied.

Lu Tingxiao had scared her just for a moment, yet he could only helplessly switch to gently patting her back as he coaxed, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have been so fierce with you.”

However, the person in his arms seemed to become even more upset. Tears started rolling endlessly down her cheeks.

Lu Tingxiao was momentarily helpless.

How could she be so much harder to coax than Little Treasure?

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