I Stayed At Home For A Century, When I Emerged I Was Invincible

Chapter 44 - Nine Zones And Fifty Regions  

Chapter 44: Nine Zones And Fifty Regions


The Heavenly Fiend Tiger saw that Ma Kong did not retreat, but instead advanced toward it.

It was instantly enraged.

This was equivalent to provoking the tiger’s pride!

It rushed over.

Ma Kong’s heart pounded violently. The hands holding the saber trembled slightly, and his legs also shook with fear.

“Calm down, don’t panic. With senior watching over me, there won’t be a problem.”

“Ma Kong, this is your opportunity. You must not disappoint senior.”

His gaze turned firm. The hands holding the saber stopped trembling, and his legs stopped shaking.

The charging Heavenly Fiend Tiger charging was almost right in front of him.


He roared loudly.

With both hands holding the saber, he suddenly slid toward the Heavenly Fiend Tiger!


A claw hit his body as he was trying to slide under the tiger, and he was sent spinning backwards.

The sound of many bones breaking could be heard from his body, which was followed by a sharp pain. His vision started turning black, and he almost fainted.

A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out.


He fell heavily to the ground.

Ma Kong spat out a few more mouthfuls of blood and struggled to sit up. Looking at the approaching Heavenly Fiend Tiger, his face turned pale.

“Senior, save me! Please save me!”

He roared in his heart. To hell with the slide!


Chu Xuan sighed in disappointment and said, “You have disappointed me greatly. The hands holding the saber were not steady, the speed of the slide was not fast enough, and your timing was totally off!”

“Senior, I know I failed. Please save me!” Ma Kong cried and begged.

“It’s too late,” Chu Xuan shook his head and said, “I’m thousands of miles away from you. It’ll take some time for my power to reach you.”

Ma Kong’s heart sank.

“But don’t panic. I’ll teach you another method. It’ll definitely save your life!”

“What method? Senior, quickly teach me!”

Although Ma Kong felt that this senior’s method did not seem to be very reliable, at this moment, it was his only hope.

“Kneel down to the Heavenly Fiend Tiger. Kowtow and call him father. As the saying goes, a tiger won’t eat its child. Since you’ve already called it father, how could it bear to eat you?” Chu Xuan said seriously.


Ma Kong was stunned. What kind of method was this?

Was it really effective?

“Since ancient times, the strong have all suffered humiliation when they were weak. There was once a peerless expert who was utterly humiliated when he was weak, so don’t feel too bad about this.”

“This is your only chance to live. This venerable self understands tiger demon beasts very well. A tiger won’t eat its own son. It’s definitely not a lie!”

At this point, Ma Kong had no other choice but to believe.

Seeing that the Heavenly Fiend Tiger was already in front of him, he immediately knelt down with a plop. Tears streamed down his face as he roared, “Father, father, I’m your son!”

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger, which had raised one of its claws, stopped in its tracks. Its tiger eyes widened.

When Ma Kong saw this, he was delighted. Senior did not lie to me!

As expected, a tiger would not eat its own son!

“Father, I am your son. My name is Ma Hu!”

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger’s intelligence would not be too low, right? He had already called it father, so it should let him off, right?

When Ma Kong saw the Heavenly Fiend Tiger put down its raised claw, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart.

So calling it father was actually useful!

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger slowly turned around, behaving as if it was planning to leave.

Ma Kong was so excited that tears kept flowing down his face.

He had finally survived.

“Father, take care, father!”

“This child respectfully sends father off!”

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger’s body trembled for a moment. It was utterly disgusted with Ma Kong.

With its back facing Ma Kong, the tiger’s tail curled up.


The tail fiercely swung down and slapped Ma Kong’s head.

Instantly, Ma Kong’s head was split open.

“Wu, wu, Senior…”

Ma Kong was stunned.

‘I already called you father! Why are you still killing me?’

‘Senior is unreliable!’


The Heavenly Fiend Tiger raised its hind legs and continuously stepped on Ma Kong’s corpse.


It raised its head and roared loudly but, halfway through its roar, its roar was stuck in its throat.

It widened its eyes and looked at the circle of light above its head.

A person bathed in divine light was sitting inside the circle of light.


The Heavenly Fiend Tiger instantly became as timid as a cat.

It lay on the ground and its limbs slowly wriggled its body, trying to crawl away quietly.

“Where are you?”

A voice spoke from inside the circle of light.

The Heavenly Fiend Tiger roared and sent out its spiritual will.

“The Northern Region.”

Chu Xuan was surprised. The place he had been connected to this time was actually the Northern Region.

Feeling the strain of the spiritual power consumption, he immediately cut off the spiritual power input, after which the image displayed on the Myriad Heavenly Mirror faded away.

“Activating the Myriad Heavenly Mirror consumes a lot of spiritual power.”

“Those below the Emperor realm won’t be able to activate the Myriad Heavenly Mirror at all. Even those at the Emperor Realm can’t use it for too long.”

Chu Xuan put away the Myriad Heavenly Mirror and swallowed an Emperor spirit pill, silently recovering his spiritual power.

After recovering his spiritual power, Chu Xuan once again infused his spiritual power into the Myriad Heavenly Mirror. The surface of the mirror rippled and, gradually, a new image appeared.


The scene before him was filled with rolling waves, as if he had been connected to a certain part of the ocean.

Moving the image around, he surveyed the area where the Myriad Heavenly Mirror was connected to. All he saw was rolling waves. He did not even see a single fish.

Chu Xuan was disappointed. The second time activated the mirror, his luck had not been very good, and he had failed to find anything.

He had actually wanted to connect with an expert to trick the latter.

In any case, the other party would not be able to sense his strength. He was bathed in divine light, so it would be very confusing as well. From the outside, Chu Xuan could easily be mistaken for an extremely powerful expert.

One-third of his spiritual power had been consumed, but there were no living beings in the image. The only thing he saw were the rolling waves.

On his third try, he actually connected to a place filled with gray air and a lifeless aura. Numerous grayish-brown ancient stone houses appeared before his eyes.

He did not see any living beings here either.

Chu Xuan frowned slightly. There seemed to be something wrong with this place.

With a flick of his finger, he threw a spirit herb over.

The spirit herb landed in that place and, in the blink of an eye, it withered and turned gray-brown.

He continued to move the image around.

“This place seems to be an enclosed space.”

“Could it be a secret realm?”

“It’s lifeless, and kind of seems like a cemetery.”

An even larger stone house appeared in the image. The gray-brown stone house exuded an even denser aura of death. Moreover, the aura of death pulsated. It almost seemed like the stone house itself was breathing.

Chu Xuan enlarged the image projection and approached the door of the stone house.

Suddenly, the door of the stone house opened.

As the image projection entered the stone house, he spotted a figure sitting cross-legged in the lifeless stone house.

That withered figure was wearing a gray-brown unknown robe. The aura of death was going in and out of his nostrils. His sunken eye sockets exuded a sparkling white light.

Chu Xuan was bathed in divine light. He looked like a deity as he stared at the unknown existence in the stone house.

He was not flustered at all. After all, the other party had no way of sensing his actual strength.

It was also impossible for the other party to attack him through the Myriad Heavenly Mirror or find him through it.

“Who are you?”

The unknown existence in the stone house raised his head slightly.

His gaze was fixed on Chu Xuan.

“I was patrolling the myriad realms in the heavens and happened to pass by here.”

A dignified voice spoke from behind the divine light. The withered figure remained silent for a brief moment before asking in a puzzled voice, “Myriad realms in the heavens?”

“You are unaware of the myriad realms in the heavens?”

“I’ve never heard of it. I only know of the nine zones and fifty regions.”

Chu Xuan’s mind spun. The nine zones and fifty regions should be referring to the division of this vast world.

He did not know which of the nine zones the Southern Region was located in.

“The nine zones and fifty regions are just a desolate corner of the myriad realms. They’re nothing.”

Chu Xuan said in a profound and unfathomable manner.

He was just bluffing. He could brag as much as he wanted.

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