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Chapter 1533 Game

Chapter 1533 Game

Xiao Tian and Xi Ran did not know that Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang were planning something.

"I will play first." After saying that, Leng Nichang hit the cue ball with her cue stick.


The sound of a white ball hitting the object ball reverberated in the VIP Room.

? Not long after that, one of the balls entered the pocket.

"We are the big balls." Leng Nichang stated.

There were fifteen balls with the number on it. Number 1 to number 7 were small balls, while number 9 to number 15 were big balls.

Because ball number 10 entered the pocket, then Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang got the big balls.

They had to drive number 9 to number 15 into the pocket first before finally aiming for ball number 8.

"Well done, Nichang!" Xi Xingyi said happily.

Leng Nichang and Xi Xingyi would not hide their skills this time because they were carrying out their plan.

"Oh! Not bad!" Xiao Tian behaved as if he was a professional pool player.


Leng Nichang shot the ball again.

Like before, the target ball entered the pocket. "Nice!"


She shot the ball, and like before, the target ball entered the pocket.

Three times in a row!

Xiao Tian and Xi Ran were shocked.


Leng Nichang's skills were average earlier, so they were shocked when she could drive three balls into the pockets in a row.

However, she failed to drive the ball number 15 into the pocket. "I hit it too hard."

It was Xiao Tian's turn.

He managed to drive the ball number 1 into the pocket, but he was unable to repeat the same success.

The game continued.

Long story short, Leng Nichang and Xi Xingyi won the game. They did not win big because it could make Xiao Tian and Xi Ran suspicious later.

"Hehe." Xi Xingyi giggled happily. "What order should we give them?"

She and Leng Nichang pretended to discuss it. Of course, they knew what they would say because they had planned it before.

Xiao Tian and Xi Ran looked at them, waiting for their order.

"We have decided it!" Leng Nichang looked at Xi Xingyi, asking Xi Xingyi to say it with her.

"Ran, we want you to kiss him." Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang said in unison.

"Kiss?" Xi Ran and Xiao Tian said in surprise.

"What?! You don't want to?" Xi Xingyi uttered, "It's only a kiss. It's not crossing the line."

"Can you change your order?" Xi Ran hoped they would change their order.

Sure, she had done it with Xiao Tian a few times, but doing it in front of them was too much for her.

Yes, she was still not ready to kiss him in front of them!

"Then show him your panties." Leng Nichang knew Xi Ran would refuse their order.

"Or show him your breasts." Xi Xingyi added.

"I will kiss him." Xi Ran chose to kiss him because it was easier than showing her panties or breasts.

"How about I do twenty push-ups?" Xiao Tian inquired.

"No!" Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang made an X sign with their hands.

When he was about to say something, Xi Ran pressed her lips against his right cheek.

Yes, she kissed his right cheek!

Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang only said she had to kiss him. They did not say where she should kiss him.

That was why she decided to kiss his right cheek. "Done!"

"Not on the cheeks, but lips." Leng Nichang tried to make Xi Ran kiss him on the lips.

"You only said I had to kiss him." Xi Ran defended herself. "You didn't say where I should kiss his lips, so your objection was invalid."

Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang could not say anything because what Xi Ran said was right.

They only told her to kiss him!

"Let's play again!" Xi Ran's eyes burned with determination to win.

Her mother and Leng Nichang had made her kiss Xiao Tian, so she wanted to take her revenge.

She wanted her mother and Leng Nichang to kiss Xiao Tian too!

However, the Goddess of luck was not on her side because her group lost again.

Her mother and Leng Nichang played better than her and Xiao Tian!

Xiao Tian and Xi Ran were looking at Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang. They were waiting for their order.

"Please, don't give us weird order again." He uttered, "Just give us a normal order."

"Sureeee." Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang responded in unison.

Like before, they pretended to discuss it. After discussing it for several seconds, they nodded their heads before finally looking at Xiao Tian and Xi Ran.

"I want you two to have a passionate kiss." Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang said in unison.

"We refused!" Xiao Tian and Xi Ran responded without thinking twice.

"Eh? Why?" Xi Xingyi pretended as if she did not know the reason why they refused it.

"It's our order, so you can't refuse." Leng Nichang spoke and paused for a second before she continued, "Have you forgotten about our bet earlier? The loser has to listen to the winner."

"But it's crossing the line." Xiao Tian would feel bad for Xi Ran if they did it.

Xi Xingyi caught him and Xi Ran doing adult things in her room yesterday, so kissing passionately in front of them was like making things difficult for her.

Xi Ran looked at her mother and Leng Nichang.

'Why do I feel like they have planned this before? Is it just my feelings?'

She suddenly suspected her mother and Leng Nichang had planned everything.

'What should I do now?'

She sighed again.

"Ehm!" he cleared his throat. "How about I kiss you two passionately now?"

"We won the game, so you have no right to order us." Xi Xingyi and Leng Nichang refused without thinking twice.

Even though he was their boyfriend, but they were opponents at that time. Of course, they would let him kiss them later.

"Ran, you have to agree with our order because you lost the game." Xi Xingyi spoke.

After thinking for several seconds, Xi Ran responded, "Alright, but I have one condition."

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