I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Chapter 756 - 756 The Powerful Liu Yang

756 The Powerful Liu Yang

The Powerful Liu Yang

The power of the Nine Yang Palm, unleashed by a half-step martial artist, was enough to injure a Heavenly Surge Realm martial artist severely.

With a crude broken sword, even if he found the lifeline, he could not withstand the aftershock.

“Although the spiritual energy is strong, you are too weak!” The stone sword in He Chuan’s hand slashed out again.

The giant spiritual energy palm print suddenly collapsed, and the sharp sword intent whizzed toward Liu Yang.

Breaking bones and taking lives!

Liu Yang’s cultivation erupted.

His right palm formed a claw, and a blood-red light containing rich spiritual energy shot out. It emitted a bone-chilling chill as if it wanted to grab and explode the void. It directly crushed the sword’s intent and then attacked He Chuan with irresistible force.

The terrifying shockwaves caused the disciples of the Heibai Academy a hundred meters away to stagger backward.

Zhao Sheng, who was the closest, vomited blood on the spot, his expression terrified.

He Chuan punched out at the same time.

Tiger Roaring Dragon Fist!

The palm print and fist shadow appeared one after another!

A dragon roar resounded in the sky. The palm print and the bloody claw suddenly collided and exploded in the air, sending out terrifying aftershocks.

The fist shadow sped up and landed on Yang Liu’s chest.

Dark red blood spurted out of Liu Yang’s mouth. His body trembled violently as he withstood the powerful fist shadows.

Liu Yang couldn’t care less about his injuries. He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and attacked He Chuan again.

The palm print descended from the sky and slapped toward the other party’s head.

He Chuan did not care at all. He used the Tyrant Lion Fist and Nine Fist Shadows overlapped, directly locking onto Liu Yang’s figure.

He did not retreat in the face of the ferocious palm print. Instead, he charged forward.

Instead of dodging, he actually dared to attack directly!

Liu Yang felt humiliated and became even angrier. He used his spiritual power to sustain the palm print again.


The powerful palm print landed directly on He Chuan’s body.

Boundless spiritual energy raged out, and it was like a surging wave that instantly drowned He Chuan, crazily destroying all parts of his body.

He Chuan, who was in the middle of the storm, looked indifferent and unaffected. Even in the face of the violent spiritual waves, he did not move.

With his previous experience, Liu Yang did not have much confidence in the palm print.

Therefore, when he saw that He Chuan was safe and sound, he did not show any disappointment on his face. He went straight to He Chuan.

The other party was indeed powerful, so strong that it was beyond his expectations. He could be called a monster!

So what? One had to know that martial artists did not only rely on spiritual energy!

Liu Yang’s bony hands formed claws, flashing with a terrifying blood-red light as he grabbed at He Chuan’s head.

After all, he was only a Life Cultivation Realm martial artist. Even if his spiritual energy was comparable to the Heavenly Surge Realm, his speed, strength, and defense were still much weaker!

This gave Liu Yang an opportunity.

Close range, fierce attack, fast speed!

Liu Yang was confident that He Chuan would not be able to dodge this attack!

As long as He Chuan was unable to dodge, the Nine Yin Claw would pierce through his chest and crush his heart.

He would definitely die!

He Chuan shook his head calmly.

The black lightning suddenly flashed out at a speed so fast that Liu Yang didn’t even have the chance to react. He felt a cold wind coming at him, and his claws felt pain as if he had been struck.

His feet rubbed against the ground, creating a deep ditch on the platform. Yang Liu’s body was pushed back dozens of meters. His skinny arms and sleeves were torn apart, and he was shaking like a leaf.

The three thousand red hair behind his head fluttered wildly, making him look extremely miserable.

What the hell is this?

Liu Yang was shocked.

The pitch-black snake shadow circled around He Chuan, flying up and down in the air.

As the red letter spat out, the vertical pupil that emitted a chilling intent locked onto him.

“Blackwater Mystical Snake!” Liu Yang instantly recognized Little Black, and his expression became serious.

No wonder he dared to barge into the Heibai Academy by himself. So it was because of this beast!

Before Liu Yang could continue, He Chuan continued to attack.

The Nine Fist Shadows almost formed a line in the air. They followed after him like a continuous stream and smashed down ferociously.

Liu Yang immediately tried to defend himself, but just as he activated his spiritual energy, he was surprised to find that the Life Gate in his body was actually sealed. He could not activate his spiritual energy at all.

Fear enveloped his heart, and his heart was in turmoil. He suddenly thought of something and quickly looked at his trembling hands.

Sure enough, a thin and pitch-black bite mark appeared on his wrist. It emitted a foul smell and a strong corrosive aura that made people feel nauseous.

Snake venom!

Liu Yang had lost all his confidence. He was like a deflated balloon, looking extremely dejected.

The venom of the Blackwater Mystical Snake was the most lethal poison to a warrior. It could cripple a warrior’s cultivation at best or turn him into blood at worst.

The result of being bitten by the Blackwater Mystical Snake was obvious!

Without any resistance, the nine fist shadows bombarded Liu Yang’s body.

Liu Yang subconsciously used his hands to block in front of him, but the power contained in the fist shadow was too strong.

The nine layers of punches were stacked on top of each other, and each punch was stronger than the last. In an instant, his exposed arms were shattered.

After that, it entered Liu Yang’s body, and he flew back in a sorry state, falling off the platform.

The Academy Master was actually defeated!

Everyone swallowed their saliva and was dumbfounded.

Liu Yang, a peak Heavenly Surge Realm half-step martial artist, had both his arms shattered by the youth and was sent flying!

“Zhao Sheng!” He Chuan’s voice suddenly sounded.

The shocked Zhao Sheng hurriedly looked forward.

He Chuan patted Little Black’s head.

Little Black flicked its red tongue and turned into a black lightning bolt, darting toward where Liu Yang fell.

“He Chuan, I advise you to stop now!” Zhao Sheng’s expression changed drastically as he shouted in horror.

The Heibai Academy was formerly known as the Cangyun Sect.

The founder of the Cangyun Sword Sect was Master Liu Ping’an. Even the Imperial Capital’s Imperial Family had to be wary of him.

He had humiliated the Heibai Academy and heavily injured Academy Master Liuyang.

If Liu Ping’an returned another day, he would definitely not let the matter rest!

Liu Ping’an!

“A hundred years have passed, but that little fellow is still alive.” He Chuan interrupted Zhao Sheng.

Little fellow.

Hearing this, Yang Liu felt like he couldn’t wrap his head around it.

Liu Ping’an was a martial arts expert who had made a name for himself ten thousand years ago. He was also one of the three strongest experts in the Yanyang Empire.

The current Emperor of the Yanyang Empire had to address him as ‘Master’ whenever he saw him, yet he addressed him as a junior.

Such an extraordinary existence was actually a little fellow in He Chuan’s mouth?

A shrill scream rang out.

Little Black’s figure circled in the air, its vertical pupils revealing a disdainful expression as it floated back to Dao He Chuan’s left arm.

The awe-inspiring Lord of the Heibai Academy, Liu Yang, was lying at He Chuan’s feet, his entire body twitching.

The sound of “uh uh” came from his throat, and he turned into blood under everyone’s gaze.

“Academy Master!”

The people of the Heibai Academy were completely terrified.

But Zhao Sheng suddenly seemed to have gone mad, laughing loudly.

Liu Yang was Liu Ping’an’s most valued descendant and his only bloodline.

But now, he was killed.

In this life, Master Liu would kill him no matter what.

The He family was waiting to be exterminated!

The sharp sword light slashed out!

“Go to the Yellow Springs and accompany your son!”


As the sword light slashed past, Zhao Sheng’s laughter ended abruptly, and blood spurted out.

The head flew into the air and fell onto the platform.

The outer disciples of the Heibai Academy had ashen faces.

The most powerful expert left in the Heibai Academy was only a ninth level of the Body Refinement Realm. Who could withstand He Chuan’s attack?

“Heibai Academy will be removed!” He Chuan’s gaze swept coldly across the disciples as he spoke in a cold voice!

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