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Life Changing System

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Life Changing System

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12 years ago, it was the beginning of his catastrophic life.

Just because of the Wang family’s selfishness in wanting to possess his family’s land, Baichen’s beloved parents were murdered in cold blood. And he himself was framed for a crime that jailed him for 200 years.

The fury building up inside him was enough for him to do anything to bring justice to himself and his family.

Finally, a chance to revenge came to him when he received the “Life Changing System” which allowed him to turn back time and fix everything before it happened.

He needed to complete various missions without knowing what he had to encounter in order to gain skills that helped him survive and revenge on the family who had destroyed his family and made him suffer!

“This time I won’t let anyone tear my family apart again. I’m going to kill Wang Chengye. I’m going to destroy the whole Wang family. My parents are going to live lives of happiness. I swear it!”