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Chapter 10: Going Against the Bet

Chapter 10: Going Against the Bet

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"Alright, since you said that you accepted four students, bring them here now so that can we verify your claim. Or, you do want to just present your face now for us to slap?"

Looking at the teacher who is first from the bottom arrogantly betting with the four of them, Qian Biao smirks coldly.

"Bring the students here?" Zhang Xuan shakes his head. "You are all teachers of the logistics branch, it can't be that you don't even know the simplest thing! It is easy to verify whether I recruited four students or not. As long as students were to claim ownership of my token, their personal information will automatically appear in the Education Bureau. As long as we verify it with the Education Bureau, the truth would be clear for all to see. After all, the Education Bureau can't possibly be working with me just to lie to you all!"

As long as a student had verified his relationship with a teacher, the information would be automatically transmitted to the Education Bureau and recorded. No one would be able to fake the results!

"Li Yuan, you take a look! I want to see how this fellow could still act so smug after that!"

After looking at his confident expression and hearing his words, Qian Biao is taken aback for a moment before turning around to command Li Yuan.

Li Yuan is one of the teachers who mocked Zhang Xuan previously. Hearing the orders, he turns around and walks out of the Logistics Branch.

The Education Bureau and Logistics Branch belong under the Administration Branch. It didn't take long for Li Yuan to return with a darkened face.

"How was it?"

Looking at the expression on his face, Qian Biao's heart pounds furiously, 'ge dong!', as an ominous premonition looms in his head.

"There is... four students who acknowledged him as their teachers! These are their names are personal information..."

Li Yuan face turns strikingly pale.

Even now, he still finds the fact hard to believe.

Are those four students blind? Of the many teachers in Hongtian Academy, why did they have to choose a teacher who scored a zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination, a fellow who doesn't know anything!

"Let me look at it! Let's make sure that he didn't find some disabled and blind fellows who could be expelled at any time to be his students!"

Qian Biao grabs the name list.

The other two teachers hurriedly surround him.

There are quite a few teachers who would recruit some inadequate students so as the boost the number of students they have. These people could be expelled at any time. Even if they were kept in the academy at the moment, they probably wouldn't last more than a few months!

In Qian Biao's opinion, for a person like Zhang Xuan who ranks at the very bottom, even if he successfully manages to recruit students, he could only recruit the worst of the lot, students whom no one wants.

Accepting this kind of students just to fill the numbers doesn't bring the teacher any pride, it brings shame instead!

"Wang Ying... a female? She doesn't sound like anything by her name. She is probably one of the students who scored the worst in the entrance examination..." Looking at the first name on the name list, Qian Biao snorts in disdain.

Hongtian Academy is not a place anyone can enter. If one wishes to enroll, they would first have to undergo the entrance examination. Then, the students would be ranked based on their results and those who meets the prerequisites would be accepted.

Those who scored the first few in the entrance examination are hot targets for the more outstanding teachers. Each of them is famous in this academy and among them, there doesn't seem to be a student called Wang Ying.

"Qian laoshi, continue looking on..." Before Qian Biao could finish his words, he hears the trembling voice of one of the teachers beside him.

"Why? Could she be worse than I have described?"

With a cold laugh, Qian Biao continues browsing down the list. With just one look, his eyes narrow as he reads the detailed information on Wang Ying below her name. "Rank 67 of the entrance examination, younger sister of Wang Tao, an Elder's disciple, and the young mistress of one of the four great families in Tianxuan City!"

"The young mistress of the Wang family? Wang Tao's younger sister?" Qian Biao gasps in astonishment.

There are four great families in Tianxuan Kingdom and the Wang family is one of it. The young mistress of such an esteemed family acknowledges the fellow who got a zero for his Teacher Qualification Examination as her teacher? Are you for real?

Shouldn't a figure like that go for Lu Xun or Wang Chao?

If her family were the ones who induces fear in him, then what that causes him to fall into despair is Wang Ying's elder brother, Wang Tao!"

He was enrolled in the academy two batches prior and after his enrollment, he has always scored within the top ten in the annual comprehensive evaluation. This year, an elder in the academy even sets his eyes upon him and accepted him in as his disciple!

If the older brother has that kind of talent, how bad could the younger sister be?

Having an influential background, talent and a good brother, she still chose to acknowledge this fellow as her teacher?

My eyes must be going blind for it to make such a mistake!

Qian Biao could hear lightning rumbling around him and he feels on the verge of fainting.

"Look at the ones below..."

Just as he is convulsing in disbelief, another teacher exclaims with a shaky voice.

"He probably used up all of his luck to be able to admit a Wang Ying in. I don't believe that he would be capable of getting someone even more incredible..." Clenching his teeth, Qian Biao continues glancing down the list. When his eyes gaze on that name, his entire body convulses yet again and he feels the sight before him turning dark.

"Zhao Ya? The Zhao Ya who is 7th in the entrance examination? The daughter of the City Lord of Baiyu City?"

Qian Biao feels like tears are going to stream down from his eyes at any point.

He just said that he wouldn't believe that Zhang Xuan would be able to recruit an even more incredible student and never in his dreams would imagine that he was able to... Not only so, it is a popular student whom countless teachers would go crazy for!

He has already heard of this Zhao Ya before she even enrolled in this academy. She is the daughter of the City Lord of Baiyu City and not only is she pretty, she is also blessed with great talents.

This kind of talent would be competed over by the teachers who rank at the top. Why would she acknowledge such a trash?

Impossible, this is impossible!

He tries to forcibly suppress his emotions. Glancing downwards, he sees the names, Liu Yang and Zheng Yang. The two may not be very famous, but their rankings are not low in the entrance examinations, scoring within the front hundred!

Especially, Zheng Yang. It is said that he specializes in the spear. Due to the limitations of the examination, he wasn't able to exert his full strength, causing his ranking to fall behind. If he were to be allowed to use his spear, he might be even able to get into the top twenty!

Staring at the names of the four on the list over and over again, Qian Biao and the other teachers feel like they are going mad.

This isn't rational!

"You must have used some kind of deception to get them to acknowledge you. Even though they acknowledged you as their teacher, they don't know who you are. The moment they find out, they would withdraw from your lessons..."

Suddenly, Qian Biao howls with a savage expression.

What rights does a teacher who scored zero in the Teacher Qualification Examination have to recruit such outstanding students! He must have used some kind of despicable method which no one knew of. The moment these methods are revealed, these students would abandon him in anger!

That is to say, while it is true he has four students, these students probably won't follow him for long. They will withdraw from his lessons in a matter of time.

"It isn't your problem whether they withdraw from my lessons or not. The bet that we decided on was whether I have students now. Now that you all have verified that I have four students, shouldn't we be fulfilling the conditions of our bet?"

Cannot be bothered with the savage-looking quartet whose minds are around the place, Zhang Xuan speaks calmly.

Qian Biao, Li Yuan and the other two have expressions on their face that look as though they are in a funeral.

The content of their bets was indeed on whether he had students now, and not what would happen in the future.

Going by such, they have lost!

However, they are unable to accept the fact that they have lost and that they would be slapped by the worst teacher in the academy!

"Bet? Little fellow, what if we refuse?"

After a slight hesitation, Qian Biao smirks coldly and a ferocious look appears on his plump face.

"Indeed, even if we go against our words, what can you do? Haha, do you want to beat us up? The fact is, do you have the ability to?"

"The worst teacher in the academy with the worst cultivation. To be so smug in front of us, do you believe that even if we were to beat you up to the point that your head swells up like a pig head, no one would come to stop us?"

"Stop acting cool and perhaps you could stay in the academy a little longer. Otherwise, it wouldn't take long for you to be kicked out and be shamed!"

Li Yuan and the others immediately understood Qian Biao's intentions and sneers.

Not only did Zhang Xuan fare the worst in the Teacher Qualification Examination, his cultivation is also subpar among all of the teachers. Even if he isn't the very worst, he isn't far from it!

That's precisely the reason why he doesn't have the eye to discern the problems in the training of his students.

Naturally, Qian Biao and the rest wouldn't be willing to be slapped. Since the other party doesn't possess the strength to enforce the agreement, they intend to go against their words to the end.

"Oh? That is to say, you all don't intend to follow the rules of the bet?"

Zhang Xuan isn't angry. Instead, he smiles at them.

"That's right! You brat, what do you think you are? To think that you would think of slapping me, do you believe that I will slap you to your death right now?"

Seeing how this fellow doesn't back out and continues acting so smugly, Li Yuan is provoked and immediately sends a slap towards him.

Even before the slap reaches, the pressure from the wind causes one to experience shortness of breath.

Although this Li Yuan is only a teacher of the Logistics Branch, his cultivation isn't low. He has already reached the level of a Fighter 4-dan Advanced.

There are 9 dans to a Fighter, 1-dan Juxi, 2-dan Dantian, 3-dan Zhenqi, 4-dan Pigu, 5-dan Dingli, 6-dan Pixue, 7-dan Tongxuan, 8-dan Zongshi, 9-dan Zhizun.

Another new world appears with every level. The higher you climb, the harder it is for you to progress.

In every level, there are four tiers, primary, intermediate, advanced and pinnacle.

Zhang Xuan is the youngest teacher in the entire academy, being just 19 this year. His cultivation is only at 3-dan Zhenqi Pinnacle!

Li Yuan is a level higher than him!

The difference between each level is very great and is almost cannot be overcome.


Just when everyone thought that Li Yuan would definitely strike on Zhang Xuan's face, leaving him faint-headed, a sudden crisp sound echo. Everyone immediately sees a red mark on Li Yuan's face as fresh blood spurts out of him and a large bunch of his teeth fall to the floor.

"How... How is this possible?"

Everyone stands in their spot dumbfounded and on the verge of going insane.

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