Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2618 Man of the Hour! I

Chapter 2618 Man of the Hour! I

2618 Man of the Hour! I

The Haven Saber Smilodon gazed at the millions of The Underdwellers as his eyes could see them plotting.

He could see them scheming as the Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Dissolution allowed to read their movements and even their very thoughts!

They thought they could sneak this way out of this through some unique methodologies, but they would come to find that only pure power was the answer.

And comparing The Underdwellers before him to their Havenly Lineage that was tasked with a glorious purpose…well, the result was apparent in the currently occurring reality.

Matched against equivalent existences from the Havenly Lineages who had achieved the same highest Boundary Layer, the Underdwellers still had yet to produce even a single being that gained entry!

It showed the discrepancy in power as they sought Extremity…but they didn't truly dedicate and sacrifice their very souls to it!

An Underdweller capable of matching even one being from their Havenly Lineage had yet to step forward as if things continued like this…then he had no worries about their Havenly Lineage being the ones to bear the weight of all that was to come.

Tendrils of Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Dissolution raged around the body of the Haven Saber Smilodon as he was gazing at the light years around this Nether Haven when his sharp canines glinted while turning towards a certain direction.


His authority pulsed as he nearly missed an Underdweller.

Even now as he stared at his levitating form that was coming towards the Vein Rifts, the Haven Saber Smilodon could not feel an aura emanating from this existence!

He…could not read the power of this being.

Unlike the masses of Underdwellers who easily had their thoughts laid out in the open, even the concepts of Extremity could not be felt from this being!

The Haven Saber Smilodon's eyes released a radiant sheen as the Hyperversal Extremity Authority of Dissolution around him danced, information and possibilities blooming within the mind of the Haven Saber Smilodon as he coldly gazed forward.



Noah's figure floated out serenely.

He approached the Vein Rifts before him just like many other Scions and Elders were doing, but a few eyes had already glanced over due to the fact that the Adjudicator of Dissolution was here- their wills drawn prior due to Noah being behind her!

There were also many sets of eyes that already had the region around Noah under observation as light years away, the figure of Extremity Ariana and a dozen other Avernus Extremities could be seen floating a distance away from another Vein Rift.

Ariana had purple flames simmering in her eyes as she noted the distance and closeness that Noah showed with the Adjudicator of Dissolution, her eyes revealing many things when a voice that nearly caused her to jump rang out beside her.

[You're so focused when staring at him…do you want to kill or pounce on him?]


Beside her, the lunatic that was Extremity Blue suddenly appeared as Ariana nearly cursed at her!

She gritted her teeth while replying calmly.

[All of these changes have just bloomed as nobody is clear yet on what the full circumstances is. I don't like that he's getting a chance to fight…]

Ever since the events in the Shadow Sea Plane and the Shadow Sword that Ariana had claimed, she had grown even more careful and cautious of the entity that was Noah Osmont!

[You're focusing on the wrong things, little sister…] Beside her, Extremity Blue smiled brilliantly while her gem like eyes shone.

Extremity Ariana kept her annoyance to herself as she wanted to ask this lunatic just who the hell was her little sister?!

Yet this lunatic continued as her smile turned utterly cold.

[Your concentration should be on the fact that at this moment, we cannot feel even an ounce of Concepts or an aura from him, and we're supposedly Hyperversal Extremities while he is an Apex Aeonic Lifeform!]

Brilliance shone in her eyes as around them, the eyes of the Avernus Extremities constricted and focused!

At this time, the figure of Noah stepped foot past the transparent barrier of the Vein Rift as he gazed calmly at the Leviathan Lineages before him.

Smilodons, Dragonflies, and Titanoboas!

Each of their bodies pulsed with power and great might as his languid eyes came to land on the entity emanating the most dangerous aura.

The Haven Saber Smilodon stated back at him coldly as he didn't call out a name yet.

Instead, his regal voice rang out.

[What is the highest Boundary Layer you have achieved?]


A smile formed on Noah's lips.


This feature of his entity made it so that even this powerful existence at the same stage if not beyond the Adjudicator of Dissolution to not be capable of seeing through him!

"The 16th Boundary Layer."

He spoke simply as the eyes of the Haven Saber Smilodon flashed, his stature being able to ascertain the truth and falsehood of words as his voice boomed out soon after.

[Miguel, step forward.]


A glorious aura blared forth.

The Legion of Smilodons in front of Noah parted ways as from them, the visage of an Earth Saber Smilodon coming through as its fur was drenched inky black.

The power of the 16th Boundary Layer of Dissolution surged on his paws explosively as above his head, an illusory obsidian flaming crown of Dissolution roared to life!

The Earth Saber Smilodon named Miguel stared at Noah, and he was met with eerie Nine-Pupiled Eyes that gave off unseen pressure.

But the might of the Smilodon wouldn't falter.

It would do what many other Havenly Lineages had done against the Underdwellers that had come forth.

It would strike and smash this being back to where he came from!


Flames of Dissolution freely flowed from the body of the Earth Saber Smilodon as he treated this battle with utmost seriousness since the enemy's power couldn't be properly gauged.


A flicker of black light.

And an instant later, the pristine sharp claws of the right limb of the Earth Saber Smilodon appeared on the right side of Noah's floating figure!


Disappointment dawned on the eyes of the Smilodon.

His enemy didn't erupt with any power, nor did he even react to turn to the right to defend.

He deserved the loss that was coming if he couldn't even react to his speed!

The claw of the Smilodon thundered down as…



A fantastical scene unfolded.

The Smilodon didn't know when, but the hand of the entity adorned in loose fitting black pants and shirt had risen as two fingers on his hand clamped out…and the claw of the Smilodon carrying the weight of Dissolution behind it was entirely stopped!

Crackles of inky black Dissolution buzzed and erupted as if metal was grating on metal.

The Earth Saber Smilodon felt as if his claws were clamped and held down with the weight of a Haven as the being responsible slowly turned his head to the right.

And the soul of the Earth Saber Smilodon vibrated with astonishment as it stared into nine pupils that now seemed like 9 endless swirling storms of the abyss!!!

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