Leveling Endlessly with the Strongest System!

Chapter 29

Roy didn’t have a World Energy Sensing Technique before, and hence, he couldn’t show his full might as a level 10 trainee.

That was why he was overwhelmed by the Snow Wolf Leader.

If he had learned a few offensive Aura techniques, he would have never been at a disadvantage against it.

But now that he had learned it, a Snow Wolf Leader was no longer his match.

He took the horse stance, and his breathing also changed. Sometimes he was taking deep breaths but exhaling very little. Other times, he was exhaling all the air from the mouth but breathing very little from the nose.

『You’ve utilized the Shadow Manual』

『One… Three… six… nine… nth units of Aura Gained.』

Roy’s eyes opened. They were like that of a ferocious beast. His entire temperament had changed. If previously, he was all about raw strength… then now he had truly transcendent normality.

“Let’s try it out… my newfound strength.”

Roy punched out.


His fist hadn’t reached the tree, but it burst apart into two and fell backward as if an invisible energy beam had blasted it.

It wasn’t an energy beam but his Aura that caused the tree to break.

“Finally… I’ve become a true master.” Roy said, feeling amazed at the strength he exhibited.

The young man in tattered clothes didn’t leave.

The reason he had meditated in the snow to gain Aura wasn’t that he was overly eager to try out his newfound strength but because he needed Aura to access his subspace to store the treasures sprawled around him.

He stared at the level 2 to level 10 beasts lying on the ground with a merchant’s smile.

Profit… this was all profit.

It wasn’t wrong to say that the snow wolves’ bodies were full of treasures.

Merchants weren’t allowed to wear fine silk, but there was no rule against them wearing clothes made out of snow wolves’ fur. Merchants were a huge fans of these furs, and they were willing to pay a handsome amount for them. It was a known fact in the Far West where there was a single empire that had banned anyone below the status of noble from wearing Fine Silk.

The wheels in Roy’s mind turned. These were the winter months of the Far West. The South was an excellent place to be, but the North was too cold for people, especially tender ladies. The snow wolves’ white furs could be used to make clothes that would attract anyone who has an eye for beauty and make people who can’t endure the cold of these months crazy. Men and women alike look good in their clothes. It also keeps a person warm during winter. If he made clothes using all their fur and sold them, he would be counting money until his hands turned sore. But he would get a nice amount if he just sold the raw material.

More importantly, their fur was nothing compared to Snow Wolf Leader’s.

After all, It couldn’t be penetrated by creatures of level 3 and below.

Its fur was of the finest quality, used to make authentic luxurious clothing.

It was the type of item to be found in an auction!

Their claws, bones, and teeth were merchandise. Accessories and utensils of fine quality are made out of them.

The meat and bone marrow of these beasts are also eatable. Its meat was soft and plump like orange and also sweet. The content of fat and juicy meat was nicely balanced.

Roy remembered reading a line in the novel that said its steak was comparable to A-3 Japanese Wagyu beef, carrying enough charm to make connoisseurs of good food and drink fork out their wealth.

Their meat and bone marrow broth also worked to improve the constitution of trainees. He could also increase his stamina, Health, and Agility points to 50 by eating them.

‘I will get a dozen or so tons of Snow Wolves’ meat after dismantling them. It wouldn’t be hard to find a bulk buyer in the county. Magic Chefs are fond of this meat. I can easily sell all of them before they rot by walking in a restaurant and having a small talk with the owner.’ Roy thought intelligently.

‘As for the rest of their items… there are plenty of buyers for them too.’

Roy’s brows drew closer. He estimated that he might be able to sell the furs, claws, teeth, and meat in a few days for a small fortune.

He would gain financial independence, earning the right to give the middle finger to his shitty family, and start somewhere else whenever he felt like it!

There was a mountain of wealth before him. He would feel very, very regretful leaving them behind. He wanted to take them all with him. That was why he had endured the cold so far. Aura left his inner world, puffing out his pores. It was invisible to the naked eyes. But it became visible to Roy when he infused Aura into his. The color of his Aura was golden like any other Weapon Master. It traveled to the symbol in the center of one of his palms. Immediately after, a black hole appeared above his palm. It was too small, the size of his hand.

‘Maybe I can expand and contract it. It’s worth a try.’

Roy gaped at the massive dark hole in the void. With a thought, he had managed to expand it to a boulder’s size.

He snapped back quickly. “Let’s get to work.”

One by one, the corpse of the beasts were dragged into it. Then, it closed, disappearing into thin air. But Roy knew he could summon it at any time and take out the things inside.

He decided to call it a day. He went down the mountain, meeting no problem. It would be a different case if he had to carry corpses down manually. A lot of beasts would’ve come to find trouble with him, attracted by the thick scent of blood. Killing snow wolves wasn’t impossible. But bringing their corpse down was the hardest task. For Roy, funnily, it was the easiest.

By the time he reached home, it was already morning, and Amelia was anxiously searching for him.

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