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Chapter 38 - A Plan to Kill by Borrowing Someone Else’s Knife

Chapter 38: A Plan to Kill by Borrowing Someone Else’s Knife

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At the Lin family’s estate, things were stirring up.

“What? Another failure?!”

The second elder had received the news from Qingyang City. He stood up from his chair and accidentally knocked over a teacup on the table.

“How is this possible? The assassins were very powerful. They should be more than enough to deal with Lin Mo. How did they fail? Is an expert secretly helping out that kid?”

The second elder was puzzled. However, before he could gather his thoughts, the clan leader sent someone for him.

“Did the clan leader say why he’s looking for me?”

Could it be that Lin Mo’s attempted assassinations were exposed?

Unfortunately, the servant shook his head. He had no idea.

“The clan leader only said that he wanted to see you and nothing else.”

Just as he reached the door, a strong spiritual power rushed over. It even caused him to have a hard time breathing. The second elder’s body subconsciously reacted and moved to the side. It was difficult to resist such strong power.

Half of his shoulder felt like it was crushed by a giant hand. He grunted and his face became extremely pale. Suddenly, he knelt on the ground.

“Clan leader, please calm down. What have I done to make you so angry?”

The clan leader spoke in a deep voice, “You still have the nerve to ask! How dare you attempt to assassinate Lin Mo!”

This caused the second elder’s heart to thump. His misdeeds were indeed exposed.

If Lin Mo died, there should be no evidence left behind. Hence, even if the matter was exposed, it would not have mattered. At most, he would only face a small punishment.

Regrettably, Lin Mo survived and the clan leader was furious upon hearing what had happened. Things had completely gone awry.

The clan leader stared at the second elder. He knew what the latter was thinking and released another strike of spiritual energy as he was unable to contain his anger.

“Our clan members are not allowed to kill each other. That rule had been long established. You have no regard for me as the clan leader.”

“I’m just thinking for the sake of our clan. Everyone knows that Lin Mo is good for nothing. Enemy clans use him to mock us. He’s just a dirt stain. That’s why I took such drastic measures.”


The second elder spoke with sincerity and passion. He was really thinking about the Lin clan. When the clan leader saw his expression, most of the anger in his heart dissipated.

“Are the assassins members of the Lin clan?”

The second elder was not so foolish. It would be bad if word got out.

“Clan leader, don’t worry. Those assassins are outsiders. I will never do anything that would tarnish the Lin family’s reputation.”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll let you off. Don’t do such foolish things in the future.”

The clan leader gazed into the air. There was a hint of contemplation on his face.

“Lin Mo has already recovered his strength. In fact, he’s even more powerful now. You absolutely must not send any more assassins. Otherwise, I won’t let you off so lightly again!”

The second elder cried out involuntarily, “He has recovered his strength?!”

Upon hearing that, the clan leader narrowed his eyes and his deep gaze landed on the second elder. His tone was rather unclear as he said, “You seem to be very surprised to hear this.”

The second elder hurriedly lowered his head.

“No, it’s not like that.”

This was the reason why the clan leader had thrown such a huge tantrum. If Lin Mo was still good for nothing, then he would not mind it. However, things had changed.

Since Lin Mo had recovered his strength, the clan leader was somewhat tempted to bring him back to the family. On the other hand, this was bad news for the second elder.

“I can no longer turn a blind eye to your little tricks. The interests of the clan are the most important.”

The second elder’s heart sank.


He thought of Lin Mo’s reputation as a genius in the past. At that time, Lin Mo was in the limelight. Others were considered dull in comparison to his brilliance. This also applied to the second elder’s bloodline.

If Lin Mo was around, no one else could make a name for themselves.

A dark light flashed across the second elder’s eyes as he probed, “If Lin Mo knew that the assassins were sent by me, I’m afraid that he would harbor resentment for the Lin family. When that time comes…”

He did not say anything further. The second elder was really good at manipulating others.

The clan leader pondered for a moment and said indifferently, “In any case, the assassins were not members of the Lin family. Lin Mo does not have any evidence. If he was smart, he would not pick a fight with us. Breaking off or becoming enemies with the Lin family would not be beneficial to him.”

Those words were true, but how could Lin Mo just pretend that nothing had happened? He had to pay them back!

“Remember to put away those thoughts of yours. Lin Mo is still useful to the clan. If I find out that you’ve conspired behind my back again, I definitely won’t let you off.”

The second elder hurriedly agreed, “Got it.”

As he walked out of the main gate, he could not hold it in any longer and immediately spat out large mouthfuls of blood. The clan leader had really struck him hard earlier.

The second elder sneered like a venomous snake in the dark. He might have agreed to back down, but that did not mean others could not attack.

All of a sudden, he remembered something. Recently, the Miao family of Qingyang City had sent someone to gather information. A brilliant idea began forming in his mind.

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