I Stack Attributes in the Apocalypse

Chapter 250 - Chapter 250: Monster

Chapter 250: Monster

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“Lord Flame Heart, you’re still so stubborn…”

As she watched Flame Heart once again launching a relentless assault on Lu Ming, the Crimson Queen thought to herself.

As Flame Heart’s creation, the Crimson Queen understood and empathized with him.

He had always been a lonely person.

After all, geniuses were always lonely.


With absolute talent, he had reached the highest position of the Flame Clan, excluding the gods.

After ascending the throne, he faced a chaotic mess of internal and external problems.

With the greatest determination, he researched other extraordinary paths in an attempt to find a way out for the entire Flame Clan.

In the eyes of the Three kings, he was a lunatic.

However, the Crimson Queen felt that Lord Flame Heart was just a persistent Seeker.

If the Dream System was the “Path” of the entire Flame Clan,

“In that case, Force is my Path!”

“I’ve sacrificed almost everything for this Path! Why would 1 entrust it to a useless fellow?!”

Either he could display his talent, or be crushed by me!

It could be clearly seen that at this moment, Flame Heart’s eyes were filled with ferocity and murderous intent.

“If the Force falls into the hands of an incompetent person, it’s better to let it disappear into the river of history!”


A heavy punch sent Lu Ming flying.

Lu Ming half-squatted and looked at Flame Heart, blood slowly trickling from the corner of his mouth.

“I’m going to die…”

“I’ll really die…”

Looking at the tall and strong Flame Heart, Lu Ming narrowed his eyes and gently wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

This battle was indeed a form of teaching.

But Flame Heart’s teaching method was clearly flawed.

He did not hold back at all, and the sheer naked killing intent in his punches and kicks even made Lu Ming’s hair stand on end!

At this moment, Lu Ming was undoubtedly facing a life and death crisis.

However, Lu Ming did not have any intention of using his free attribute points or Divine Source Points.

Slowly standing up, Lu Ming raised his fists, took a stance, and prepared for combat.

The clothes on his body had long been torn, revealing his strong and tense body underneath.



Accompanied by clear breathing sounds, the muscles on Lu Ming’s body began to undulate.

This scene left Flame Heart momentarily stunned.

Then he heard Lu Ming’s voice, clear and resonant in his ears.


“While there might be a hint of self-praise, I have to admit that the word ■genius’ seems to have been designed for me!”

Before obtaining the system, Lu Ming actually did not show much talent or aptitude.

But when the apocalypse arrived, and after awakening the system, Lu Ming’s entire life underwent a profound transformation!

The system brought more than just a channel to enhance his strength.

It helped Lu Ming break the shackles of his body.

It also gave Lu Ming an incredibly powerful learning talent!

How could a normal person master hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship to the pinnacle of human ability in just dozens or hundreds of days?

How could a normal person cultivate even the weakest Source Power Skill to the level of a Divine Power Realm, within a short period of time!?

This was not just the system’s assistance.

Lu Ming’s keen perception was also a factor.

Therefore, it was not an exaggeration to say that Lu Ming’s innate learning and comprehension abilities were unparalleled in the entire Black Mist Zone!

At this moment, everyone could see Lu Ming’s muscles began to undulate and tremble.

His appearance was completely the same as Flame Heart’s physical performance just now!

“It’s actually very simple to explain the so-called Force.”

“It’s a technique to circulate muscle strength according to the flow of source power!”

Yan Xin had actually already explained the principle very clearly just now.

The bodies of superhumans contained Source Power, and the effectiveness of source power skills relied on mobilizing the source power inside the superhumans through specific internal circulation routes and breathing rhythms!

Any offensive or defensive Source Power Skill all fell under this category.

And the Force technique was about using muscle strength instead of source power – though the principle was simple, it was complex in practice.

This was because Source Power was equivalent to “internal strength,” while muscle strength was just “external strength”- similar to the distinction between internal and external martial arts in Chinese martial arts.

To replace Source Power with muscle strength, the key point was to mobilize the deep muscle tissues in the body to exert strength and evolve this muscle strength into a form similar to internal strength.

“Internal organs and muscles…”

“The key to exerting Force lies in the muscle squirming of the internal organs and other deep tissues.”

Only in this way could muscle strength surge forth and replace the circulation of Source Power and simulate the effects of Source Power skill!

Flame Heart fell silent.

He watched as the muscles on Lu Ming’s body squirmed violently. Soon, the light of the Divine Fire Shield on Lu Ming’s body disappeared without a trace.

However, the heat did not disappear.

There seemed to be an invisible protective shield on Lu Ming’s body that was constantly trembling and emitting intense heat.

Layered muscles were wriggling and converging at the tips of Lu Ming’s fists..

As Lu Ming casually threw a punch, a complete Fist Force Dragon emerged from Lu Ming’s fist, swirling around him.

This was the Explosive Fist Force.

However, it was not the Explosive Fist Force of the Source Power System!

Instead, it was the Explosive Fist Force of the Force System!

The difference in their destructive power was incomparable!

Lu Ming gently stroked the head of the Fist Force Dragon and grinned, his expression somewhat sinister, “It’s quite simple, really.”

“At least, for me, it’s really not difficult at all.”


At this moment, this word uncontrollably surfaced in the heart of Flame Heart.

But soon, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“Good, very good.”

It was even better if he was a monster!

“In that case, there’s nothing to regret.”

With this thought in mind, Flame Heart strode towards Lu Ming slowly.

He walked faster and faster, more and more urgently!

Until his entire person lunged at Lu Ming, like a sharp sword.

The clash of fists and feet once again sounded, and the two of them dodged and moved swiftly, creating gusts of strong winds and afterimages.

At this point, with both of them mastering the technique of using Force, the battle was no longer one-sided but evenly matched, incredibly difficult to decipher!

Seeing this scene, the Crimson Queen suddenly had a clear premonition.

“It’s over…”

In just three seconds, the shadows of fists and feet suddenly subsided.

Everyone saw…

Flame Heart stretched out his finger and lightly tapped Lu Ming’s forehead.

And Lu Ming stared wide-eyed, looking down at his right fist.

His right fist had completely penetrated Flame Heart’s chest, and a large amount of black energy sprayed out from Flame Heart’s chest wound, infiltrating Lu Ming’s pores and entering his body.

The system notification sound boomed in his ears, but Lu Ming was not in the mood to check the system.

He just let out a sigh.

“Why didn’t you dodge? It was just a simple straight punch…”

Flame Heart shook his head gently, “I’m tired. It’s time to rest.”

Accompanied by Lu Ming’s deep gaze, his entire body disappeared like smoke.

Name: Lu Ming

Level: Physique Realm, Level 5.

Strength: 63650

Physique: 63650

Agility: 63300

Free Attribute Points: 31650

Divine Source Points: 44

Superhuman Abilities:

Self-Limitation of the Body.

2: Void Realm (Intermediate).

Force (Beginner): A high-level force execution technique that substitutes muscle strength for source power. When using force to execute source power skill, the effect will surpass that of using source power alone.

Elementary force can provide you with enhanced bodily control and coordination, significantly boosts your comprehension of source power skills, and accelerates your cultivation speed of source power skills.

Current Cultivation Amplification Rate: 2 times.

Additional Attribute: Qi Sense: In combat, you can perceive the subtle muscle movements and the flow of source power within your opponent’s body, allowing you to predict the enemy’s initiative!

Dream Blessing: You have received the blessing of the power of dreams.You have obtained the Deep Disguise ability.

Deep Disguise: Effectively prevents high-level experts from spying on you, and safeguards your secrets and uniqueness..

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