Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 4950 - 4950 Army of Death Immortals

Chapter 4950 - 4950 Army of Death Immortals

4950 Army of Death Immortals

With the death of pot-bellied Buddha and Xing Ge’s passing, the white bone path became unobstructed again and Jian Wushuang could see the road ahead.

He collected his thoughts and continued to walk forward with determination.

The path of bones was endless, but the path under his feet had an end.

Jian Wushuang’s feet stepped on the Sword Intent and traversed millions of miles. Under the Blood Sea and on the white bone path, no Yan Immortal could stop him.

After leaving the original pot-bellied Buddha’s domain, the evil and greedy feeling on the white bone path ahead disappeared. Instead, the aura of the ancient restriction surged, filled with the unknown.

At the same time, the white bone path under their feet began to turn grayish black, and most of the scattered Immortal bones were intact, as if they were asleep and could wake up at any time.

Jian Wushuang became alert. At the same time, he restrained the overflowing Yan power and moved forward with the Sword Intent around him.

A cold aura quietly surged from his body. It was very unfamiliar and somewhat familiar.

In the next moment, an extremely cold light suddenly bloomed from the white bone path and shot straight at Jian Wushuang!

He was already on guard. He opened his fingers and shot out a beam of energy.


The light of the Yan power destroyed the extremely cold light and blasted towards the white bone path, directly raising a huge wave of dust.

It was a pitch-black Immortal bone holding a True Sword.

As Jian Wushuang destroyed him, he did not stop and shot forward.

However, everything changed. As he moved forward, the ten thousand feet long dust wave slowly came to an end, and then countless dark red death rays burst out.

The Immortal bones lying on the white bone path were all revived at this moment. Their empty eyes were now replaced by dark red death rays.


At the forefront of the skeleton army, there was a white skeleton that looked like a divine mountain. It was hundreds of feet tall.

He held a broken True Sword and pointed it at Jian Wushuang.

In the next moment, the skeleton army swarmed forward, looking extremely terrifying.

Jian Wushuang knew that something was wrong. Looking at the skeleton army behind him, he realized something.

This new round of bones brought with it an extremely thick death aura, which was exactly the same as the Death Immortal in the Death Immortal Heavenly Region where You Yun was.

They barely retained some of their consciousness, they were extremely eager for the power of the Yan Immortal. Their bodies still had the Immortal source that was about to shatter, their strength could not be underestimated, and it was extremely troublesome.

At present, the army of Death Immortals was endless. If Jian Wushuang didn’t escape as soon as possible, he would be surrounded.

However, the energy released by these Death Immortals was still far beyond his imagination.

Almost at the same time, the army of Death Immortals, which still had their own Immortal Sources, surrounded Jian Wushuang from all directions.

“Damn it, what are these things?” He was shocked, and at the same time, he released a million Sword Intents without hesitation.

But what surprised him was yet to come.

These Death Immortals who were chasing after him would actually dodge the Sword Intent instead of being slaughtered.

For a moment, the million Sword Intents had little effect. They could barely stop the attack for a while. After killing thousands of Death Immortals, he could no longer stop the attack.


Along with a strange sound, dark red light beams rushed out from the bone palms of each Death Immortal and formed a spider web-like net that pressed down on Jian Wushuang.

Space seemed to have frozen. He could not escape and was instantly suppressed by the inescapable net.

At the same time, the army of Death Immortals surrounded Jian Wushuang.


Accompanied by the sound of stiff bones twisting, the army of Death Immortals automatically made way for him.

Then, a huge Immortal bone that was hundreds of feet tall walked toward Jian Wushuang. It was filled with boundless power and was extremely terrifying.

Their eyes met, and the huge skeleton of the Death Immortal raised the broken sword in its hand, pointing the tip of the sword at him.

“I want to fight you!” A hoarse and ethereal voice rang out from the mouth of the huge Death Immortal skeleton.

Jian Wushuang looked at him and formed an Invisible Sword without saying a word.

“If you lose, your Immortal Source will be mine, and your soul will become my slave,” the Death Immortal skeleton said in a deep voice. Then, he stretched out his palm, tore open the inescapable net, and walked in.

Jian Wushuang was not careless when facing the Death Immortal who was hundreds of feet tall and looked like a divine mountain.

Even though a Death Immortal was half a level weaker than a Yan Immortal, this huge corpse of a Death Immortal did not look like an ordinary Yan Immortal.

Although he was also a skeleton, outside of the skeleton, there were billions of energy threads. He did not look much different from an ordinary Immortal body.

When another dark red Yan power wheel appeared behind him, Jian Wushuang knew that something was wrong.

The light wheel formed, it was at the Six Revolutions stage!

Once he stepped into Six Revolutions, the Grand Yan Immortal would reach the peak!

Even though Jian Wushuang could fight a Grand Yan Immortal, he could only flee when facing a Six Revolutions Grand Yan Immortal.

As the Death Immortal’s skeleton revealed its strength, Jian Wushuang could not avoid it. The invisible sword in his hand pointed forward.

“Little Yan Immortal, you overestimate yourself!” the corpse of the Death Immortal roared angrily. Then, he directly attacked!

The broken sword in his hand suddenly stabbed into the white bone path on the ground.

Then, the extremely violent Sword Intent tore the white bone path apart and rushed toward Jian Wushuang like several dormant dragons!

The white bone path was broken into pieces, and a huge wave of dust rose.

Seeing this, Jian Wushuang suddenly jumped into the air, raised the Invisible Sword in his hand, and pressed down heavily.

Ten Sword Intents that carried thousands of Immortal bones surged up and met the attack!

When the two collided, the entire white bone path shook!

The giant corpse of the Death Immortal wielding the True Sword was forced back a few steps by the tremendous force.

An unparalleled light shattered the Sword Intent that was carrying the Immortal bone from head to toe.

Then, Jian Wushuang landed on the ground. His robe was not stained by any dust.

The light in the Death Immortal skeleton’s eye sockets flickered twice. Then, he raised his True Sword and dashed toward Jian Wushuang.

The white bone path shook. Shi Yan’s heart skipped a beat. In the fight just now, he could feel that although the skeleton of the Death Immortal could still form the Yan power wheel, its strength had already declined to the extreme.

The current Death Immortal skeleton only had Three Revolutions strength at most.

After sensing the change, Jian Wushuang decided to end the battle quickly!

With a wave of his hand, the Ancestral Skill, Transcendence Heavenly Gate condensed.

Then, a giant finger reached straight for the Death Immortal’s skeleton.

Seeing the brilliant light blooming above his head, the Death Immortal skeleton raised the sword in its hand and stabbed it.


The giant finger was directly smashed into pieces. As countless tassels fell, they blocked all vision.

“Now!” Jian Wushuang shouted and his body turned into a blue sword light, stabbing forward!

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