I Become Baby Mafia Boss

Chapter 1628 "Prying The Angels’ Heart Voices"

Chapter 1628 "Prying The Angels’ Heart Voices"

The religious people were all affected, and now they started to riot, wanting to fight the so-called heretics, sinners, and so on.

From a human to a non-human, everyone wished for the war to stop and so, when they knew Ainsley's true mission, they all subconsciously supported the baby.

The demons in Hell all supported Ainsley because of their natural camp, but the people in the mid-level world simply wished for Ainsley to find a way to destroy the domain and stop the war soon.

That's why, when they saw the heavily guarded Gate of Heaven, everyone was in despair.

Or maybe it was better to support the angels to break the dark camp's domain?

But so far, they didn't know the progress of the other party and looked at Ainsley's own situation...

They guessed that the angel and holy spirit team sent to Hell Break Domain might be confused by Ainsley's charm, and they might not be doing well.

The archangels did send battle angels after the Holy Spirits roughly found the location of the domain cores, but it was even harder for angels to go underground to find the Gate of Hell.

Lucifer was also cunning, and put the main core near the Gate of Hell, surrounded by a high temperature and natural magma deep inside the center of the world.

The difficulty was simply against Heaven, and it was tenfold more difficult than trying to break Armageddon's domain core.

So...they still had to rely on Ainsley to quickly end the war between these two stubborn races, right?

Everyone looked at the heavily guarded Gate of Heaven, and their faces darkened.

The leader of the demon team also had a grim face as he asked Ainsley for instruction.

[Little boss, what do we do now? Should we spread out to find out the exact location of the domain core or should we simply declare war on these angels and force our way through?]

The second option might sound crazy, but it was indeed not too time-consuming as long as they were confident in their own abilities.

There were not many demons and evil spirits on their side, but they all believed in Ainsley's ability.

If they could infect so many battle angels in one go… the mission might not be so difficult anymore.

Ainsley also thought about this suggestion but in the end, directly provoking so many angels at once had such a high risk when Ainsley could still infect a lot of angels in one go without alarming the enemies.

In the end, Ainsley chose the first option and made the team scatter throughout the areas around the Gate of Heaven while Ainsley herself started to infect the battle angels and heavenly creatures around.

[Everyone, don't go too deep into the camp and just stay in the outer circle. After I finish infecting the angels and the heavenly creatures with the virus, you can go further.]

Ainsley didn't want any of the people in her group to encounter danger, and it would also alarm the enemy if one of the members got caught on the spot.

For this, Ainsley once again concentrated her 3D map ability on the areas around the Gate of Heaven, completely monitoring the place as if it was her back garden.

After all the preparation was complete, the team scattered to different directions but Ainsley and the few people in her team didn't leave.

Since Ainsley had to focus and concentrate on spreading the love virus first, it would be difficult if Ainsley also made a move or dealt with some angels when she infiltrated the camps.

It was better to stay here, not too far from the camps but not too close either so that they could quickly make a move when encountering new situations.

As expected. After the teams scattered and started to infiltrate the camps, Ainsley got so busy infecting the enemies that Ainsley broke in a cold sweat in no time.

Even when she could infect more people with the targets she had just infected, the number of enemies that she needed to infect was simply too much, so much so that Ainsley was a bit overwhelmed.

If not for the love battery skill that continued to supply energy converted from the affections of those audiences from Hell and the mid-level world she was in, Ainsley would have collapsed by now.

This skill is really suitable for a prolonged battle and a group battle.

With the love battery charging Ainsley without giving a side effect because it was a passive skill that only needed a little charm energy from Ainsley's own energy core...

Ainsley could infect as many enemies as possible within just a few minutes.

After all, the people around the gate were not like those in the temple because there were many new angels coming out of the gate, making the people around the gate move continuously to different places.

This is simply the best way to spread the virus from the people in the outer circle to those in the inner circle.

After Ainsley calculated the path that they should take and waited for the team to find some clues about the domain core's location, the baby started to influence some angels who looked like they held an important position at these camps.

Ainsley used soft suggestions to make the important angels think of something in their heart and the love virus itself would sense what they felt or think in their heart, although vague.

This was also why the love virus not only acted as a controller but also as a little spy tool.

In the end, Ainsley managed to fool some angels and got vague thoughts related to the domain core after a few attempts to pry the battle angels' heart voices!

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