I Can Level Up By Staying Idle

Chapter 299 - 299 Mortal Heaven Court (4)

299 Mortal Heaven Court (4)

“I’m not that kind of person!” Lin Mo said seriously.

But then Lin Mo thought of something and said, “But I have a friend who’s that kind of person. He must be very interested!”

“I know! His name is Gao Haoran, right?” Yi asked.

“That’s right!” Lin Mo nodded. “But I don’t have any communication tools with me now. I can’t contact him or tell him the good news!”

“What’s so difficult about that? I’ll invite him over!” Yi reached out and grabbed at the void.

The next second, Gao Haoran appeared in front of Lin Mo in only his underpants.

“What’s going on?!” advanced Haoran was dumbfounded.

He had just finished putting on his pants when he appeared in the wilderness for no reason. What was even more terrifying was that there were tens of thousands of people around!

Fortunately, Gao Haoran had already put on his underwear. Otherwise, his current situation would definitely be even more awkward.

“Brother… Brother Mo?” advanced Haoran also noticed Lin Mo beside him immediately. He couldn’t help but ask in a trembling voice, “What’s going on?”

“Haoran, are you interested in aliens?” Lin Mo asked directly.

“What? Aliens?” advanced Haoran was even more dumbfounded.

“We caught a bunch of aliens!” Lin Mo pointed at the tens of thousands of figures in front of him and said, “The weakest of these aliens is an extraordinary wargod, but their strength has all been sealed! If you’re interested, I’ll let you play with them!”

The weakest was an extraordinary wargod!?

Gao Haoran was shocked.

The special identity of an alien and the aura of an extraordinary wargod… made Gao Haoran extremely excited.

“Brother Mo, I won’t say anything else! Good brothers!” Gao Haoran laughed and strode towards the group of aliens.

Yi used some mystic techniques at the side and gave Gao Haoran a small whip. With this small whip, Gao Haoran obtained the control of these tens of thousands of Trisolarans.

After making the arrangements, Yi invited Lin Mo to the side and said in a low voice, “Senior Lin Mo, I have an invitation to the Virgo Heaven Court!”

“Oh?” Of course, Lin Mo had never heard of any Virgo Heaven Court.

Yi thought that Lin Mo’s memory had yet to completely recover, so he explained, “As long as you open this invitation, you will be teleported to the Virgo Heaven Court to participate in the trial. With Senior Lin Mo’s strength, you will definitely be able to easily stand out from the trial and directly enter the Virgo Heaven Court to cultivate! This way, you will definitely be able to recover your strength faster!”

Lin Mo thought for a moment and asked, “There must be many geniuses participating in the Virgo Heaven Court trial, right?”

“Of course there are many!” Yi said without hesitation. “The Virgo Cluster is more than a hundred million light-years in diameter and contains more than a hundred clusters of galaxies, more than two thousand galaxies like the Milky Way, and trillions of powerful interstellar civilizations… And the Virgo Heaven Court is the absolute center of power of the entire Virgo Cluster!”

After a pause, Yi continued, “Our Milky Way is more than 60 million light-years away from the center of the Virgo Heaven Cluster. It’s very marginal in the entire galaxy cluster, so it’s very difficult to obtain an invitation to the Virgo Heaven Court. And in the center of the Virgo Heaven Court, among those highly developed interstellar civilizations, there are many, many geniuses who will receive an invitation to the Virgo Heaven Court! Therefore, there will naturally be many geniuses who will participate in the trial!”

“Yes!” Lin Mo understood.

The number of geniuses was too large, so there were naturally many geniuses participating in the trial!

After all, this was the power center of thousands of galaxies and trillions of powerful interstellar civilizations!

At the same time, it was the court of human civilization in the universe!

Although the Laniakea Supercluster outside the Virgo Cluster was also a cosmic space where “carbon-based lifeforms” thrived, those carbon-based lifeforms were not humans, but other “eukaryotic carbon-based lifeforms” like demons, plant intelligent lifeforms, and fungal lifeforms. And the “carbon-based Great Wall” outside the Laniakea Supercluster lived with carbon-based lifeforms outside the “eukaryotic domain”. There was a demon civilization formed by intelligent viruses, a strange civilization formed by intelligent bacteria, and so on…

“The Mortal Heaven Court?” Lin Mo took the invitation to the Virgo Heaven Court and seemed to see 60 million light-years away. “What kind of involution world will that be!?”

… .

The river of time flowed continuously.

In the years to come, in the depths of the silent starry sky… Lin Mo’s name became more and more famous in the universe.

Of course, the first to be shocked by Lin Mo was the Supreme Council of the Milky Way.

When the dozens of level-nine lifeforms standing at the peak of the Milky Way arrived on the Blue Planet, they were shocked to see that Lin Mo had already passed the Virgo Heaven Court’s trial. His glabella, area between the brows, had been given a divine seal that belonged to the Mortal Heaven Court!

These level-nine native lifeforms of the Milky Way naturally did not dare to offend the future god with the divine seal! Of course, it was impossible for them to hurt Lin Mo, who had the protection of the divine seal!

Gao Haoran was also famous in the vast sea of stars with Lin Mo!

Gao Haoran made full use of his asymmetrical advantage and brought the big sword industry of the Blue Planet civilization to the various extraterrestrial civilizations with poor entertainment negative karma! Not only did he achieve the small goal of “opening the clubhouse throughout the entire Milky Way”, but he also successfully showed the various civilizations in the entire Milky Way that the Blue Planet people knew how to play. He even opened the entire Virgo Galaxy, affecting the entertainment life of the entire cosmic human civilization!

Because of his huge contribution to the human civilization of the universe in terms of entertainment, Gao Haoran was actually granted a Deity Position by the Mortal Heaven Court and was titled “God of Prostitution”!

After countless years.

In the depths of the galaxy, people often saw Lin Mo lying idle.

Someone had seen Lin Mo lying asleep on the surface of a neutron star with a rotational speed of thousands of revolutions per second.

There were also people who had seen Lin Mo bathing in a high-energy ray proficiency in the center of the supernova explosion, sleeping elegantly.

Someone had also seen Lin Mo lying near the black hole, experiencing countless time and space changes in his sleep.

One day at the end of time.

This universe with “1+1=2” and “Planck’s constant 6.62607015 × 10^(-34)” was about to reach the end of its lifespan and needed to restart the entire universe in the manner of the “Big Bang”.

At this moment, Lin Mo had long stood at the peak of the universe, his reputation shocking the various races in the universe.

Not only were the carbon-based lifeforms living in the carbon-based Great Wall, the “Pisces-Centaurus Supercluster Complex”, but even the metal-based lifeforms living in the Sloan Great Wall, the silicon-based lifeforms in the Clowes–Campusano superquasars, the liquid lifeforms in the U1.11LQG, the intangible lifeforms in the Huge-LQG, and the cosmic lifeforms in the Martial Immortal-North Corona Great Wall were all subservient to Lin Mo’s reputation.

On the eve of the “Big Bang”, a mysterious figure from outside the universe found Lin Mo. This transcendent existence that was so powerful that it could not be described with words looked at Lin Mo with a smile and asked, “I wonder if you’re interested in joining our God-Reigning Alliance?”

(End of book!)

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