Lord Shadow

Chapter 1420 A Happy End

And the moment he said this people could see something that is slowly emerging.

The shadow of it is large and for a moment some of them mistake this for a gigantic Narwhal.

But then as this thing emerges everyone could see that it is a submarine in the shape of a Narwhal

Golden Face then ask

‘Your Excellence. What is that?’


The sea creature?’

Loki shook his head and said

‘It is one of the most advanced submarine in the world. It is filled with many functions. From what I hear it is built by the Seven Warlords of Greece. Of course, since then, this submarine must have been even more upgraded’

Golden Face nodded but then there is another question in his mind

‘Who’s inside it?’

Smiling, Loki said.

‘The Great Oracle Erika’ hearing this Golden Face is shocked once more in his heart. The Great Oracle…. has once again stepped into the world stage.

He did hear that the Oracle once again roams the world but her whereabouts is always just a rumor and no conclusive evidence could be found. And after the Multiversal Convergence it is even harder to seek someone

And his face is frowning underneath that golden mask

He knew that the leadership pays great attention to the matter of the Trident. This attention itself shows its importance.

But, this……is getting bigger by the moment

Golden Face did not think that it would grow to such scale.

He asks many question to Loki since the first moment he set foot on this ship.

But he knows some question should not be asked and some answer should not be heard.

Even though he had many question after knowing that even the Oracle is coming…he did not ask it.

Not because he is afraid that Loki would not answer him. He fears that Loki would answer him.

Knowing too much is not always good. The submarine stops in front of the wind barrier. Loki smiles and then suddenly jumps out from his ship of bones.

Golden Face did not follow Loki. And he also did not want to keep staying on this ghost ship. The skeletons are looking at him weirdly

He quickly fly back to his ship.

And he observed. And he is not the only one. The other pirates also observed

Today, all of them are shocked by the development of this matter. First, there is the Earthshaker and the Divine Archer.

Then there is Loki the Trickster.

And now, another force came to this area of this island.

What is this trident that it seems that it could move the entire world?

If the World Power also knew about this trident and what it could do, they probably would send their entire army, muster every force that they have in command and fought a war for this trident

If Hirate knew that the information that he is giving to Raymond is an information worth worlds, he probably would rather not sit in the World Council today and sent all of his power to retrieve this trident

Loki landed on top of the submarine.

The top of the submarine is very slimy.

It is one of its defensive measure and also to reduce friction

The slimy thing that coats the submarine itself is a living thing. When Loki feet touches that slimy stuff, it tries to attack Loki but was deter by his aura.

It is not only the slimy thing that is protecting the submarine from being attacked. Usually no one would be able to land on the submarine surface

Because there is a protection formation surrounding the entire submarine. You could not hold onto its tail, could not grab its belly, and would not be able to stand on its top side.

But the moment Loki enter the range of that protection formation, the formation burst like a bubble.

Loki stands there and he waits. Just like he had waited before. There is some expectation in his heart.

The entire sea area around them is tense. The Pirate Lords are looking at Loki and the submarine, question swirling in their minds.

The Crime Alliance ship crew observe all of this and did not make any moves.

Even though Loki is also a person of the Crime Alliance, this did not mean that they were all chummy with each other

The Crime Alliance is an umbrella term to refer to all the criminal organization that follows the directive of the alliances of criminal organization all over the world.

Nowadays, they follow the Red Table, the ruling order of the Crime Alliance.

Some of the people on the shops belonging to the Crime Alliance is people of the Bratva, people of the Cartel, of Yomi, of the mafia and many others.

Allegiances are different. And so they also wonder what Loki is doing here and who he is meeting with

Some people already could tell who Loki is waiting. Because some people knows the Narwhal. Some people don’t.

But all of these people share something in common. They went silence and they simply observed not daring to make any moves.

Loki has quite the reputation in the world, not less resounding than his close friend Death Monarch.

The wind whips his coat and if this was a normal coat it would have already stripped off from Loki shoulders and flew toward the sea.

Loki only smiles. Time passes and a few second later, Narwhal suddenly seems to shake a bit and a hole suddenly appears in the middle of the body of the submarine.

Somebody came out from the hole.

It is someone wearing a purple robe. The purple robe sways lightly even amidst the harsh winds. A woman that is petite and having a white hair.

Everyone in both sides knows who that woman was. Some people kneel toward that woman. Those who have kneel, has owed this white hair woman.

This woman is the One Eyed Oracle. The one people used to call the Great Oracle Erika.

No one really knew how she lost her left eye.

But since then to differentiate this Great Oracle from the other seers in the world, people called her the One Eyed Oracle.

Loki look at Erika. Her eyes are cloudy but fortunately enough, her skin is youthful again and her complexion seems like a young woman.

Her wrinkles seem to have not existed. But Loki could feel the time etched on her soul.

Loki take a step forward but someone hold his hand forward, a powerful force field seems to be shot at him.

Loki smiles and wing his cane, the force field disintegrated like it is nothing but the coming wind.

‘Hmph’ that person snorted.

It is a young man, golden hair and golden armor, face as handsome as Greek God, the curly hair hardly moves even with all the wind that is passing around him

This person is none other than Antonius, Erika protector.

‘You’re here’ said Erika. It is the familiar calm and ancient voice that seems to come from another time.

Loki come closer and Antonius was about to stop him but Erika simply said

‘Let him’ Loki strode past Antonius takes Erika hand and bows a bit and kiss her hand like a gentleman

Erika smiles a little, clearly a little bit surprised.

‘I never knew you were such a gentleman’

Loki simply said

‘At that time, it is quite different’

‘Now?’ she asks

‘Now, it is also different’ Erika hearing this only laughs a little.

Holding her hands like an old friend meeting each other after a long journey Loki walks with Erika toward the front of the submarine.

The surface of the submarine should be slimy but these two people could leisurely walk around such slimy surface like they are walking on cold hard ground

The ship itself is slowly moving closer toward the barrier.

Other people also notices this and felt weird. Does the oracle wanted to break through the wind barrier with the ship?

That is impossible. It is not like they haven’t tried. All they know is that any ships or anything other than living things that tries o enter the island would be crushed without question.

There are a few ships that have runs into it and the result is that their ships turns to scrap

Someone even tries to ram into it only to have their ship exploded because of the pressure of the shockwave resulting in trying to ram through the barrier of the wind

Loki however did not seem surprised and did not even try to stop it.

Loki simply ask

‘Did you see I was coming?’

To this question, the Oracle sighed

‘if I answer it, I would answer two of your question’ Erika said.

Loki smiles and said

‘I guess it would only confirm what I already convinced to be the answer’

Erika only smiles bitterly.

Loki then look forward, looking at the wind barrier that is only a few hundred meter away from their ship and said

‘How does it feel…. not being able to see what will happen?’ Erika look at Loki and sighed.

It seems Loki has already known. So, that question before…it did not matter whether she answers it or not.

Because he already knows. He was testing her.

Erika seems to ponder the question for a few second before saying

‘I lack means to protect myself a bit.’ Loki continue listening as Erika suddenly smiles and said

‘But it is quite freeing. It reminds me of myself before the world is like this. Before, I could See. It is quite relaxing. So much so I fear that I might be addicted to it’

Loki sighed and said

‘I have wished for such a happy end for you’

Erika also sighed and said

‘Still, things did not yet end’

Then smiling bitterly, Erika look toward the distance. No one knows what she is seeing. But it is clearly not the future.

An eye that is clear but could not see the way forward. Where is her happy ending? Does she even have such ending? Does the world have such ending?



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