I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 31 - The Heretic Cult’s Assassination Plan  

Chapter 31: The Heretic Cult’s Assassination Plan

After a successful counterattack on the Purple Moon Kingdom’s heretic cult, Chu Xuan felt that he should be able to quietly live in a seclusion now, at least until he received the system’s reward for a year of seclusion.

The Purple Moon Kingdom’s heretic cult had already suffered a great loss, so they probably could not send people over, right?

The Qin Kingdom’s heretic cult was currently in hiding. Moreover, with Zhang Kui acting as his spy, he would not be harassed by them.

The heretic cult from the Great Zhou Kingdom would not come all the way here to find trouble with him, right?

Moreover, the Great Zhou Kingdom did not share borders with Chu County.

The following days were calm and peaceful. Chu Xuan continued to read the Myriad Elixirs scripture and the Myriad Spirits scripture, and lived a very comfortable life.

After breaking through to the truth realm, the effect of the spirit cultivating diagram was much weaker, almost to the point of being completely ineffective. He would only start feeling dizzy after staring at it for more than two hours.

After practicing the hundred tempering divine technique, Chu Xuan felt that his mental will was much stronger than other truth realm martial artists.

His mental will was no weaker than a fifth-level truth realm martial artist.

As he continued to practice, his mental will continued to increase in strength.

After discovering that the effect of the spirit cultivating diagram had become weaker, Chu Xuan did not use it much anymore. It was too boring to stare at it for two hours.

He was looking forward to the system rewarding him with an enhanced version of the spirit cultivating diagram.

“You’ve been in seclusion for eleven months. You’ve been rewarded with an enhanced version of the spirit cultivating diagram!”

After eleven months, he had finally been rewarded with an enhanced version of the spirit cultivating diagram.

Chu Xuan only looked at it for two to three seconds before he felt like he was drowning inside it. His head was swelling and he felt dizzy. The effect of this enhanced version of the diagram was very strong.

The enhanced version of the spirit cultivating diagram would still have a certain effect even when one reached the emperor realm.

However, by then, he would most likely be able to obtain a further enhanced version of the spirit cultivating diagram.

The lower-level version of the spirit cultivating diagram had already become useless to him. While it might be useless to Chu Xuan, it would definitely be regarded as a top-tier treasure in the Southern Region.

That night, Chu Xuan sensed that Zhang Kui had activated the soul seed seal. It seemed like he had something to report.

Chu Xuan immediately turned serious. Could it be that the experts from the evil imperial court were about to attack?

Not long after he responded, a figure appeared outside the courtyard.

It was Zhang Kui.


“What’s the matter?”

Chu Xuan sat on the chair and asked indifferently, while drinking the enlightenment tea.

The soul seed seal could transmit Chu Xuan’s will, but Zhang Kui could only rely on the seed soul seal to transmit simple messages. He could not use it to communicate with him.

Therefore, Zhang Kui needed to explain the specific details of the situation in person.

“Master, the vice sect leader of the Purple Moon Kingdom’s cult, Yuan Chong, has secretly joined forces with the sect leader of the Qin Kingdom’s cult, Lu Wang, and are plotting to bring over experts to attack Chu County and surround and kill the experts of the Chu family…”

To Chu Xuan’s surprise, Yuan Chong did not continue to find trouble with him personally, but still ended up targeting the Chu family.

Thus, he discussed matters with the sect leader of the Qin Kingdom’s cult, Lu Wang, seeking to join forces with him and bring their experts to ambush and kill the experts of the Chu family.

Once the plan was carried out successfully, the Chu family would suffer heavy losses.

At the very least, a few void realm stewards or family elders would fall.

Even Chu Qing would be in danger.

In order to carry out this mission, Yuan Chong did not hesitate to use a treasured artifact that the cult used to conceal their auras and hide their tracks.

This was a gift that the various cult branches at the national level had received from the evil imperial court. Its function was to allow the cult to hide effectively so that they would not be wiped out in one fell swoop.

Every time this treasured artifact was used, it would cost them one million crystals.

For this operation, Yuan Chong could be said to have spent a lot of money. From this, it could be seen just how much he resented the Chu family.

Chu Xuan was speechless. Why was he causing trouble again?

Chu Xuan would not allow the Chu family to be harmed. No matter what, he was also a member of the Chu family.

Moreover, if the Chu family really suffered heavy losses, it would not be a good thing for him either, as it would affect his peaceful and quiet life in the courtyard.

Chu Yun was also in Chu County.

She would definitely become one of the targets of the cult.

Chu Xuan thought to himself for a moment, after which he said, “Think of a way to leak the information about the plan to the Chu family. At the same time, leak the information about their target list and the timing of the cult’s operation. The Chu family will naturally deal with it.”

As long as the Chu family obtained the information, the cult’s plot would definitely not succeed.

Moreover, the Chu family could also use this opportunity to ambush the cult.

“Yes, master,” Zhang Kui said respectfully.

“Your mission is to protect Miss Chu Yun, do you understand?”

Chu Xuan thought for a moment. Now that Chu Yun was learning to refine pills, she definitely needed all kinds of spiritual herbs. Thus, he added to his instructions, “You should also secretly collect all kinds of spiritual herbs, heavenly materials and earthly treasures for Miss Chu Yun. You can let it appear as if she was lucky enough to obtain them. In short, you should think of a way to handle it properly.”

“Yes, naster!”

Chu Xuan paused for a moment again before taking out three bottles, which contained great profound pills, great spirit pills, and profound void pills. He said, “Think of a way to sell them in exchange for spirit herbs.”

Zhang Kui was at the ninth level of the void realm, but was now his subordinate, so Chu Xuan did not have to worry about being betrayed.

In order to ensure Chu Yun was sufficiently safe, Chu Xuan condensed two large pythons from spiritual power.

The two large pythons fused themselves into Zhang Kui’s body.

The two large pythons possessed the strength of the fifth level of the unity realm. Although they could not last very long, they could be considered invincible within the borders of the Qin Kingdom.

“When you get close to Miss Chu Yun later, one of the large pythons will fuse into her body. As for the remaining one, I’ll give it to you as a life-saving measure.”

Chu Xuan could not silently fuse the spiritual power of the truth realm into Chu Yun’s body. In order not to reveal his strength, he did not give it to Chu Yun while she was in the courtyard.

Zhang Kui could just bring the python to Chu Yun, masquerading its appearance as a lucky encounter, after which it would fuse itself into Chu Yun’s body and protect her during critical moments.

Even if the python was separated from Chu Xuan, it was still identical to a demonic beast. Other than not being able to fight for a long time, there was no difference between it and an actual demonic beast.

This was one of the abilities of a truth realm expert.

As long as the spiritual power was not exhausted, it could continue to exist.

It was also one of the methods that many truth realm experts used to protect their juniors.

“Thank you, master!”

Zhang Kui was very excited.

With a spiritual power python inside him, he did not need to worry about his life being threatened.

Chu Xuan threw out another Xuanhe pill and said, “Try to break through to the unity realm.”

Zhang Kui left excitedly.

Chu Tianming had half-a-foot into the unity realm, but it was not that easy to break through.

Apart from lacking the appropriate cultivation method, this was also related to the lack of spiritual power in the Qin Kingdom. He could only rely on time to slowly polish his cultivation and accumulate experience before he had the chance to break through.

Chu Xuan felt that in another twenty to thirty years, Chu Tianming would be able to break through.

Given his current realm, Chu Tianming could definitely break through if he was given a Xuanhe pill.

However, Chu Xuan did not intend to give him a Xuanhe pill. This cheap grandpa had never liked him and, every time he saw Chu Xuan, he would get annoyed and scold him.

When Chu Yun refined the void unity pill, and Chu Tianming made a breakthrough with it, Chu Yun’s position in the Chu family would be even more unshakeable.

“This old man’s innate talent isn’t very good,” Chu Xuan muttered.

Other than the lacking cultivation method and the lack of spiritual power, the most important thing was that Chu Tianming’s innate talent was limited.

Otherwise, why would no one doubt whether his father, Chu Qiuluo, could break through to the unity realm, or even the truth realm?

Naturally, it was because of his innate talent.

Could it be because his father’s cultivation method was stronger?

That was impossible.

If there really was such a powerful cultivation method, would his father not have passed it onto the Chu family?

Chu Xuan knew that his father harbored deep feelings for the Chu family.

Breaking the marriage engagement had made Chu Tianming so angry that he almost vomited blood. As such, Chu Qiuluo still felt a little guilty. If there really was a stronger cultivation method, even if he did not pass it on to others, he would definitely pass it on to Chu Tianming.

The fact that his father was able to break through to the unity realm, and perhaps even the truth realm, in such a short period of time by relying on only half a truth scripture meant that his father’s innate talent was really amazing.

Chu Xuan sighed. No wonder he could suppress his contemporaries in the Qin Kingdom and had been hailed as the most talented person in the history of the Chu family.

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