I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Chapter 397 - 397 The Last Brilliance

397 The Last Brilliance

“I’ve already killed the imposter!” Gu Mingzhou gestured for him to stabilize.

The fake Ye Xiu did not plot against the Island Master of Floating Jade Island. Instead, he went to the underground palace and framed Gu Mingzhou.

Unfortunately, he failed to kill Gu Mingzhou and lost his life instead.

“Swallow fish is good at illusionary techniques, and with its thick skin, it’s easy for it to pass off the fake as the real one and gain the King’s trust. Fortunately, I met Senior.” Hearing that the fake beast cultivator was dead, Ye Xiu said in relief.

“Swallow fish clan?” Gu Mingzhou asked, puzzled.

He remembered that when he had killed Ye Xiu in the rear hall of floating Jade, he had revealed his true form as a Python.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiu heard the confusion and quickly asked.

“It’s nothing. I personally killed the fake Ye Xiu.” Gu Mingzhou confirmed.

“You really thought you killed a fake Ye Xiu?” His voice was loud and clear, spreading throughout the coral reef.

“Li Huang?” Ye Xiu suddenly sat up.

Ye Xiu was extremely familiar with Li Huang’s voice!

Before he could finish his sentence, Li Huang’s burly body flew out from behind the coral. He floated in the sea and looked at Gu Mingzhou.

Countless figures appeared around the coral reef that Gu Mingzhou was hiding in. There were nearly ten thousand beast cultivators who surrounded the coral reef.

The beast cultivators’ positions fit perfectly with the formation.

The beast cultivators who surrounded the coral reefs had already set up the formation the moment they came out. Perhaps because of this, they dared to attack the powerful Gu Mingzhou.

“To tell you the truth, the one you killed was just a beast cultivator who knew illusionary techniques.” Li Huang stepped on the seawater and said to Gu Mingzhou.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let him live until tomorrow’s sunset.” Gu Mingzhou stretched out his right hand in the air, and a long spear appeared out of thin air. It was burning with flames and exuded a monstrous fighting spirit.

“We’ve even destroyed the massive Floating Jade Island. Do you think you’re our match?” Li Huang said disdainfully, appearing to be fearless.

“What? What did he just say?” Without waiting for Gu Mingzhou to reply, Ye Xiu, who had just sat up, exclaimed.

“Don’t listen to anything now. Wait for me!” Gu Mingzhou replied.

“Since he won’t tell you, I’ll tell you…” Li Huang immediately revealed a playful smile.

A majestic spiritual energy poured out of Gu Mingzhou’s body, and his long spear whistled as it pierced Li Huang.

The spear’s radiance flickered, bringing with it monstrous flames. It burned the surrounding seawater, causing white smoke to billow as it headed straight for Li Huang.

“There is no more Floating Jade Island in the freezing cold land!” seeing Gu Mingzhou’s sharp spear coming at him, Li Huang was not afraid at all and continued to speak.

Gu Mingzhou’s long spear instantly reached Li Huang.

Just as the sharp spear’s radiance was about to pierce through Li Huang, the dazzling golden beam of light that had appeared when he destroyed the Floating Jade Island suddenly appeared out of thin air and whipped the spear’s radiance.


A muffled sound came from the bottom of the sea, and countless ripples spread in all directions.

Gu Mingzhou, who had attacked aggressively, was directly sent flying back.

The powerful force from the spear handle shook the spear in his hand.

“What a powerful formation!” Gu Mingzhou’s gaze fell on the nearly ten thousand beast cultivators who had surrounded them. The golden light was produced by gathering the power of these individual cultivators.

“Are you surprised?” Li Huang looked at Gu Mingzhou proudly and said.

However, before Li Huang could finish his sentence, a heart-wrenching cry of alarm sounded from the bottom of the sea.

“Li Huang, I’m going to kill you!” after learning the truth, Ye Xiu shakily stood up from the bottom of the ocean. Two streams of bloody tears flowed out of his empty eyes.

Although he couldn’t see anything, he was still looking at Li Huang’s position.

“Stupid blind man, you still dare to talk big! After I kill Gu Mingzhou, I’ll come back and skin you alive!” Li Huang’s heart palpitated from Ye Xiu’s stare, and he subconsciously took two steps back.

Li Huang raised his hand at the surrounding demon cultivators.

A resplendent golden light appeared in the air above the coral reefs, exuding a terrifying destructive power. It pointed at Gu Mingzhou from afar and also enveloped Ye Xiu.

Gu Mingzhou couldn’t help but tighten his grip on his spear. He cautiously stared at the five rays of light above his head and slowly retreated behind Ye Xiu.

Although the dazzling golden light was terrifying, Gu Mingzhou could still dodge it. However, if Gu Mingzhou dodged, then the heavily injured Ye Xiu would probably not be able to escape death.

Gu Mingzhou was ready to take the terrifying light head-on!

Li Huang saw this and knew Gu Mingzhou wouldn’t give up on Ye Xiu, so he had his subordinates surround Ye Xiu within their attack range.

Seeing that Gu Mingzhou had fallen into his trap, a cold smile appeared on his face, and his raised right hand fell!

“Do it!”

As Li Huang spoke, the five terrifying rays of light suspended above the coral descended and whipped at Gu Mingzhou with extreme speed.

Gu Mingzhou’s vast spiritual energy swept out from his body. The long spear burning with flames stabbed towards the falling light.

Even though he knew he would be injured if he took the five rays of light head-on, Gu Mingzhou still chose to take them head-on.

If he dodged, Ye Xiu would die.

No one expected the terrifying golden light to collide with the spear.

A black shadow scuttled out. Its already broken body instantly burst out with a dazzling light, emitting a blazing flame from the inside out like a scorching sun. It rushed in front of the long spear and collided with the terrifying bright light.


The bright flames instantly lit up the bottom of the sea!

It was a bright red like blood, emerging from the raging flames and instantly illuminating the entire bottom of the sea.

Countless balls of fire burst out and flew in all directions.

The seawater couldn’t extinguish it, and the pressure couldn’t stop it.

The entire seabed of the freezing cold land seemed to have been ignited.

When Ye Xiu learned of the Floating Jade Island’s misfortune, just like the previous clan leader, at the last moment of his life, he resolutely chose to use the most brilliant method!

The flames that had burned thousands of miles under the freezing cold sea were Ye Xiu’s final flames of anger, the flames of unwillingness!

Gu Mingzhou roared.

Not waiting for Li Huang to react to Ye Xiu’s self-destruction, he instantly landed in front of Li Huang and stabbed out with the blood spear in his hand!

Li Huang looked at Gu Mingzhou in disbelief. He opened his mouth slightly, but no sound came out. He lowered his head unwillingly.

When Gu Mingzhou’s first attack was blocked by the formation, Li Huang’s confidence increased greatly. He thought he could stand on the edge of the formation and not fear Gu Mingzhou’s attack.

However, Li Huang would never have thought that Ye Xiu, who had been tortured into a cripple and left behind his aura to attract Gu Mingzhou, would actually unleash a shaking array formation when his meridians were broken.

It was enough for Gu Mingzhou.

The spear pierced through Li Huang, but Gu Mingzhou did not show any mercy. He lifted Li Huang’s body up and threw him into the monstrous flames behind him. He was devoured by the flames in the blink of an eye and turned into ashes.

Gu Mingzhou, with a cold expression, appeared behind the beast cultivators outside the coral and raised his long spear!

A cold light flashed, and blood splattered.

His figure changed again, and the same spear swept out.

Gu Mingzhou, who had escaped the array, did not stop at all. He swam around the coral that was engulfed by the monstrous flames.

His body was like lightning, and his spear was sharp!

The monster cultivators fell into the burning flames and turned into ashes.

Gu Mingzhou was like a ghost, constantly changing his position and wandering among the nearly ten thousand beast cultivators.

He was simply brandishing his spear and carrying out the most primitive slaughter!

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