Lord Of The World: I Become The Lord Of The Desert From The Start

Chapter 240 - The Extraordinary Dragon Corpse

Chapter 240: Chapter 201: The Extraordinary Dragon Corpse

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Richard completed the transaction.

Bloodhoof City held a grand welcoming banquet for Richard.

At the banquet, the smiles on the faces of the Bloodhoof City higher-ups never disappeared.

In the end, the pile of junk in the warehouse and the mithril ore sold three million food units at an overstated price.

Three million units!

This was outrightly a massive fortune to the underground world in dire need of food.

It was a true lifesaver.

The severely depleted warehouse instantly filled up.

Although it couldn’t completely solve Bloodhoof City’s food shortage problem, it had already earned them an extra month of buffer time.

More importantly…

The success of this transaction meant they had established a cooperative relationship with this powerful great lord on the surface.

They could continue the transaction as long as both sides could maintain this friendly relationship.

Bloodhoof City could use this opportunity to get through this most arduous period.

If they defeated the gray-colored dwarves and became the ruler of the underground world, food would no longer be a problem.

Those damned gray-colored dwarves occupied a vast land that a city could use to grow light wheat.

As for whether they could defeat the gray-colored dwarves, this question was never within their scope of discussion.

With all sorts of causes and effects, the importance that Richard received in Bloodhoof City cardinally increased.

The stalwart level 15 dungeon hero, Sel Bloodhoof, delayed his departure after the guests and hosts had their fun.

Instead, he excitedly brought Richard to the backyard of the castellan’s mansion for a visit.

There was an unusually remarkable underground garden here.

Because of the environment, most plants in the underground world emit faint light.

Richard suddenly seemed to have walked into the galaxy in the sky.

Exquisite flowers, vines that covered the walls, and even the root trees emitted light.

It was even more attractive than the most beautiful light show on Planet Blue.

It was magnificent and soul-stirring.

When Sel Bloodhoof saw that Richard was in high spirits, he extended his hand and introduced.

“This garden has a festive magic power. It can grow most plants that are difficult to survive.

“My father collected the plants you see here. Although they no longer have magic power, they are still quite precious.

“Lord Richard, I don’t think there are any underground plants on the surface. If you like them, I can give you a batch when you leave.”

When Richard heard this, he suddenly thought of the three magic building blueprints he had exchanged for points.

The yellow sand mage tower, the magic garden, and the magic fountain.

Because of rare resources shortage, they hadn’t built yet.

In the future, if they create a magic garden, it would be stupendous to plant some glowing underground plants in it.

He agreed readily.

“Thank you for your gift, Lord.”

Sel Bloodhoof smiled indifferently.

“It’s okay. It’s not a precious magic plant. I’ll get someone to prepare a batch for you later. You can take it with you whenever you need it.”

He seemed to have thought of something and asked after Richard thanked him again.

“Lord Sel, does Bloodhoof City still have the three rare resources of mercury, crystal, and sulfur? I can still trade a sum of food…”

This time, selling the weapons and equipment in Bloodhoof City’s inventory had earned him three million food units.

This was after he purchased the mercury mine.

Twilight City was not like Bloodhoof City. There was no need to store so much food. With its small population, he could finish it in two years.

The wool came from the sheep.

Using the food earned from Bloodhoof City to exchange for urgently needed resources was distinctly more in line with Twilight City’s interests.

The idea of food in the future starkly moved Sel Bloodhoof.

Although he had already obtained a lot of food, the current stock could only provide Bloodhoof City with more than a month’s consumption.

After this crisis, he realized that food was the foundation of a city.

This predicament must not shake him.

After a moment of silence, he said slowly.

“One unit of rare resources for 60 units of food.

“I can sell 10,000 units of crystals and 10,000 units of mercury.”

Richard’s eyes sparked like diamonds.

The underground city’s foundation was not so easy to empty.

The previous transaction did not involve the other party’s core at all.

“I want all 50 units. We can trade now!”

Richard’s straightforwardness made Sel Bloodhoof very satisfied.


Richard exchanged 50 units for one unit of rare resource and 20,000 units for one million.

It was one-third of the amount obtained from this transaction.

Sel Bloodhoof delightedly said after they settled the deal.

“Lord Richard, when do we have the next transaction?”

Richard had no thoughts about what commodities to use for the next transaction.Although he had not left yet, he could not wait to taste the sweetness.

Richard thought for a moment.

“As long as there are enough goods, we can do it anytime.”

He said with a profound meaning.

“But next time, I hope to exchange for more items.”

“Weapons, equipment, rare resources, precious building blueprints, and even the corpses of powerful monsters are what I need…”

Sel Bloodhoof’s eyes lit up.

“You also need monsters’ corpses?”

This operation had a lot of room.

Richard gestured for Gunter and Xina to follow in the distance.

“My subordinates have mummy heroes. They can recruit mummies from corpses.”

It was not a secret that undead rioters mainly relied on corpses. Any intelligent being in the “Shining Era” would know.

They were not afraid to reveal anything.

Moreover, for Twilight City, corpses were not only used to recruit troops.

The god’s ancient tree needed several corpses to grow poisonous wasps.

Even the sleeping divine being could devour flesh and soul to grow.

He chose to develop the mummified troop after he considered the geographical environment.

It was inseparable from corpses.

Of course, the mechanical puppets were currently a big part of Twilight City’s battle strength.

In the future, he might try to walk on two legs and invest a certain amount of resources into the mechanical puppets.

When Sel Bloodhoof received a definite response, he immediately became excited.

“Then, the price of the transaction…”

Richard smiled.

“The price is based on the level. The stronger you are, the higher the price.”

“In addition, I’m willing to buy the corpses of the wyverns or other half-blood dragons at a high price.”

Bloodhoof City occupied the underground world and had a powerful military force.

He could pay the other party to work for Twilight City — after all, he earned the payment from the other party.

Using the power of Bloodhoof City to strengthen himself, and also to receive the other party’s gratitude.

It was simply the act of a capitalist.

When Sel Bloodhoof heard this, he felt urged to dispatch the troop to go hunting.

There was no shortage of monsters in the underground world. They were all free food.

After they discussed it for a while, Richard suddenly thought of the main point.

“The corpses of those monsters are easy to destroy. Twilight City can’t transport them to the underground world every day. Does Lord Sel have a solution to this problem?”

The energy in the corpses would gradually disappear as the bodies rotted. Richard did not want to spend more money to buy useless corpses.

Sel laughed and turned his head to look around.

A moment later, he pointed at a broad-leaved grass half the height of a person in the garden.

“This grass is called the flowing light grass. It means to retain time.”

“Sprinkle it on the prey, and it will not decompose for half a month.”

“This is a common plant used to store food underground. As long as you carry the transaction within the corresponding time, there is no need to worry.”

Richard looked at the plant in surprise.

As expected, one could not look at a fantasy world with pure common sense.

He made up his mind to bring some on his return to Twilight City to plant when he left.

This thing seemed to have endless uses.

When he saw that Richard was so concerned about the monster’s corpses, Sel Bloodhoof seemed to have thought of something and fell into hesitation.

Richard noticed the change in Sel Bloodhoof’s expression and said softly.

“Lord Sel, we are friends.”

“I think you should know that Twilight City and Bloodhoof City have no conflict of interest, and I have no intention of conquering the underground world.”

“I hope Bloodhoof City can be stronger and open more deals in the future.”

Sel looked deeply at Richard.

He said something that made his heart race.

“I wonder if Lord Richard is interested in the corpse of the extraordinary dragon.”

“Bloodhoof City just happens to have one…”

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