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Chapter 2065: I Actually Died Just Like That?

Chapter 2065: I Actually Died Just Like That?

“Damn scorpion, you’re not allowed to say that my brain is only the size of a walnut!” the Bramble Bone Dragon protested, seemingly having had its sore spot struck. It immediately erupted in anger.

“The truth always hurts the most,” the scorpion man said while snickering.

“You’re courting death!” The Bramble Bone Dragon roared and charged at the scorpion man.

One of the scorpion man’s claws clamped down on the mountain peak it was standing on. That segment of the mountain was instantly broken, and he threw it at the bone dragon.


The Bramble Bone Dragon’s body was incredibly tough. The enormous snowy mountaintop exploded to pieces from the impact, but the dragon also stopped in its tracks.

The scorpion man asked with a sneer, “Is your intention to fight against me and let those two over there have it easy, or are we going to get rid of this foreign enemy first?”

The Bramble Bone Dragon thought to itself for a bit. The fighting intent in its eyes withdrew and it said, “Hmph, I’ll settle things with you once I’ve dealt with them.”

At first, it had wanted to warn the scorpion man that this human was the one who had killed the War Priest, but after remembering that the scorpion man had actually humiliated it by calling it 'walnut brain', it didn’t say anything. Instead, it said, “Then I’ll deal with this tricky Snow Lady.”

The scorpion man said, “You already fought against the Snow Lady last time, so just let me test her out a bit this time.”

Hmph, does this idiot dragon really think I don’t know that the Snow Lady is injured? Even though that human’s aura looks weak, he’s definitely not an easy opponent. On the contrary, the Snow Lady is already seriously injured, so she’s easy enough to defeat.

It didn’t wait for the bone dragon to reply and dashed straight at the Snow Lady.

The Snow Lady quickly said to Zu An, “I’ll do my best to stall it, so you have to deal with this bone dragon as quickly as possible!”

Afterward, a blizzard rushed forth from below her, and she faced the scorpion man. The two sides exchanged several moves in an instant. The Snow Lady actually wasn't at a disadvantage, at least for the time being.

The bone dragon said mockingly, “Scorpion King, you were blowing your own horn, and yet you can’t even win against a seriously injured woman? Do you have any sense of shame?”

Zu An didn’t feel happy about that at all, because he knew the Snow Lady had probably used some secret method that could temporarily make herself stronger. Those kinds of skills definitely required a severe price to be paid after, and the longer this dragged on, the more danger she would be in.

Sure enough, the Scorpion King cursed and said, “Can’t you tell that she wants to end this battle against me as quickly as possible? Do you think my brain is as small as yours? Like hell I’m going to be stupid enough to fight her head on right now!”

He raised his two pincers, then murmured a series of cryptic words that were difficult to understand. Then, black energy surged all around him. Rows after rows of scorpion soldiers emerged from the ground. Every single one was over two meters tall; they were clad in armor, with shields in their left hands and spears in their right. The tips of the spears resembled scorpion stingers, drawing out a treacherous and dangerous arc.

When he saw that, Zu An’s expression changed a bit. The Scorpion King’s ability is summoning?

Individually, these scorpion soldiers were all even stronger than the Fiend races’ most elite Golden Crow Guards, and they were greater in number too. They were strong enough to threaten even earth immortals. It was obvious that the Scorpion King didn’t intend for these soldiers to kill the Snow Lady, but rather just to wear her down. As time went on, the Snow Lady would only become weaker and weaker, and that was when it would strike.

There was no happiness or sadness to be seen on the Snow Lady’s face. With a wave of her hand, snowflakes fluttered. When they fell on the snowy land, the accumulated snow seemed to manifest a summoning as well. Snowman soldiers stood up one after another, forming up with orderly gaits. They faced the incoming scorpion army, the two sides quickly clashing.

It was clear that the scorpion soldiers were much more agile, but the snowman soldiers had the home field advantage. Between that and their unique constitution, which meant they didn't need to fear the poisons of the scorpion soldiers, the two sides were actually evenly matched.

The Bramble Bone Dragon roared with laughter. “Damned scorpion, is that all you've got?”

The Scorpion King’s expression grew a bit unpleasant. After being looked down upon by this idiot, his ego couldn't take it. He roared angrily, “Then let’s see who can defeat their enemy first!”

It threw aside its misgivings and charged straight at the Snow Lady. It had to have cost her quite a bit to summon so many snowmen, so this was the perfect chance to rush in.

The Bramble Bone Dragon didn’t dare to fall behind. It rushed at Zu An and attacked him while taunting him provocatively, “Why aren’t you hitting me, why aren’t you hitting me...”

Zu An naturally chose to satisfy its request. As he attacked, his fist flickered with layer upon layer of white light.

Boom boom boom!

The Bramble Bone Dragon’s head rang from the strikes, but there wasn’t any pain to be seen on its face. On the contrary, it was getting more and more excited as it said, “Tsk tsk, your skills seem to perfectly counter me. If not for my armor, you might really have defeated me.”

Zu An wiped at the blood around his lips. Just then, he had used the Primordial Origin Sutra, which was extremely effective against the undead. However, his opponent had reflected all the damage threefold. Even though he was already prepared for that and used the Heaven Devouring Sutra to absorb away the reflected power, how strong were his attacks now? When they were reflected threefold, even he found it a bit hard to handle.

Even so, he didn’t hesitate at all and sent his fist flying again.

“Why aren’t you using your sword from before? It looks like you’re not stupid,” the Bramble Bone Dragon said, sounding a bit disappointed.

If this brat used that sword, he might have already been sliced in two.

It rushed forth again as it spoke. It didn’t try to defend its vulnerable areas, because the harder the enemy hit it, the better things would be.

Just like that, the two fought for a while. The Bramble Bone Dragon was completely unharmed, but Zu An soon coughed up blood continuously. The Bramble Bone Dragon roared with laughter, taunting, “Did you come to hit me or did you come to hurt yourself? I didn’t expect you humans to have this kind of fetish.”

Zu An coughed out a mouthful of blood. It had already been a long time since he was last injured. The feeling of vomiting blood really was nostalgic.

Suddenly, a cry filled the air, as the Snow Lady finally couldn't hold on anymore. A moment of carelessness caused her to be struck down by the Scorpion King. She plummeted toward the ground.

Zu An quickly reached out to grab her, using a gentle force to neutralize her terrifying momentum. Otherwise, she would likely be injured even more badly if she crashed into the ground like that. Even so, her momentum was too great, and Zu An wasn’t in the best condition from his wounds either. He couldn't completely stop her and lost his own center of gravity. The two of them rolled across the ground several times before finally stopping.

“Are you alright?” Zu An quickly asked.

The Snow Lady didn’t reply. She quickly pushed herself away from him. Perhaps Zu An was imagining things, but there seemed to be a faint blush on her face. He'd thought that her body would be extremely heavy due to being made of ice and snow. But when they made contact, he discovered that she was much lighter than he'd imagined.

“I’m fine. I won’t die. You’ll have to work a bit harder on your side, though,” the Snow Lady said. Suddenly, her expression changed. She pushed Zu An to one side and cried out, “Be careful!”

Just then, the Bramble Bone Dragon’s sharp tail had lashed out. Fortunately, the Snow Lady's push allowed Zu An to narrowly avoid the attack. Meanwhile, a deep hole appeared where he had been standing.

However, Zu An just happened to be pushed in the Scorpion King’s direction. When h saw that, the Scorpion King, who had been chasing after the Snow Lady, snickered maliciously. Its ink-black tail stabbed straight at the middle of Zu An’s back. The poison on its tail could bring down many terrifying beings in the universe; of course, if it really ended up fighting against those guys, it probably wouldn’t be given the chance to use the poison.

But this brat doesn’t seem to be on those beings’ level.

It already foresaw the human turning into a puddle of goo from the poison. But just then, the human suddenly vanished.

The Scorpion King was alarmed. It quickly brandished its pincers behind it to stop the ancient sword it sensed rushing toward it.

“The sword isn’t bad, I’ll gladly...” the Scorpion King said proudly, but its expression suddenly changed. It lowered its head and saw a short, pitch-black dagger by its abdomen.

It turned out everything else was just a ruse to hide this real attack!

Even so, how much damage could such a small dagger do?

After all, it had tremendous resistance against poisons. Even if it was poisoned, it wouldn’t do much.

It was about to laugh with ridicule when its entire body stiffened. Strange and ancient runes appeared around it, and it dropped straight from the sky.

Its last thought was:

I actually died just like that?

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