In Different World with Naruto System

Chapter 381: Space-time passage

Space-time passage

After Yaorao also fell into his illusions of Infinite Kotoamatsukami, all the hidden memories in the depth of her heart without exception were transmitted to the mind of Ren Tianyou, and Ren Tianyou peeped on it.

As it turned out Yaorao had also transmigrated from Earth, but when she had transmigrated, it was year 1997 on Earth, that’s all, meaning she had transmigrated 10 years earlier than Ren Tianyou.

“No, she transmigrated only 10 years earlier than me, but how come she had already lived here for 200,000 years?” Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but thought in shock, but this shock instantly changed into pleasant surprise, “Perhaps this universe and Earth is not the same, so there was such a great difference in time. This means when I return to Earth, my parents still might not have found my dead body, moreover the difference of time also will not be too long.”

“No wonder she did everything possible to obtain Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, as it turned out, she also wanted to return her hometown once again.” Ren Tianyou slowly thought in his heart, and simultaneously also understood that loneliness that was hidden in the depth of her heart. A woman alone transmigrated into this different world, and in order to return her hometown, she cultivated strenuously for 200,000 years, and she even went against her own conscience to kill countless people to seize those Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, just to return to her hometown one day, that’s all.

“Ai, forget it, I’ll take you back to the earth with me, in any case you’re just a pitiful person as far as I’m concerned.” Ren Tianyou sighed, then both hands quickly made a series of hand seals, and made all 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts which were already under his complete control cross one realm after another, flying towards his side.

Now in the space of the universe, lights continuously flew in the cosmic space. There were huge swords, ruler, lotus……and so on appearance Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts and their abilities were also numerous. And all of them flew to the side of Ren Tianyou under his pulling power.

Standing in the empty void, and looking at these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts that were emitting powerful energy fluctuation, a smile appeared on the face of Ren Tianyou, then rapidly making a series of hand seals, these Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts all emitted huge energy light beams towards Ren Tianyou and entered into his body. This was him accepting the baptism of divine artifacts, obtaining half of the origin power of their respective realms.

After a day and a night, Ren Tianyou finally absorbed the origin power of all the Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts. After absorbing all their power, now his body contain more than 100 times the power compared to his prior Six Path Mode.

After all this, Ren Tianyou stretched out his right hand, stretching towards underneath void, then Little Yu, Jade Maiden, Vermillion Bird and elder sister Yue’er appeared in front of him. A layer of his chakra protective membrane were around their body, letting them survive in the outer space.

After this Ren Tianyou dispelled his Infinite Kotoamatsukami dojutsu, and instantly all the people in the universe regained their consciousness, but Ren Tianyou left some words in the mind of White Tiger and other members of Akatsuki, so they instantly understood the whole story.

“Let’s go, the war is already over.” White Tiger and other people walked out of the city gate, and saw that all the demon soldiers in the demon camp had already disappeared, because all of them were already sent back to Demon World with the dojutsu of Ren Tianyou.

“You all should already understand my matters.” Ren Tianyou standing on the void said towards the four girls in front of him. Ren Tianyou had already left behind the whole story in their minds in advance. “Are you all willing to leave with me?”

“Idiot, wherever you go, I will follow you. I’ll never separate with you throughout my life.” Little Yu walked forward and looking at Ren Tianyou with affectionate gaze, she said.

“My boy, if you want to go, then I will naturally follow you.” Yue’er waved her hand and said indifferently.

“When I joined Akatsuki, I have already stated, as long as you help me get revenge, my life belongs to you.” Jade Maiden said to Ren Tianyou, but even Little Yu and other people could see those affectionate looks in her eyes.

“Tsk, it’s not this easy to get rid of I, this old woman, I will also follow you.” Vermillion Bird casually said.

After the dojutsu Infinite Kotoamatsukami, how could Ren Tianyou not understand the feelings of these two girls, so he decided to take them together with him when leaving.

“Then good, we’ll leave together, and we’ll never be apart throughout our life.” Ren Tianyou said with heroic spirit. Then his right eye exuded a spiral shaped space ripple, surrounding the body of four girls, “First you all come into my kamui space and wait, and after we leave, I will let you all out.”

After all four girls entered into kamui space, Ren Tianyou looked towards the moon he had created. Then with a wave of his right hand, this huge moon instantly began to rupture, and huge meteorites began to disperse all around, finally revealing Yaorao inside it.

Right now Yaorao had already retracted Demonic Buddha. She slowly sobered up and looking at Ren Tianyou with complex gaze, she said, “I’ve never expected you to be a transmigrated person too.”

“I also never thought that.” Ren Tianyou smiled, then stretching his right hand, he said, “Come, leave together with me.”

Looking at the stretched right hand of Ren Tianyou, Yaorao thought for a while with complex expression, then finally walking to the side of Ren Tianyou, she placed her jade hand on the right hand of Ren Tianyou.

“Give me the divine artifacts first, then you can go to my kamui space and wait. And after we return, I will release all of you.” Feeling soft jade hand of Yaorao, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled and said.

Yaorao took out all her Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts and gave them to Ren Tianyou without the slightest hesitation, then she also entered into kamui space.

After that looking at those 2999 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts in the space around him, Ren Tianyou extended his right hand, then Tower of Babel flew out from his right hand. Now all 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts were present here.

“Finally I can return home now.” Looking at these 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts, Ren Tianyou sighed, then began to quickly make a series of hand seals. And along with the movement of Ren Tianyou, those 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts shone with radiance, and his eyes also stared at the space in front of him while emitting powerful eye power.


Along with the explosive shout of Ren Tianyou, all 3000 Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts shoot out huge light beams concentrating at the point where the eye power of his Rinne Sharingan was concentrating. After that a huge space-time black hole which emitted a powerful suction force appeared in front of him. And the small meteorites around were swallowed by this space-time black hole.

“Finally opened the space-time black hole.” Looking at the space-time passage in front of him, Ren Tianyou smiled, then looking at those Universe Boundary Divine Artifacts whose radiances were dim, he waved his right hand, and all of them returned back to their respective realms.

These divine artifacts were the law of this universe, so Ren Tianyou will not be able to take them out. As a result, after opening the space-time black hole with the help of their power, Ren Tianyou sent them back to their own respective realms. After that he stepped into that back hole without the slightest hesitation, and with the disappearance of this black hole, he also disappeared from this universe.

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