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Hvisland: A VR Colony Sim Game

Hvisland: A VR Colony Sim Game







Hvisland: A VR Colony Sim Game

Rating: 8.8/10 from 210 ratings

What if you could manage a colony with the power of whispers?

Can you put their various abilities and traits to good use?
Can you handle the conflict among your colonists so that there is no chaos?
Can you make them survive from numerous threats, ranging from wild beasts, nature's waves of anger, other humans, strange creatures, and so on?
So, are you ready to meet your colonists?
Maybe they are natives who were exiled by their tribe. Or perhaps those who choose to wander alone and eventually tired. It could also be someone from space who landed on a rescue capsule. And there could be people running for safety.
Besides those, there are many other backgrounds of life that you can find.
Can you guess what kind of stories will unfold?
It's all in your hands... Or rather in your whispers.

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