Itai no wa Iya nanode Bōgyo-Ryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu

Chapter 450

Chapter 450

Defense Specialization and Devising Strategy

After finishing the search for the four enemies, Maple and Sally waited for Payne and the others at the town.

“How’s it?”

“We can’t find them.”

“Most likely, they used a skill. They seemed to have planned it from the beginning.”

“I don’t think they’ll attack us again. Without [Formation Change], it’d be difficult for them to escape.”

Payne told Sally that he’d like to devise a strategy as well. In order to win, it was important for both guilds to keep each other informed.

“Right. Chrome, can you bring Maple back with you?”

“Okay, safety first.”

Sally did a great job. Therefore, he couldn’t afford to screw up. Chrome lifted his tower shield. Meanwhile, since her actions had backfired, Maple seemed somewhat dejected.

“I’m sorry, Sally.”

“Ahaha, don’t worry. Let me protect you once in a while.”

Hearing that, Maple regained some of her energy.

“I’ll do better next time!”

“That’s the spirit.”

“Then, I’ll withdraw for now. If you need me again, you can contact me.”

Chrome and Kasumi, now joined by Maple, returned to the royal castle while keeping their eye on the outer wall. Payne was left alone with Sally.

“Can I ask you the details about what happened after you chased them?”

“I meant to inform you from the start.”

When Payne filled Sally in, she nodded while mulling over the past events.

“It must’ve been a skill of some kind… One that we have no clue of whatsoever at the moment which is somewhat concerning. I think it’s safe to assume that rather than acceleration, it’s a teleport skill.”

“I can see why. Still, they managed to escape. This time, it only ended with unilateral damage…”

“…But the same probably won’t happen again. We need to come up with something.”

“That’s right. If they decided to launch a surprise attack every time that skill becomes available again, we’d be in trouble.”

“…In other words, we have to defeat those four.”

“Exactly. For that purpose, I’d like an insight from the [Maple Tree].”


Sally pondered the question.

“I do have an idea, but the risk is high.”

“I see.”

“Perhaps, we roughly have the same idea. Then, let me make a proposal. I’d like to put Maple on the battlefield.”

“So, it has come to this.”

In the previous battle, Wilbert could’ve easily sniped Chrome, Kasumi, and Payne from their blind spots.

However, Velvet and Hinata prolonged the battle because they wanted to defeat Maple.

Unless they could create a situation where their targeted players would have no choice but to come out, they were unlikely to defeat them. Even if they started a raid to root out the four, there was a chance the latter wouldn’t respond.

In order to lure them out, they needed to prepare an incentive for the opponents. In other words, a “bait.”

“I won’t say it’s unreasonable, but the risk is high. I’d advise the [Maple Tree] against such a strategy…”

“I understand why you’d say that, it’s just…”

When she separated her rational thinking and personal emotions, Sally knew the strategy itself was worthwhile.

“I’m also very much aware that there are no alternatives. I alone won’t be enough to lure those four.”

“There’s no other player as vital as Maple.”

The existence of Maple was indispensable for the operation. However, there must be no [Indomitable Guardian]. Over time, the value of this operation will be significantly reduced.

“Then, please ask Maple for me. It isn’t a decision I can make on my own.”

“If you say so.”

“In the meantime, I’ll prepare myself.”

“I understand. I’ll talk to her.”

“Please do.”

They’d to push themselves to the limit. This time, there was no room for even a mistake.

“It depends on Maple’s response, but if she agrees, we’ll make a sortie after deciding the details.”


Afterwards, Payne headed for the royal castle to chase after Maple.

“…Since this is Maple we’re talking about, I’m sure she’ll agree.”

Sally had a feeling that Maple would accept it.

Hence why she didn’t even come up with a proposal.

It wasn’t like Maple was ignorant to the pros and cons of the strategy, but she’d surely understand why defeating the four was of the utmost importance.

Thus, Maple would probably accept the request at her own risk.

“…I have to focus.”

To deflect all attacks. If she didn’t put her mind to it, it would be useless.

Thus, Sally went to the training center for warming up.


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