I Was Caught up in a Hero Summoning, but That World Is at Peace

Chapter 1465 - Captivating Relaxation Room ⑤

Chapter 1465 - Captivating Relaxation Room ⑤

After enjoying the bedrock bath, we move to the rest room. The rest room is cool and comfortable for our warm bodies.

The bedrock bath really does make you sweat, one that doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable at all, so I can really feel the detoxification effect.

[Kaito-samaaaa, please have some wateeeeer.]

[Thank you.]

I drink the water that Illness-san has prepared for me. The water tasted very good, with a refreshing flavor, perhaps from the lemon juice mixed with it.

[What would you like to do neeeeeext?]

[Hmmm, I’m not really sure.]

[There’s no need to ruuuuush, so how about taking a break in this room for a whiiiiile? If you don’t miiiiind, I can prepare a light meal for youuuuu.]

[That does sound tempting. I certainly feel like eating something, but until we eat…… some sweets or light snacks would be good.]

[Well theeeeen, shall I prepare some teaaaaaa?]

[Ah, that sounds great. Definitely.]

After the bedrock bath, I felt a little more relaxed, so Illness-san’s suggestion was a timely offer. After resting here for a while, I would like to take the jacuzzi or the aromatic bath.

I mean, first of all, the situation where Illness-san is by my side and does this and that is just too comfortable. The relief of her presence nearby is just so amazing that I really felt relaxed.

Since I was summoned in this world, Illness-san had been exclusively by my side, and how should I say this…… I really feel something like an accumulated sense of trust toward her.

[I’m sorry to keep you waitiiiiing. Cookies and herb tea are readyyyyy.]

[Ohhh, they look delicious. Is Illness-san also knowledgeable about herb teas?]

[I do have general-level knowledge about theeeeem. However, since Milady doesn’t like herb teaaaaaa, I don’t have much opportunity to make it for heeeeer.]

[Ahh, come to think of it, I’ve almost never seen Lilia-san drinking herb tea.]

Lilia-san prefers the orthodox stability of black tea. I’ve been in the mansion for quite some time, so I’ve come to understand Lilia-san’s tea preferences to some extent, and she seems to prefer black tea with its deep flavors.

Conversely, she doesn’t seem to like black tea with a refreshing aftertaste, so she rarely drinks that kind of black tea. Well, it was just that she doesn’t prefer it. It’s not that she dislikes herb tea and black tea with a refreshing aftertaste……

Incidentally, I’m not that fussy about black tea, so I’m fine with anything as long as it tastes good. If anything, since I also like coffee, it might be safe to say that I have no likes or dislikes for beverages.

Regarding food, I have almost no problem except for that green devil. As expected, the only problem here is just that green devil…… Well, if I carelessly say “I hope it’ll go extinct”, I feel like certain people would seriously make that happen, so I won’t actually say that. It’s just a matter of my likes and dislikes, it isn’t that I hate the existence of green peppers themselves.

[Since we’re at it, why don’t Illness-san drink with me too?]

[Well theeeen, I’ll be happy to join youuuu.]

Illness-san might have already known I would say that. As soon as I suggested it, she smiled and sat down in the seat across from mine.

[Hooooow was the Flying Board competitiooooon?]

[It was more interesting than I thought it would be. There was an element of luck involved in it, but that’s not all there is to it, as it would also require the players considerable strategy.]

[I seeeee~~ I only know about its naaaame, so I would like to hear more about iiiiit.]

[Of course. The place was on the frontier town in Hydra Kingdom……]

How should I say this……  This situation where I teach something to Illness-san is a little unusual. However, Illness-san, who was listening to me with a gentle smile, occasionally giving her responses, is a good listener, and I felt that the conversation was lively.

[……And so came the decisive battle, but fortunately, luck was on our side and we became the champion.]

[That’s amaziiiiiing. There certainly was an element of luuuuuuck, but in the first plaaaaace, Kaito-sama and the others had not entered the competitioooooon, luck wouldn’t have interveeeeeened, so this was the result of everyone’s effoooooorts.]

[Hearing you hear that kinda makes me happy.]

[Yeeeees. You did a great jooooob.]

[Ahaha, thank you.]

Illness-san sounded really happy when she praised me. Even without using my Sympathy Magic, I could feel that she was praising me for my efforts, and even though I feel ticklish, the atmosphere feels pleasant.

As expected, she’s very motherly, or rather, her receptiveness in this kind of exchange is just amazing.

[It’s splendid that you’ve become champiooooon, but more than anythiiiing, that Kaito-sama enjoyed the Flying Booooooard and was able to get good resuuuults, I’m as happy for you as if it had happened to me myseeeeelf.]

[Me too. Hearing Illness-san say that makes me feel even happier.]

[Kuhihi, in that case, I’m glad to hear thaaaaat.]

Illness-san smile is peculiar, yet it’s somehow soft and warm, and I felt that not only my body, but also my heart was being healed.


Serious-senpai : [……I’m alright…… I’m still…… alright.]

? ? ? : [Senpai? Doesn’t it seem like your hands became pale white?]

Serious-senpai : [Wha!? D*mn it, because it’s March, I’m turning into white chocolate!? At this rate……]

? ? ? : [Eh? No, the stuff you turn into changes with the seasons?]

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