I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 36 - Void Heart Flame, Demon Reincarnation

Chapter 36: Void Heart Flame, Demon Reincarnation

“How is your daughter going to face the world if she marries a good-for-nothing person like me? Do you still care about your reputation?”

Chu Xuan continued in a serious tone, “Think about it. You, her mother, were dumped by my father. In the end, you actually asked your daughter to marry a good-for-nothing like me. What would everyone else think?”

“They would think that no one wanted your daughter, so she can only marry a piece of trash.”

“Auntie, it’s true that my father dumped you, but do you want your daughter to carry the reputation of being unwanted and marrying a good-for-nothing?”

“Huff… Huff…”

Qin Pingxia was so angry that her entire body trembled and each breath she took was labored. She almost could not hold back the anger in her heart.

After cultivating her heart and mind for more than twenty years, her state of mind was shattered today.

To her, every word that Chu Xuan said was not about referring to himself as a good-for-nothing.

Instead, he was emphasizing the fact that she had been dumped by his father!

“The third sons of the Chu family are never good!”

Qin Pingxia gnashed her teeth and said.

The two Chu brothers had cold sweat running down their faces, afraid that Qin Pingxia would suddenly attack them.

With their current strength, they would not be able to stop her.

Chu Xuan just shrugged. After all, he was not the third son of the Chu family.

“What you said makes sense. A good-for-nothing is not good enough for my daughter!”

Qin Pingxia said hatefully.

“You rejected a woman who delivered herself to your doorstep. You’ve been rewarded with the Void Heart Flame.”

Chu Xuan’s eyes lit up. There was a reward for this?

Sure enough, the system’s random rewards would always be triggered inadvertently.

Qin Pingxia looked deeply at Chu Xuan before turning around and leaving without saying another word.

Qin Keyun looked at Chu Xuan with a red face, her eyes filled with regret. She turned around and left as well.

Chu Xuan frowned. Qin Keyun acted like an obedient girl but, for some reason, he felt that there was something wrong with this girl.

He immediately used the Heavenly Secret Origin probing technique on her.

“Qin Keyun. Her mother is Qin Pingxia and her father is Hong Fei… within her resides the soul of the demon fox, which is the reincarnation of the emperor-level demon. The soul is currently in its recovery stage. It looks obedient on the outside but, on the inside, it’s seductive and vicious. It’s good at bewitching and likes good-looking men…”

Chu Xuan took a deep breath. The soul of a demon fox and the reincarnation of an emperor-level demon!

She was once an emperor-level powerhouse?

Her soul was currently in its recovery stage?

She looked well-behaved on the outside, but on the inside, she was vicious?

This woman was not simple at all.

Oh, she liked good-looking men?

Chu Xuan touched his face. He was good-looking after all, so there was no need to be modest about this.

No wonder she said she liked him.

The Qin Kingdom was about to change!

The future of the Qin family would be full of uncertainties due to Qin Keyun’s appearance.

Was she a demon or a human?

Due to his limited strength, he could not investigate Qin Keyun’s origins further, such as how she had been reborn into the Qin family…

As well as the reason behind why her demon soul was reborn.

He had to be careful of this girl.

Although it would take a long time for her to fully recover, and even longer to recover her emperor realm cultivation.

Qin Keyun would hate Chu Yuan for breaking off the marriage engagement, right?

It was not a good thing to be hated by a demon emperor.

Chu Xuan thought about it and decided to remind Chu Yuan. No matter what, he had always been sincere to Chu Xuan.

He glanced at the Sky-shaking Golden Roc and gave it some instructions.

The Sky-shaking Golden Roc soared into the sky and disappeared into the horizon in the blink of an eye.

Given the speed of the Sky-shaking Golden Roc, it would not be difficult for it to locate Chu Yuan.

Then he turned his attention to the system’s reward.

Void Heart Flame!

An invisible flame appeared.

“Void Heart Flame. Burning heart, burning anger…”

The Void Heart Flame was like the fire inside one’s heart. It could make people instantly furious and explode with anger.

It could stir up people’s anger and use their anger as fuel. As long as there was even the tiniest bit of anger, the Void Heart Flame could be ignited.

Once ignited, it could not be extinguished.

Chu Xuan marveled at the power of the Void Heart Flame. It was impossible to guard oneself against it.

In this world, who would not be angry?

To kill a person, he would only need to provoke the other party slightly in order to ignite the Void Heart Flame.

Once ignited, it could not be extinguished.

Until the Void Heart Flame exploded in one’s heart and the person died!

It was a silent and invisible murder weapon!

Those who were unaware would think that they had exploded in anger and died.

A martial artist’s anger would attack their heart, and their spiritual power would be thrown into disorder. It was not impossible for them to explode and die.

On the surface, Chu Yuan’s matter did not seem to have caused much trouble for the Chu family.

However, Chu Xuan knew that there would still be some cracks in the relationship between the Chu and Qin families from now on.

He could imagine that as Qin Keyun’s emperor-level soul recovered, and her talent blossomed, her strength would increase by leaps and bounds. The Chu family would then deeply regret not having married Qin Keyun into the family.

If Chu Yuan ever returned, he would definitely be looked at with disdain in the Chu family.

Chu Tianming probably would not even acknowledge him as a grandson.

In the end, all of this had nothing to do with Chu Xuan. He just wanted to live in peace.

It did not matter to him if Qin Keyun’s emperor-level soul recovered. After all, if she could not restore her emperor realm cultivation within a short period of time, she would not be a threat to him.

The deadline for a year’s seclusion was almost up. The rewards would definitely be generous.

The emperor realm did not seem too far away from Chu Xuan.

The lack of an emperor-level character in the Southern Region was already widely-known and accepted fact in the cultivation world.

The saying went, the lack of an emperor-level character in the Southern Region, be it in the ancient records or through the legends passed down from ancient times, was all due to a huge battle that had taken place.

The earth veins collapsed and the rules were thrown into chaos. In addition, the emperor realm inheritance had gone missing.

However, when Qin Keyun appeared, Chu Xuan knew that the reason behind this situation was not as simple as what was recorded in the records and passed down.

Where did Qin Keyun come from?

Was she a demon emperor from the Southern Region or an outsider?

There was too little information about the lands beyond the Southern Region. Even the ancient records did not mention much about it.

Chu Xuan could not help but think of Black Moon Tower.

This force that had rooted itself all over the Southern Region was so strong that even the evil imperial court did not dare to use force to threaten it. It could be observed that Black Moon Tower’s origins were not simple.

It was highly likely that Black Moon Tower was a force that was not just limited to the Southern Region.

A few thoughts flashed through Chu Xuan’s mind. At the moment, he could not implement some of his ideas and plans until he reached the emperor realm.

Moreover, since Qin Keyun, the reincarnation of the demon emperor, had appeared, were there similar situations unfolding in other parts of the Southern Region?

Or was it only Qin Keyun who was special?

What Chu Xuan was even more curious about was why Qin Keyun, a fox demon, had reincarnated as human.

What was the situation behind her reincarnation? Was it done intentionally?

Given the fact that she had retained her demon soul, all things considered, the possibility of her being intentionally reincarnated as a human was very high.

Chu Xuan thought about Qin Pingxia, the woman whose marriage was ruined by his father. In the end, she married a husband outside the four families and gave birth to Qin Keyun.

She even arranged for Qin Keyun and Chu Yuan to be married.

Was there any reason behind this?

She had been dumped by someone. Why was she still willing to let her daughter marry into the Chu family?

Moreover, Chu Yuan had always been taught by Chu Qiuluo. He could be considered a successor to his legacy.

The more Chu Xuan thought about it, the more he felt that there seemed to be some kind of conspiracy behind it all.

Chu Yuan was the one who ruined the marriage, but she came over and wanted to marry Qin Keyun to Chu Xuan just like that. Was she not being too casual about her daughter’s marriage?

There seemed to be something wrong with the Qin family.

He had to remain steadfast. As long as his strength increased, no scheme or trick would ever be able to affect him!

Fortunately, the reward for a year’s seclusion was not far off.

The reward for staying in seclusion for a year would definitely be something to look forward to. The emperor realm seemed infinitely closer as each day passed.

Not long after, the Sky-shaking Golden Roc returned after reminding Chu Yuan, who had been escaping from Chu County, about the whole situation. Of course, it did not reveal that Chu Xuan was the one who sent him that reminder.

As for how Chu Yuan would react and what thoughts he would have, Chu Xuan could not have cared less.

Purple Moon Kingdom, Hu Quan, sect leader of the heretic cult.

Hu Quan, who had not recovered from his serious injuries, looked at Kun Wu, who was old and had one foot in the grave. He said in a deep voice, “Brother Kun Wu, the end of your lifespan is approaching. After this matter is completed, I will hand over the complete blood spirit bead to you. It will definitely extend brother Kun Wu’s lifespan by ten years and increase your chances of breaking through.”

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